I started my photography journey in 2010 by creating personal works called “Photostories”.
They are probably the best illustrative manifestations of my artistic visions and dreams. To know more about the photographs that defined my beginning, which are closest to my heart, scroll down below.

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each of my photostories were dreamed and born from the  mixture of talents and imagination, mixed with much love and effort.

they start off most of the time as my own clinging vision and need for artistic venting,

but some are made from the stories of others as well graciously complementing my style of telling.

made possible by wonderful collaborations among different talented people, some of which i go back again and again to create new and exciting stories.

nothing here was made for profit, but only for the love of art and beauty and the kindness of people extended to me.

the process is always exciting and i tell what goes on behind-the-scenes after each of the making.

for this reason, i will always want to create photostories.

in the hall of stories, i’d like to thank the following people for sharing their gifts, taking part of my projects or contributing in any other way:

alandia barte-enomoto
alex lorenzana
angel dela torre
arianna gajudo
ayana jimenez
blinky de leon
cheryl pages-alba
dania bercede
doyzkie buenaviaje
ed chua
edd buenaviaje
erica tudtud
fretzie bercede
fritz cañedo
gillian uang
jay alba
jessica ouano
joanah uy
john borga
jon alistair ong
karina gajudo
kathryn sienna tan
lea ann duhaylungsod
mara mejos
marion alcasid
mark chan
mia huang
michelle uy
mikko tan
miles semblante
nathan garcia
nike san pedro
noe villagonzalo
rae cabradilla
rizbelle ostrea
sachi aberasturi
viverly uy

2009 – future