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Kind & Gentle

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a personal post. I’ll take the opportunity now while my heart is still full about this.

Yesterday I met a family that really made me think about life. It made me stop, think and ponder about where I am now and what I might end up becoming. How big all the possibilities of life can be, depending on which road I choose to take and what baggage I bring. I’m blessed to be where I am now, getting to meet many new people all the time in this line of work and learning from each of them. The world is indeed so big. I feel so small, but it’s not a bad kind of small, it’s a wonder kind of small.

With every photoshoot I take comes different challenges, personalities and enjoyment. I’ve met people who each had a different background and view on life and love; other people clearly confused or wandering in constant pursuit for the pleasures of this world, some people firm in their own beliefs or wise enough not to hold on to anything too tightly, and others just living in the moment making their world as small as possible (they worry the least). And most of the time it didn’t matter if they were old or young.

The meeting with the family I was talking about yesterday came very unexpectedly. I declined many times before she begged me so so nicely I lost the heart to refuse. They came from the province with little free time and have a satellite home here just for the protection of their children. So there are lots of dangerous people with ill intentions around our neighboring provinces, most especially down south. But that is another story for others to tell.

It was a special meeting of sorts just to help them with basic photography. I spent four hours with a mom, son and daughter. They were the nicest and sweetest clients I have yet to meet, and considering their worldly blessings the most down-to-earth ever imaginable. It might be just any normal encounter for anybody, but that very normal encounter really made me think about life in general– about how touching it is to me that they remained as simple, humble, kind and gentle despite being so wealthy (and maybe traumatized a little from the dangers), and how their children echoed their mother’s gentleness by their being so grounded despite having all the things they could ever want. What I’m saying is, I witnessed a stereotype being invalidated right before my eyes and it renewed my spirit. Their kindness and gentleness made me feel like butter on a sweet croissant; it made me want to hug them for being such wonderful people.

I know it’s bad to believe in stereotypes, but you have to admit that when you get to meet someone who breaks one, it does renew the spirit! There are many other lessons I’ve learned but it would be too long to enumerate all of them. I’m just really happy inside to meet refreshingly nice people who are sincerely generous and gracious towards others. Sometimes we all need that break when the industry we’re in compels most people to be wild, selfish and world-trendy.

One important thing I do want to share is how children will mostly be the reflection of their parents. This is NOT the case ALL the time, as a disclaimer. But in many cases it is unknowingly true. Try and think about it, is it true in your world?

Kind and Gentle Parents = Higher chances of Kind and Gentle Kids that grow up to become Wonderful People

Of course the kids will have different personalities. But I mean getting down to the nitty gritty (the side most people don’t see at once but is most important), on the inside they will echo the hearts of their parents–whether they saw them as gentle, kind, abusive, prideful, selfish, superficial, hardworking, wanderlusting, etc. So let’s do the world a favor by deciding what we want ourselves to pass on to the next generation, because character building will take a long time to become our nature. And the building process will never end because we can never be perfect no matter how hard we try, we have to keep being open to learning and learning. Right now I know my age group (early twenties) is about trying to find ourselves and what we want to become. This is part of that, of finding ourselves and what traits we want to have. Nobody is born kind and gentle, it will always be a practicing choice. The first step is being kind and gentle to yourself because it opens doors to being kind and gentle towards others.

¬†Who doesn’t get stress relief from feeding cute birds?

Thank you to my dear sister for this photo and for this particular day with her family. It’s always amazing when animals learn to trust people because we’re the harshest towards each other.

Before It Dies.

I’ve spent the last weeks in deep thought while cherishing every simple instance.

Living in the moment but hypocritically thinking about the future.

I want to write about the things I learned when I traveled alone and came back, with nothing but impalpable rewards. I will write what I want for my poor memory’s sake. This entry will be full of my very boring musings so beware… You have been warned.

When I arrived at my destination I was greeted warmly, with introduction of crazy ideas and possible routes in life. I wanted to stay there, I thought, as long as I could. For the longest time I constantly found myself in this particular country, back and forth throughout the years since I hit 16 years old. It was the first of my many travels and little did I know I would have gone more than a handful in the years to come. It opened doors, and the saying is quite true, “When you’ve been there twice most probably you will be able to go back again. (and some more)

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

But at the end of my trip I realized something very important. It actually wasn’t the country that I wanted to go back to… But it was the warmth of those who were there, who always welcomed me.

I wasn’t after the destination, I was after the life and love created by the people.

One of the most important things I learned was about family. Uncle P is a quiet man but when he’s with family he likes to throw jokes around from time to time. My aunt told me he was always the father who would drop even the busiest of projects just because his children needed him. Need be small or big, needing a ride home from a fun day with friends or a show his child would participate in–my aunt told me she always believed that parents should be there to support. Both of them are an amazing couple, and excruciatingly humble. You could never notice that Uncle P was hassled to pick you up from the airport, because he would never even give a hint of complaint or fidget when the office called for him. You could never notice that Aunty B was drained of energy or tired of bringing you where you had to go, because she would always give out a hearty smile and go on and on with endless conversation even when she was actually about to get a fever. She was the kind of mother who knew when to step back when adolescence called her children and step forward when maturity kicked in. She knew when to give space and when to give kisses.

