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models: Arianna Gajudo & Kathryn Tan
make-up: Marion Alcasid of OZAR
lighting: John Borga & Michelle Uy
assistants: Mikko Tan & Jon Ong
styling/photos/post-processing/concept: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

Special thanks to the awesome equestrian Jett Serafica! Without his help, I wouldn’t have been able to put all of this together.

Dedicated to my unending fascination with violins (oh, no. I don’t play them).

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the making of this photostory. Luckily, there was quite a good lot to choose from. And no, nobody ended up stepping on horse poop (the place was actually surprisingly really clean for a horse stable!!)… You can tell the horses were all taken care of and loved well.

So my company had a sense of humor.

I think this was one of my most delayed shoots ever. Planned way before sembreak (last October) but due to time, resource and schedule constraints, it was all just allowed to happen last week. But as life goes, things work out for the best. I was able to really deliberate on the theme with leisure time and cooked it up with much passion and inspiration. Horses are also of a fascination, but yet again, I am no real equestrian.

Missing my trademark hair flip? You are mistaken.

Not as obvious as the rest but it’ll do.
In reality, it’s Kathryn’s brother who plays the violin.

Are those birds in the distance?

May as well exude romanticism.

Battle of the violins.

I didn’t really expect it, but both models loved the photos so much that they told me they would print it. Kathryn’s mother mentioned an album and Arianna said her mom wanted to have a framed photo of her to put in the living room. Haha, how cute.

Would this be enough for a photo of your daughter in your living room? lol.

I was really blessed to have such a well-behaved horse. Otherwise it would have probably caused a lot of problems for Arianna who was such a scaredy-cat and who at the start, worried me with her sensitivity to animal hair. Even a flinch from the horse shook her so much.

She was even majorly hesitant to get on the horse! But after Kathryn showed her it was fine (she’s still 12 btw; most quiet and obedient model ever), she got on and amusing enough, enjoyed it so much that it would probably be fine to leave her to stay there the whole day. XD She was really fun to work with; very funny and spunky girl.

Thank you to my brother, Jon, for being the ‘bringer’ and ‘plz hold this for me’ boy, Mikko for supporting her sister and I, Keisha for being a good spectator, John for above mentioned tasks, Mich for the company and lighting, Mike for choosing a good horse for me, Jetty for introducing me to the world of horses, and a big thank you to Marion Alcasid from OZAR for the make-up.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. All the while I was post-processing these, I listened to Lough Erin Shore by The Corrs obsessively. I love it. Did you guys know you can replay Youtube videos by typing in ‘repeat’ between ‘youtube’ and ‘.com’?


And thank you for everyone’s support. This photostory got a 100+ likes in just less than 24 hours. *hearts*