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Playing with Adobe Animate Edge

This term, Dynamic Content Design class introduced us to Adobe Animate Edge. At first it looked quite intimidating (like most Adobe applications at first glance), but after a few weeks of playing with it, I find that it’s actually a simpler and more efficient approach to jQuery!


Making my calculator project in Animate Edge

Almost every week we had to program something based on Henry Leung‘s specifications. When we were learning key listeners, I made this…. What can I call it… Interactive media for key down listeners?


Say Hello to Chibi

I’ve also learned Illustrator this term, so I took the opportunity to practice vectors and experiment with SVGs!


Want to know the secret trick of Chibi? You can try Chibi’s World here. But please be on your desktop when doing so. This totally won’t work on mobile or tablet devices since I’m using keyboard listeners.

You’re probably going “What kind of game is this?! It’s not even a game.” *rolls eyes* (my bf laughed when I showed him this!)

So ok, for the next assignment I was finally able to *attempt* making a simple mini game!


 Recycled my background. I guess that makes Bubby from Chibi’s World too. They’re probably best friends or something.

Apologies if my “style” is very cutesy/chibi. Honestly it’s just the easiest kind of graphics to make!


The gameplay is simple. Bubby’s ONE and ONLY egg falls from the sky, and it’s up to you to help Bubby catch it! I’ve drawn a soft nest for you to catch it in already, so use the power of left and right keyboard keys well. You can play Bubby Egg Catch game here.

After a while we got into more complex programming. For our latest assignment, we were supposed to head to a park, experience a problem, and create a solution in Edge. I went to Deer Lake Park which was the nearest park to BCIT, and realized that it would really be handy if I could have a map of where the washrooms and snack bars were. I tried to search online for an app because map apps are the most convenient, but couldn’t find one. I’d also like to add that I’m a Google Maps generation girl, and I heavily rely on Transit and Google Maps to get around.

Thus, the creation of my application “Deer Lake Park Map“. I wanted to try another style and make the app look more serious/professional, and since flat design is all the rage now, I went for that.

deer-lake-parkI even added a fancy iPhone 5S frame for my app just to give me a better feel of it. 😉 I used jQuery UI for the page transitions, AJAX and JSON for the weather info from Forecast.io, and Google Maps custom maps for each of the categories. I created my own weather symbols, but I lacked time so as you can see, it’s super simple. I’m really happy that it works like legit tho (even though some of the info there is fictional, like Baby Changing Stations)!! So yay. I’ve always wanted to learn AJAX and JSON, and there’s still a lot for me to learn, but I’m so psyched that I actually implemented it successfully.

I really enjoy programming when I’m given a problem and I have to create a solution for it. Hooray for logic-based problem solving~ /geekhatON

Fantasy FPS Mockup – VFX Midterm Project

Boss scene for Chapter 1 of my unnamed Fantasy FPS

Can’t believe I’m almost finishing my first year here at BCIT! This term I have a Visual Effects class. It’s probably worth mentioning again that I’m taking Digital Design and Development, hoping I’ll end up making spiffy websites and such. After Effects was a program I’ve always wanted to learn ever since I knew that it was possible to make video/movie FX thru it.

As a side note, this is my first ever blog post about school! I am finally coming out of my cave and sharing a glimpse of what I’ve been doing for the past year.

 Game starts with my character finding himself waking up lying on the floor, clueless…
What happened?

For our midterms, we had to make our own FPS game mockup that used 2D images and video in a 3D environment. It took quite a while for me to decide on what kind of FPS to make, especially since our teacher pegged Duke Nukem I and Doom(1993) which are really…. Not my style. I almost felt like it was an impossible task! Seriously!! You can imagine how its like in class–it’s a geek’s world with a 5:1 boy to girl ratio. Discussions become amusing tho, I must admit.

It is revealed that the mansion’s under attack by the South Witch Queen’s minions!

After looking thru countless stock photos, I settled on a fantasy FPS. If you know me, this wouldn’t surprise you. I really like fantasy genre anything, period. The only RPG games I used to play were fantasy games, and most of my artwork from when I used to draw were surreal/fantasy, so yes, this made perfect sense. As with everything, I aimed to imitate how RPG games started out with the main story and then some battle scenes.

A better view of the room I created using the 3D feature in After Effects.
Player heads out the door.

Ghost child that warns my player “Be prepared or die!” signalling the start of the gameplay.
A goblin then comes.

Piece of cake! Not even a scratch.

Here I showed the treasure aspect of the game. Yay shiny moneyz

And then just when you turn, a very scary troll comes to attack!!