Staying with them taught me so many things in two weeks that a normal person would either learn in a lifetime, or never learn at all.

The best provision you can give your kids may not be education, shelter, clothing or money, but a good example in life.

Even though they will never know it, they touched me with their own little world. I hope that when I have a family I will be able to nurture love in my home like them. They don’t have the most perfect or successful children, but they have the most emotionally healthy and truly happy children I’ve seen. Even their children console other children. Outside their world, most parents never fail to give money or material things in lieu of their absence. But these material things can only go so far… And it will never be truly satisfying. Whether one likes it or not, his childhood will always play a part in shaping him as a person consciously or subconsciously.

However, given good or bad childhood, it is ultimately up to the individual with how he deals with life itself. To learn from it or make it as an excuse–there is always a choice.

Because all that we are is a result of what we have thought.

“Most of the time, forgiving someone is for your own sake than for the one who wronged you.

It is better to be free than to hold on to unproductive grudges. Who knows? The person who wronged you may not even have the slightest clue you’ve felt burdened.”

I learned to take a step back and notice the little things people do for me. I have to say it’s not easy and most of the time never evident, because the world will not tell us outright “this person did this just so you could do that”. No, most of the time we go by and accept gestures as if it were rightfully given to us. As if it were obliged to be done to us.

But if we truly want to live to the fullest then we have to step back and take an effort to think about other people more, appreciate what we have, keep standing even though we’re all bruised and hurt, be positive even when its tempting to be cynical and be utmost thankful for what we don’t deserve. Blessings shouldn’t be hoarded or it will never be able to multiply abundantly. So it follows that when you share what you have or learned, you might get more than you already bargained for.

Going against any current will be very difficult but not impossible.

Another thing is, I’ve always thought that achieving my dreams meant to shoot for big magazines or get majorly paid to do photography. But I was wrong and it took quite a while for me to realize that. I found that I was truly happy creating imagery that I wanted, and collaborating with people who were as passionate as I was. It always brightens my day when people tell me they love my works. I’m always touched when even the youngest of girls to the maturest of men tell me I inspire them. Thank you everyone for inspiring me as well.

In the end, I realized chasing success could only give you so thin a happiness as compared to truly loving what you do. Challenging yourself to see how high you can go isn’t wrong, but when will you be satisfied enough to stop and appreciate the beautiful world below? There were times where I shot for the sake of shooting, and even if I was doing photography it didn’t drive me as much as I thought it would.

Commercially, it is always a great opportunity to be part of a greater picture and I’m always thankful for them. But this post is to remind myself about things that truly matter to me. I was ecstatic about shooting for magazines, but I was always inspired and felt so alive when I was shooting my photostories. In the end, come what may! I tried to hold photography off, but I still find myself looking at my camera, shooting photos, capturing moments, thinking of possible imagery. I still value photos so much and realized that whatever I do, office job or starting a business, photography will always be a part of Anne Lorraine Uy.

I don’t know why but every time I click that shutter button, I’m ALWAYS excited to see how the photo comes out.

Even if for some reason, I am always getting allergic reactions on my hands from my 5D! My mom laughed at me when she said, “You truly love photography because even when you’re suffering, you still go back again and again to hold onto it.” Someone mentioned that if it’s truly your passion, you won’t be able to fully quit. When a singer retires, I bet she still sings in the bathroom. When an artist gets arthritis, I bet he still envisions imagery whenever he closes his eyes. When a musician loses his instrument, I bet he still hums along tunes of his fancy.

Because passions are beautiful like that.

This is to remind myself that I know in my heart that I don’t mind not having the fanciest of things, nicest of clothes or tons of money. Ultimately, I just want to be happy and grow old contented. I want to live to the fullest.. Which is actually quite different depending on every individual’s terms. :) I know I have the tendency to be consumed in work, because I have a bit of a workaholic in me. That is why I want to remember to once in a while STOP. Anne, always remember that relationships matter and nature is literally wonderful!

I want to continue to believe in people who matter. I want to be grateful for even the smallest of things. I want to continue to fight for my own treasures, even when many might tell me they’re junk. In life, a lot of times only you can truly fathom the value of your personal holdings. And even if you try to make people understand, not all of them will have the heart and time to.

For me, traveling always reminds me how God is imagination-endless.

When I was going around the country, I was able to take a bus by myself. I totally felt like I was in unfamiliar territory… And what I could only refer to were snapshots from an app and pure gut feeling. Since it was my first time I was extra conscious of everyone and everything around me. I found a very old hunchbacked man carrying groceries for what seemed to be for a whole family. I gave him my seat whilst thinking of why he had to do this task when he looked too old to do anything but be spoon-fed… I wondered what kind of events in his life summed him up as the person he is now, nearing the end.

