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Rachel + Tee | Engaged!


Voravut Voravuthikun & Rachel Robins

Be prepared for a looong photo post! I really had a difficult time choosing the photos to blog about from this engagement session. I like too many of them! I love the way this couple got so candid with me in front of my lens after they loosened up. They are soo adorable. You’ll see why!


This is a love story from Thailand to the Philippines

I spent 2 days with Rachel and Tee (an easier nickname in place for his real Thai name) for their engagement photoshoot. I was referred to Rachel by her stylist for this shoot, Janine Gesalem, whom I’ve worked for shooting her clothing line, The Stylogist. I photographed two of her fashion collections, Glamour in Detail and The Lace Garden.

For the first day, we shot at the Ngo Mansion. Ohmo it was so beautiful, their home inside and out were like scenes from the movies.










Isn’t their home enchanting? I love how the details of their house came out in my photos. If I were to film an old Gatsby themed movie, this would be the place I’d set my sights on. One of the things Rachel wanted me to use in the photos was the collection of vintage cars the family had. We chose this cream vintage Porsche (correct me if I’m wrong?!) below. I thought it looked quaint and romantic.






Rachel and Tee make fun of each other a lot. It’s so cute how they gigil each other. I actually think they look alike. lol


That TREE tho! And the details of that DOOR like… whoah, the craftsmanship was superb.

We ended the shoot after 4-5 ish hours, if my memory serves me right. I was the designated photographer for their Cebu photoshoot, but Rachel and Tee also had photoshoots in Manila and Thailand! They said they were big believers that couples should invest in good photography because in the end, its the photos that you keep that make up the memories you have.


For the second day, we went to good ol’ Plantation Bay! From my experience, this is the easiest place to have an engagement shoot. The resort’s terms are simple and clear (affordable too!), with a package designed just for this type of thing. Shangri-La was another option but then again they either: a) have management that make it complicated (probably coz they were still thinking of how to make a profit from this growing trend) or b) have an expensive package which always makes Plantation have the better value.

But either way, you definitely can’t go wrong with the beach resorts in Cebu. 😛







I really wanted to include a lot of the photos from the set, so I struggled… Consequently, I now bring you GIFs for the first time on my blog!


Look how excited Tee is looking at the Philippine map. Haha! But if it’s not obvious enough, these 2 really love to travel


Hooray for this amazing technology of moving pictures


As you can see, my engagement shoots are rarely ever so serious all the way (unless the theme calls for it), coz its important to me that I capture how couples are comfortable with each other~ Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s also loads of fun!


Coincidentally, this time there’s another “surprise proposal”. Tee was very stealthy about everything, he connived with Rachel’s sister and I for his big surprise. He gave me a candy pop ring and told me to “direct a proposal pose” for both of them. Rachel is just acting surprise there, but then….


I told them to take a short break and act it out again later, pretending I wasn’t satisfied. During that time Allen, the makeup artist, distracted Rachel while Tee switched the candy pop ring for the real thing. And then when Tee gave me the “Go” signal, I called them back together to “try it again, this time with more feeling”



Rachel was ecstatic and Tee looked so happy that she was! I wish there was someone else to officially take a video because it was difficult for me to do both. Ryle recorded the whole thing on her phone though. It was such a sweet moment. She kept hitting Tee and actually zoned out the outside world! Tee actually commissioned some fireworks just for them, but Rachel didn’t hear or see any of it until Tee told her “Look, those fireworks are for you.” And THEN she realized. Awwww




Congratulations Rachel and Tee! They got married last March 8 at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu. Shortly after, they also wed in Thailand.


True love is a choice, and the best relationships are the ones where you keep falling in love over and over again throughout the years

That’s all the lovin’ for today~ This is the last engagement session job I took in Cebu before I left for Canada. The next will be some advertising photoshoots or family shoots. Special thanks to Bombom Ngo and her family for letting us take photos of their beautiful home, and the management at Plantation Bay for the good service. Until the next post!


Good bye from Ryle Young, Jon Ong, Rachel, Tee and I~

Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Makeup Artist Day 1: Ryle Young
Makeup Artist Day 2: Allen Soco
Stylist: Janine Gesalem of The Stylogist
Assistant Day 1: Jon Alistair Ong
Assistants Day 2: People from Robins Home Depot
Venue Day 1: Ngo Mansion special thanks to Abigail Bombom Ngo
Venue Day 2: Plantation Bay Resort Cebu

Sean + Jean | Engaged!

