Angel Dela Torre as my Rouge Angel

If you’ve been seeing my feeds on Facebook, a few photos of this pretty girl have been popping up lately–with her showing many arms and even floating with silver clocks. These are from my latest workshop slash collaboration with Rae Cabradilla. I always want to customize and personalize my one-on-one workshops to fit the interests and needs of my client, and with Rae, an advanced Photoshop class centering on levitation and conceptual photography fit her best!

My second version after the Facebook upload. I prefer this better, it tells what I mean more precisely.

I love making conceptual pieces in photography. Unfortunately, they take more than a couple of hours to perfect so I’m unable to do them often. I believe this is the root of my imagery love and I hope I get to make these stories forever. They are just so free, unbound, radical with endless possibilities (tilting and flipping images to be one of those steps to a possibility to create an impossibility!)

I did some sketches on my iPad on three different sets Rae and I could do. But you will never see them here because my drawingss were so elementary, I am embarrassed… T.T

Angel was probably laughing at my drawing. Haha! But she was a really good model, quickly practicing to position herself just like in my sketch.

To sum it up, Rae chose the horizontal levitation set and this multiple-handed set below.

Beautiful isn’t it?! I believe the student has surpassed the teacher! I guess this means I’m not as bad in teaching as I thought. Haha. Coupled with talent, a willingness to learn and vision, you can really make anything happen with Photoshop. And yes, those are my arms around Angel.

I taught Rae the basics of how my workflow goes. How images get colored in Lightroom and further retouched on Photoshop through Curves.

And here we are at the end of the great sun’s shift. Here’s a picture post-workshop for that frenzy moment. Beside me is Rae herself, wearing red because it was also her birthday on the workshop day! And next to her wearing glasses is the awesome make-up artist Ryle Young who I’m always raving about.

Thank you for the picture, bub! Ever supportive boyfriend helps photographer girlfriend again. :3

So the secret to the levitation photo with the silver clocks above?