Some people will have life pass them by, and others will live every day always remembering how they shouldn’t let life pass them by.

Eventually, I did reach my destination. What I wanted to remember was the exhilaration of finding my way, feeling independent and being proud of this small challenge. For some reason, it made me feel that the world is so so big and I am but a tiny speck of a person. Things like problems are only as big as we make it to be.

One of my favorite things to do is driving to the mountains or a beach and just thinking about how I can make myself a better person.

Admittedly, right now I am in a state of waiting. Doing and waiting at the same time. Waiting whilst reflecting in the midst of my crossroads. I don’t want to waste my time, so I thought I might as well do what I can while I’m still free (spending time with friends, going out together, writing, reading and all other simple things that can be harder to do once you get older).

Down on a field of grass and flowers, gazing at the sky when suddenly a bird brings itself to wonder what in the world am I doing.


Before the new year comes to welcome me, I’d like to be able to look back at 2010 wholly and round up everything significant that has happened. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this every year, and it would compile to be like annual reports of personal progress and life highlights.

Things that happened this year (not in any particular order since my memory’s ability doesn’t stretch that far):
-Got published in Chalk Magazine as one of the girls for its Fashion Chalk Walk
-Featured as one of the many artists around the world in SHUFFLE, an Australian’s thesis magazine
-Flew to Manila for COMDDAP’s Imagen IT’s online photo contest; won First Place
-Visited my grandfather’s hometown in ShenZhou, China with family for All Soul’s Day
-Accomplished my OJT at WebXpress Cebu and got to be a junior project manager
-Made my Facebook likepage which as of the moment has 3,000+ likes
-Flew to Manila to shoot my first editorial for Total Girl magazine
-Featured in Y101 FM‘s website and dubbed “Cebu’s Photography Sweetheart”
-Attended my first photography workshop – Chasing Light 1.0 Advanced Landscape
-Actually cared about Philippine politics and voted for the first time
-Shot What A Girl Wants’ Vintage Sophisticate collection; which got published on the newspaper SunStar
-Shot ByDetails’ Chic Sophisticate collection
-Shot Neil Felipp San Pedro’s Alexandria & Cleo
-Shot Ink’d Tees Facebook, barkada & eco-friendly shirts
-Modeled for Hannah Bacalla‘s Dolls series
-Modeled for Ink’d Tees CAS shirt
-Received an email that my blog was nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards under the Visayas region (but I read the email too late so I wasn’t able to officially accept the nomination -.-;)
-Participated in the HobCon 2010 exhibit with the Cebu Digital Photographers; auctioned prints
-Accomplished eight photostories: Cosplay Slumber Party, Belle, Fragile Geisha, Romance of a Doll, Oerba Dia Vanille, Can You Say Ulzzang?, Trust Him & Requiem for a Dream

Things that I want to accomplish next year (not in any order either):
-Upgrade my camera body (currently having a Canon 350D)
-Finally graduate with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Information Technology
-Travel more
-Work outside the country
-Take more editorial jobs
-Read more (I currently have like five books in queue)
-Learn how to be independently financially stable
-Drive better
-Learn how to quote on service fees better (For now this is my ultimate weakness)
-Facebook less
-Write more
-Learn how to cook real meals
-Dress up more often (not really necessary but it would be nice)

My dad’s constantly calling me out to play with sparklers now. Once again I will be staying in a corner watching him with much worry while he lights up the Judas’ Belt.

Ugh, I love fireworks but I cringe at the sight of people I love playing with them.

So tata, hope everyone has a happy new year! God bless. :)

My Internet connection is in super slow motion.

I really don’t know what’s up with PLDT now but it’s really wasting so much of my time. I can’t do anything online-related properly; what with the creeping connection and frequent disconnections. :(

Even the text editor isn’t loading fully as I am typing this!! My goodness…

So I’m holding off blogging about my last shoot (or blogging with photos indefinitely) til the ISP gets decent enough to work with.

Also, I should use this opportunity to let everyone know I’ve stopped accepting photography requests as of the moment. As some of you might now, this is my last semester of school and I’m finally graduating next year March. Woot! So I’ve decided to hold off on any more photography stints til then. :) However, I am continuing/finishing the ones I’ve accepted before this month.

Rest came.

I was really happy that I was able to come home early today since I’ve stopped going to the office already. I was actually filled with excitement and joy (lol I know too happy) at the thought of resting the whole afternoon! It’s really been so long since I’ve actually been able to take an afternoon nap.

A privilege it is, I have realized.

After studying for tomorrow’s Total Quality Management exam, I worked on my latest shoot for What A Girl Wants. I’m at 18 out of 50+ of the catalog now and I’m really excited to show you guys when I’m done. It was real fun working with Kryz, her sister JackKaye, Sherwin, Ayana (same model for the ByDetails shoot) and Alex.

P.S. I lost my black eye glasses today. :( If anyone has seen it around school, please let me know and have it returned to me. I’m almost too blind to sit in class.