Last but not least, just when you think the game is child’s play, a lesser witch comes to block the door to the North Wing! Oh no

But of course my player is boss so he STILL LIVES

Finally, the mockup ends in front of the majestic door of the North Wing where Zeia awaits…

First off, some of you may be curious where I got those crazy names. Adiel? Zeia? Very fantasy RPG game -ish, I know. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the exact name library I used, but I’m pretty certain I chose Nordic names. However, there are lots of other websites like Behind the Name which work, and this one actually has an app version. Fantasy Name Generator looks pretty good too.

behind the name - name generator

This sounded cool when I read it in my mind with emphasis on the T and K.

The hardest part about this project was working with the 3D environment, especially when I was still new to the xyz orientation, rotation, etc. It was challenging but I actually enjoyed the process of it all.

after effects 3d environment

The * looking marks are where I positioned my Lights, while straight dotted lines are planes of textures like the Walls and Tables. All of the objects like the fireplace, guns, candles and brooms are completely flat 2D planes, but since they are 3D stock it’s not obvious at all, especially if I position them in the right perspective according to my Camera. Working on this on my 13-inch Macbook Pro was painful… So I wrapped it up by staying in the lab a few hours after school to work on a glorious 27-inch iMac!

What my AE work area looked like. I separated my Rooms into two compositions because the screen perspective went nuts after I arranged my layers.

You can view the rendered video below. Thank God, I got a perfect mark from my teacher, Ramin Shadmehr, and he left me a comment: “very nice work anne, very nice”. For some reason, I totally read that comment with his voice.

Hope you enjoyed my AE Fantasy FPS Mockup walkthrough! Before I made this, I thought it was going to be super difficult (even impossible since I’ve never used After Effects before this class). However when I look at the result now, it all seems simple and actually quite easy… Life. We really can surprise ourselves with how much we’re capable of doing, especially when we push ourselves beyond what we can imagine. :) Sounds like that Thomas Edison quote – “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Datalogics Acquaintance Party 2010.

Mob of people but still missing a few. Photo by Lyka Alfafara.

This is gonna be a personal post just for my remembrance. The other night was the acquaintance party for us Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (CS), Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) students.

I must say I particularly enjoy our acquaintance party for many reasons:

1. I get to see my usually very simple classmates get all dolled/suited up and dressed to kill.

2. The teachers end up presenting something really entertaining and out of character.
3. There are lots and lots of talent showcases like student-made music videos, commercials and trailers. A lot of people are talented in singing and dancing too.

4. I get to take nice photos of my coursemates and teachers. (but the photo above was taken by Van Luey Banasing using my camera)

5. I can come late and still not miss anything! (I arrived three hours late and was just in time for dinner)

So first I’ll talk about the girly preparations for the party (of course)! In my four years of uni, I’ve only spent for my outfit once and that was during my freshman year. And it was only because I had zero retro-themed clothes in my closet! I think my thriftiness comes out in occasions like this.

I wasn’t able to take a full photo of myself with my outfit since I was already really really sleepy when I arrived home. My dad and aunt even chided me for coming home at 2am but it’s worth it since this was my last ever AP.

But anyway it wasn’t anything special in particular.
Photos by Carla Signe.

So I was wearing a lacey off-shoulder blouse I got from Bangkok, a pink tule skirt, black belt and gray oxfords from Korea. I was gonna wear a white alternative to the blouse, but since Ian was my partner for the fashion show and he was wearing black, we decided that I could just match him with my black one. And I think it went best in the end.

Awesome college classmates! I’m really blessed to have such nice and fun ones.

And yes, I did my make-up myself! Matched my eyes to my skirt by picking pinkish shades. My very cool Nudy Golden Blue contacts are from Bhi Xtina. I loved how it was so convenient to buy them from her since her brother could just meet-up with me at school. I’m thinking of getting the Nudy brown ones too! These contacts are way more comfortable compared to my previous gray ones.

My original plan was to wear a long darker-haired wavy wig coz I didn’t want to style my hair anymore. It needs much deserved pampering really. But I decided to ditch the idea when I remembered that I gave my wig cap away along with my blonde wig. Here’s what I kind of looked like with it.

Waaah I look so different! Haha!
This is me dolling up once a year.

Moving on, I had a lot of fun with my classmates talking, taking photos, watching the performances and stuff. For our last year, Reyn wanted us to present something for the party since our batch has never participated in the performances. It was supposedly a dance number but later due to obvious circumstances (it took too much practice time and full cooperation was difficult to achieve), she decided on a fashion show which was simpler to put out.

The fashion show in pairs.

Also, I tried helping out with one of the movies in the flick fest, Team Pahamak’s Ground Zero. I contributed a bit to set extension where I wreaked havoc on school grounds using Photoshop. I’ll post a video of the flick if ever the guys upload it on Youtube. They rendered 3D aliens and all to fight against! CG was really awesome. Those guys are really talented along with Sir Lavin.