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Jean Escanillian and Sean Genon in Sumilon Blue Water Island Resort

Last year in the summer, I was privileged enough to be chosen as the engagement photographer for Sean and Jean. Jean contacted me all the way from Dubai a year before this as I was recommended by her sister. We Skyped a few times and I sent them mood boards, pegs and contracts online (I was so proud to be able to make and send my own e-contracts online! Felt so legit. lol).

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

This was another photoshoot wherein I had to do styling as well as photography, but since I wasn’t available to shop with them nor could I pull-out clothes myself, I just sent them styling pegs. In my opinion, it worked quite well. They brought suitcases of clothes and accessories! Apparently Dubai is a great place to shop!

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Like with many of my shoots, Raisa did the makeup. May I say, she’s definitely one of my favorites to work with! I totally slept while she did makeup coz I had 101% trust in her to fulfill my concept. She never disappoints and I’m always impressed (really, I’m not exaggerating). When it comes to my shoots I tend to be finicky and meticulous, hovering over the make-up artist and overseeing the work … Even here in Vancouver for my school work I noticed this trait, because my classmates accuse me of being a “perfectionist”. But honestly I don’t feel that way! I just can’t stand half-baked work, especially if it comes from me (perfectionist? naah :P).

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

On the first day of shooting, Jean was literally shaking with nervousness as I directed her poses. I calmed her down by letting her shake off the nerves, lightened the mood and told them both “Just have fun!”. I love how these shoots are all about the couple! I always want them to feel special and beautiful when I’m photographing them. Photoshoots may sound very serious, but for engagement jobs I always try to create the atmosphere that it’s more like I’m-a-friend-just-taking-couple-photos for you! I guess it helps that I tend to smile a lot, and I look like a teenager instead of a professional photographer.

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

As you can see, they explicitly requested that they didn’t want the usual lovey-dovey engagement photo session style. “No holding hands while smiling at each other on the beach”! Otherwise popularly known as HHWWPSSP, kids. They wanted something “sexy and edgy”, like something out of a magazine editorial. They also stressed that the reason they picked me was because of my “storytelling” style. They wanted a photo session that wasn’t just full of poses, but one with a background story. I’m glad (more like relieved) to say they liked the output! It was a pleasure shooting a couple that was already good-looking to begin with. Makes my job easier haha.

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

AND THEN AND THEN GUESS WHAT. Sean had a surprise for Jean! You know how a lot of marriages these days are more like agreements, right? Like “hey, let’s get married! Oh, okay! *officially engaged*” Some men have thrown chivalry and romanticism out the door, but others are still playing old-school and it’s always a nice surprise. Makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Anyhoo–yes, I’m talking about the ol’ bend-the-knee proposal.

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Jean was happy enough without an engagement ring, but Sean went all out and surprised her during the photoshoot so that I could actually document his proposal! Sneaky genius.

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

I’d like to thank Sean and Jean again for the opportunity! Wish I could have attended your wedding last Valentines day. This was such a fun workcation for me and Raisa. :) I’ve been to Sumilon prior to this shoot and it’s definitely a nice place to relax and enjoy the pure beach air, especially if you’re into secluded island getaways.

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement

Sean and Jean Genon - Sumilon - Engagement


Shadi + Ahmad | Engaged!

This prewedding started off something like this:

*phone rings* Me: Hello?
Caller: Hi Anne! I hope you don’t mind but I asked for your number from Lizette. I wanted to call you right away. Are you free tomorrow?
Me: Ah, no problem! Who’s this please? For what?
Caller: This is Shadi, sister of Mahsheed from Bethany. Are you free to shoot our prenup tomorrow?
Me: Ha? Shoot TOMORROW?? But we didn’t even plan yet! Usually it would take months or weeks to plan a prenup photoshoot! Are you sure??

Fo sho! Hahaha, so anyway long story short. We had their prewedding photoshoot in just a couple of days. This was early on of my “I quit my job so I’m gonna do photography full-time!” page of life, when I didn’t have a lot of client jobs yet so it was easy for me to take it on the spot. The only concern was that I couldn’t do it *tomorrow* per say because I already promised my mom I’d do something for her. So we had it on the next best thing, the day after *tomorrow*! Still not bad, right?

