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The Stylogist: Lace Garden Collection

I have too many overdue posts… T.T I’m sure most of you have already seen this collection from my Facebook posts and portfolio site, so sorry for the untimely blog post (read: 4 months old!) Lately I’ve been busy with a lot of advertising and commercial works, plus a 3-day prewedding shoot at Sumilon and other things… My domain name is also set to expire next month so I have to do something about that. Above all things, Thank You Lord for a lot of work opportunities! I am a super happy girl contented with life right now. *happy dance*

Pearl from Dolled Up Makeup Supply & Studio did the makeup for this collection once again.

I was really impressed by how she made different natural looks that all complemented this dainty floral theme. So pretty! <3

Click to read more about this photoshoot~

Sugar Kissed S/S 2012

Full FB album [here]

I was privileged enough to shoot for two talented ladies who run and produce their own accessories line, Sugar Kissed. I stumbled upon their online facebook shop not too long ago and was amazed at how trendy, original, fresh and cute their accessories were (of course I gave in and bought some!). A little funny story here actually, although I was always interested to get my hands on their pieces, I always did not have the time to meet up with them. Needless to say, I eventually asked them to ship my orders (even though we were all just in Cebu)

 Chosen accessories for the shoot laid out for styling

Make-up, hair and styling preps for Sofia and Noe at the Dolled Up Makeup studio

For my next order I still couldn’t meet up! So they kindly dropped it at my office instead (how sweet are they right!!) This really touched me coz I was honestly surprised at how hardworking and thoughtful they could be. Obviously, this little gesture made a lasting impression on me and I was now a loyal Sugar Kissed girl for life. The next time I ordered, I tried my best to actually meet them in person to thank them.

We talked and talked as I was really interested on who the talents were behind all these beautiful accessories. It was a pleasure knowing Christianne and Iris, who were so down-to-earth and nice about everything! I got to meet other loyal customers as well with their own distinctive style. They get a lot of custom-made orders for personal styling, weddings, debuts and other events. They’re so talented! I felt the strong urge to help them get more publicity coz obviously, they deserve so much! So that’s when I told them about me being a photographer and how I would love to shoot and organize a full-blast campaign for them which included photos, media, advertising and anything else I could think of that would help. People have to know about them! 😀

And after a few months of preparation and organizing by yours truly, here are the fruits.

It was so so much fun making this, I’m already seriously thinking about offering campaign services (if any shops/designers/etc are interested drop me an email!). I would have to polish up on the goodies that I can bring but yes, this will be a service I can do aside from prenups. What do you guys think? :) I do almost everything–creative direction, networking for make-up artists and stylists, organizing, location recce, finance and budget management, model scouting–the works! So all my clients had to do was choose from the various themes I suggested and then they chilled. 😉

 This particular one looks like a teenage book cover to me

Noe modeling instead of doing make-up this time. x

For this shoot I decided to get a stylist to make things more manageable for me. It was my first time working with Paco, although we have already crossed paths way before I even knew he was a fashion designer. He has the most beautiful eyes which I envy so much. I’m much thankful to my good friend Charmaine for assisting me on this shoot again, she is my go-to for the fashion designer and stylist network since I love working with young and fresh talents. For the makeup, it was a pleasure working with Pearl again at her studio.

One of my favorite pieces, the dangling peacock hairband. So boho.

Here are some of my picks from their creations straight from their facebook pages.

Hmmm… And maybe one more collage. :p I particularly find Usamimi hairbands cute (bunny hair bands) and that feather ring.

You can check their accessories out in following links:

Sugar Kissed Facebook Likepage
Sugar Kissed I Facebook
Sugar Kissed II Facebook

Have a lovely Mother’s Day everyone! :) Oh, and I’m on tumblr already if you wanna follow me there. I’m getting to be a dinosaur already dealing with blogspot so I’m probably gonna relocate soon enough.

Spring / Summer 2012

Creative direction/Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Models: Noe Villagonzalo from COLORismyweapon and Sofia Snare from OZAR Models Philippines
Styling: Paco Serafica assisted by Charmaine de Leon
Wardrobe from Precilla Suzanne Uy (shop)
Make-up: Pearl Sarcauga from Dollface Cosmetics

What A Girl Wants PreFall 2011

Many months ago I shot for WAGW again and consecutively photographed for three campaigns! It’s always a pleasure working with KryzJackaye and Diane Uy. They are all such a pleasure to work with–professional, lovely and generous women with of course, an inborn flair for fashion.

I don’t have any decent BTS photos coz I lost the ones from Kryz and Kaye! :( Saaaaadness. You could have seen my super assistant who is also my beloved brother from another mother and the many many clothes WAGW stocks up when they shoot.

Anyway, you can click on the corresponding titles of the campaigns and it’ll lead to the whole collection. These are a few months late already so some may not be in stock anymore.


Nina Calimbas.

Olga Moriles. One of the easiest girls I have shot to date. So pro.
Ika Empleo and Kaye Homecillo.

Olga Moriles.

 Kaye Homecillo. I remember that she had such a sweet smile.
Happy shopping at What A Girl Wants! :)
photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
assistant: Jon Ong 
stylist: Kryz Uy
make-up: Pops Capul

Mejia Summer 2011.

View full album [here]

Models: Kara Mae Noveda, Steffi Aberasturi & Radha Zabala
Photographer: Anne Lorraine Uy
Stylist: Eloise Daniot
Make-up artist: Noe Mae Villa-gee
Assistants: Jon Ong, Lawrence Cabilao & Homer Medici

Shot on location at the Selma residence, special thanks to Dino Selma.
Couture from the following collaborators: Topshop, Very Mary by Mary Ty Apares, Ciege Cagalawan, Neil Felipp by Neil San Pedro, Julius Louie de la Cruz.

