a place filled with flowers, dog houses and a simple rest house.


First photostory of the year is a simple shoot with the super down-to-earth and bubbly Cheryl Pages-Alba in an almost literally hidden garden somewhere in Busay.

The place was really a treasure, looking like something out of a post card.

The weather was a real challenge to work with, drizzling here, raining there, mud all over with slipping and sliding. I welcomed the breeze though, but later on as Cheryl got soaked under the rain the wind couldn’t really blow her wet hair and dresses anymore. It made December chilly as it should be but despite that, the festive season always makes the atmosphere around this time still warm and sweet.

if you look closely, you can see the rain drops.


Her husband and Fritz assisted us by bringing umbrellas and lugging the three changes of outfit to the very top of the hill where the rest house was. I found it especially cute that her husband was there to support her. He drove us all the way to this place and was really nice just like her. They’re both super fun and lovely to be with. It didn’t feel like a shoot at all. Thank you Cheryl and Jay for everything!

Because this was kind of spontaneous, I shot all these not wearing my usual no-fuss denim and long-sleeves for the first time! I came from a family lunch so I dressed up a bit. So yes, I looked like a girly girl that day. I probably sound defensive now because one of my models’ guardians actually thought I was a tomboy. x_x; Seriously? But it did give me a good laugh since it was then that I started to notice that I swerve from super girly fashion to super laid-back casual, which I like.

No behind-the-scenes photos from my end because I left the pouch Fritz told me to bring for his camera. Forgetful me again. -_- But Cheryl had fun snapping photos of us when he helped cleaned my feet from all the mud… For the love of art~!

Sweetest assistant evah

Starting the year with post-processing photos made me really happy. Cheers to squeezing time for your passions and hobbies! It’ll be back to the office for me again tomorrow. I thank God for all the blessings yesteryear and for all the years to come!

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. -Joey Adams