 Ahmad was only here for a few days and everything just whirlwind from a surprise proposal :)

Sad to say we didn’t have a good experience from our first shoot location. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant because I don’t want to bother (ok guys please don’t name the restaurant in the comments section if you recognize it), and I really don’t want to remember the experience. :( First time I witnessed something like that during a photoshoot. It was all caused by a misunderstanding which toppled and exploded. I already said I wouldn’t blog about the experience because I don’t want to deal with the dirty laundry much more circulating it on my blog. And to be fair, they do have a very pretty place and food is alright. So I want to ask that you don’t get any negative bias about this restaurant if you haven’t been there yet, but form your own opinion about it when you do get to visit. After all, the misunderstanding was between us and not you so they will be able to give you a better experience with a different circumstance. I just want to be honest and chronicle this as part of the blog post, as a customer I wasn’t happy but it doesn’t mean you won’t be either. Minus the experience the restaurant is nice and the menu is unique.

Soo… ENOUGH of that, let’s not invite bad vibes to mix with this very nice couples’ photo blog post. 😀 This post is supposed to be sunshine and love~ manifested, and so I will be bombing you with cheesy photos! Yes this photo post will be a little long.

Next we moved to Sunday 2PM where we relaxed from the heat and took cutesy photos. If you’re thinking of having a photoshoot, I definitely recommend this place. The people here are so nice and no problem at all!

I made both of them write love notes to each other.

It’s free to draw and scribble in this korean cafe as you order sweet snacks.

Oh you know, just being sweet and sticking love notes on each other. 😉

And then something unexpected happened…

Shadi started crying!

From all the love notes Ahmad was writing and the sweet words he was telling her.


Both Ahmad and Shadi are Iranian so it was funny when Ahmad wrote sweet words in dialect as Shadi taught him. Haha

Akong tamis, akong pinalanga!

Sunday 2PM is just below the Sarrosa hotel. You’ll love it especially if you’re into cutesy korean stuff. They usually take your picture for free and post it on their Facebook page. Their cafe is filled with peoples’ scribbles and notes, as well as hangers of polaroid photos of guests. It’s a very relaxed, homey vibe where you can read a wide selection of books in English and Korean.

Girls love their funny guys!

Here is Carla Eliza Gothong, the make-up artist for the second day. The first day’s makeup above was all done by Noe Villagonzalo.

This set was taken at Plantation Bay in Mactan. It’s quite easy to do a photoshoot at this resort. I think you pay around PHP 5,000 if I remember right, and that’s consumable for 5 people. Something like that… We spent the consumable on food of course by having yummy lunch there! Shangri-la has a similar offer but it was more expensive.

Finally, we shot at the most memorable place–home! With Shadi’s cute doggy. Luckily enough I got a nice picture of the pup looking at me smiling too. 😛 If you’ve noticed, I like to take more candid and sweet moments. My prewedding photography is generally simple and I try to be more storytelling when possible. When the couple is shy about them being photographed, I encourage them to just talk to each other. It’s easier like that since I’m shooting two people, they can find comfort in each other.

I’ll be blogging a little more often now that my work load is lessening. As I’ve said, I’ve stopped taking any more client jobs until further notice. Consequently, I’ll have more time to update my blog about all the work I’ve done so far. Yay~ And also, I got a comment from a reader who said she constantly checks my blog hoping for an update, so that made me encouraged to be more active again~ ^.^ But I got a little embarrassed that I kind of neglected this blog. Anne’s been an irresponsible blogger… :( It takes me so long to blog!! Can you believe it took me 3 whole hours to make this blog post? If only I can write better and faster.

I’ll make it up by having a giveaway in a few days, who wants some free stuff?

Ana + Kiko | Engaged!

To the soundtrack of their love, I’ll Be Holding On by Those Dancing Days.

It was a pleasure shooting Ana and Kiko. They were effortless in front of the camera and game for anything, even climbing trees! 😀 These are just a few of the hundreds of engagement photos I took for them on a very cloudy and moody afternoon in the south. I wish them all the best, in career and love.

MUA: Ryle Young
Assistant: Jon Ong
Photographer: Anne Lorraine Uy

For inquiries on engagements, feel free to contact me~

Prenup / Engagement / Couple Love Shoots

I am now available for prenup shoots! Never expected I would love the process–getting to know the couple, their unique stories, likes and dislikes and marveling at how two people out of billions of possibilities, finally come to join as one.

Some more of my images of this beautiful couple here on [Facebook].

For inquiries, you may send your interests to booking@anneuy.com

See you soon!