Initially, we planned to shoot at a beach resort since this was the summer campaign after all. But after the final meeting, the location was finalized at the brand owner’s friend’s home…. Or was it a city.

Still practicing on doing natural looking studio lights. I have a lot to learn!

I was a bit worried at first since I usually check out the location shoot before the actual shooting date, but I trusted the team and waited on the final day. And lo and behold, awesome team and awesome location. Everything we needed was there.

Posing effortlessly on dangerous rocks with sky high heels. That’s the way to go.

Eloise Daniot was a great stylist! She was so professional to the bone. There were sooo many clothes and accessories to complement the shoes of Mejia. I’ve been too lazy to take behind-the-scenes shots lately. Probably all the stress and rush I feel during the shoots this summer.. But thanks to Homer Medici for my BTS shots and for the video which will be linked at the end of this entry.

Like this 35mm film shot he took of me shooting Radha on the stones. That other photographer on the highest rock is Dino by the way, he did some shots too separately. He was a very good host! This part of the compound was called the Savanna because it was African inspired. While we were eating lunch here, Eloise spotted a bright colored lizard of an unusual size and exclaimed, “We really are in Africa!”

Our models for this shoot were all so talented.

One thing I like about Mejia shoes are they are made so durable. You can really feel just by holding them that they are made of good materials, especially their pumps. The soles are cushioned and the heels are super sturdy. They do bespoke shoes too so if you have a particular shoe design in mind and you can’t seem to find the right ones anywhere, you can contact them to make customized pairs just for you.

You can see their shoes at Metro Ayala Cebu or check out their FB page [here].

We first shot around one of the houses and then moved on to the Savanna, then the pond and then to the office building riding golf carts from one location to another. It was a really loooooooong day and everyone was super exhausted when it was all over. I think I even lost a lot of weight from this shoot. It was that intense! Add that to the ridiculously hot humid weather in Cebu right now.

This was taken beside the pond. It was getting really dark so I had to hurry.

Overall it was a good experience even though there were hard times. I learned a lot, about the commercial work and the strings with dealing with people. About scheduling and stress! I think I’m a bit more prepared to go out in the real world. I’ve realized that even though you can get dead tired from work, when it’s your passion it will all still give you those good vibes. I feel so alive when I am conceptualizing and shooting!

Shoes for that stylish corporate woman.

If you’re curious about how I am during shoots, you can watch the video [here]. Props to Homer for editing and the patience of taking all the BTS goodies.

On another note, I’m pleased to share this fund raising video made by none other than Chris Collins from the Nonsense Society. I’m really glad to be part of this awesome worldwide artist community.

WAGW: Vintage Sophisticate

Full FB album [here]

models: Alex Lorenzana & Ayana Jimenez
concept/styling/wardrobe: Kryz Uy of WAGW
make-up/hair: Sherwin
photos/lighting/post-processing/direction: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

I have to say this has been one of the funnest challenges in photography I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from this particular job, plus experience points for me in fashion photography. As all of you may notice, I have made more conceptual shoots than fashion ones so shooting a catalog this way was something entirely new to me.

For one, I was able to borrow John‘s lighting stuff (triggers and flash) to give a go at being the lighting master myself. Thanks loads btw for trusting me with them, Borga guy!

Secondly, this photoshoot entailed me to shoot 50 outfits as fast as I could! I remembered the last fashion shoot I had with Details ByDetails which took 8 hours/5 outfits and said to myself that I’d try to make things faster for everyone. XD

I had fun directing both Ayana and Alex in relative to the standard with the pegs Kryz gave me. It wasn’t difficult at all since they were both so good at posing and projection!! I was really happy I got to work with such a great team.

Stylist and model Kryz had all the accessories laid out on the table for easy reach.

Overall, I think it went well. We started shooting at 10AM and ended at around 3:30PM if I’m not mistaken. Five hours/50 outfits is now my newest record! Haha

Set-up behind the scenes. Alex was still having her make-up and hair done.

As with the theme, I just have to say that it’s such a funny coincidence that both Kryz and Yanyan’s themes for me have the word “Sophisticate” in it. When I asked Kryz for their name on the set, I immediately told her, “You and Yanyan are really bestfriends. I shot ‘Chic Sophisticate’ for Yanyan and now I shot ‘Vintage Sophisticate’ for you.” Hahaha! But turns out her sister, JackKaye was the one who chose the name though.

Ayana looking like some hot doctor during World War II.

And I have to admit that I had one of those “what a small world” moments with Kryz. My older sister and her eldest sister were actually seatmates during high school since we both have the same family name “Uy” and seating arrangements were by last names. I showed my sister how Kryz is now and she was like, “Wow she’s all grown up already! I remember her when she was so cute and little with the bob cut.” Aweeee..

Perhaps Rose knew she was about to enter Titanic and tell a tragic story.

You can order all the outfits online [here] but you can also find them in all What A Girl Want outlets nationwide: Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, LimKetKai Cagayan de Oro & Robinsons Galleria Metro Manila. Oh and like their facebook page [here]!

If you still don’t find any reason to go to a WAGW boutique, I have to tip you that they’re actually having a BIG 75% SALE starting tomorrow til October 31! And if that’s not amazing enough, if you visit and print out the coupons on Kryz‘s and Yanyan‘s blogs, you’ll get another PHP100 off. Awesomesauce.

Last but not least, belated happy birthday to the sweet, pretty and kooky Ayana Jimenez! She turned 18 last October 2. *hearts~*

Spot the secret artillery.