Another popular video from the party was the music video these guys made. The director asked me to contribute a photo of myself holding my camera. He already explained to me the concept so I understood it was just for laughs. I’m really touched how everyone was so concerned when the guy made it his profile picture. Thanks everyone~ But don’t worry, this time it’s fine. XD

Mahal Kita Ka C by Team Pahamak.

It’s inspired from the song “Mahal Kita Kasi” by Nicole Hyala. The lyrics are sooo witty if you get our course! I was really impressed by everything. Good job guys!

Random shots from the night. My non-IT friends came by too!

So yeah, looking at it as a whole, I’m really thankful that I chose to take the Information Technology course. (My alternative was Information Design in Ateneo but my dad didn’t allow me to study in Manila even though I passed the entrance exam) The programming is challenging and brain-racking at times but it’s also intellectually enjoyable. The multimedia stuff are still awesome (I’m still pining on mastering 3D Studio Max but maybe Imma try Blender). Web development is interesting and pay-wise, good enough too.

Now that this is done, I’ve gotta work on my backlog. By Details photos due next week! Keep watch guys. :)

Normal wash day attire.
Kasi naman, kasi…

168 Movie + WOW + G-Force

For the fun of it (and since it’s all over and I’M over it), here’s our movie poster for our IT168 finals project:

Shot this at school (with John Terrado and Ian Ong assisting me) just at parking lot near the basketball court of my university. Film premiere was last October 10 at the Rigney Hall, free for all. Good thing there wasn’t much of a crowd. I literally sank in my seat almost fainting with embarrassment hearing myself say my lines.

For those of you wondering, our genre was “suspense”. And I do hope it was suspenseful! Too bad the audio system at the hall was terrible. I don’t think people really heard what we were saying thus I do not think they were able to grasp the whole 20-minute story. Anyway, I think we did well editing and screenplay-wise so I’m satisfied. Special thanks to Paolo Mañalac for shooting and directing for us.

To celebrate the end of the first semester, my friends and I went to watch a magic show at the Cebu International Convention Center!

I’ve been really excited about this months before and kept prodding my friends to go with me. Haha! I mean, who doesn’t love magic shows anyway?? They’re so cool! I know for a fact that I easily get impressed and amazed so this was really the cherry on top of my ice-cream in months.

It was called “World of Wonders” by Facedown Productions and Events. They even had a free photobooth outside for the early guests! We were early coz I thought the show would start at 7PM when actually it started at 8PM. Oops.

It was a lot of fun being with my high school classmates. We’ve actually grown closer in college, I think. I can really be myself with them coz they’re so cool. We’re like a family and we treat each other like a brother/sister. Love them to bits!

There were a lot of magicians and the show promised us two hours of non-stop magic amusement. However, Ian (brother of the organizer for Facedown Productions/my college classmate who sold me the tickets and got us good seats! Thanks again) told us that the magicians liked the crowd so much, they extended the show for another hour. It was sooo long I even fell asleep during a part of the ventriloquist act! People have been telling me the tickets were expensive, but after the show I really felt that it was all worth it and more!!

An unforgettable part of the show was when the mime magician called for an audience volunteer and picked a young boy. He seemed normal at first, but later we were starting to think he must have lost his soul/his autonomy or the will to do anything for himself.

He bent down, faced up, tilted his head, closed his eyes, faced back butt front upper body down, when the mime made him to. He did everything the mime made him do expressionless. 😐 That’s some extraordinarily obedient boy we saw there. The last part was the mime giving him that balloon sword, and taking it back as the boy reached his hand for it… over and over… expressionless! The audience would have probably made him a highlighted memory of the show (as I did).

Ultimately, the show ended amazingly with the champion magician disappearing by cloth only to leave a pair of moths. Honestly, my words are really inadequate to describe the whole show, how amazing the tricks were, mind-boggling as a handful of them were (and still are to me) and how all worth it it was.

I should just say YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE. That’s the bottom-line of everything.

A day before I left for Bangkok, Mikko and I decided to go out together. In the end, Lyonel and Lawrence (my classmate’s brothers) and her brother, Jeremiah, ended up going with us and we watched G-Force together! Mikko and I were loling at how we were supposed to watch a kiddy movie and having gone out together as an unlikely group (we were the eldest of them all and it probably looked like we were “baby-sitting” the boys).

But you know what? I actually enjoyed watching G-Force very much. Haha! I guess I’m still a really big fan of Disney movies, whatever genre they may be or platform they may use. So, thanks Lyonel. Don’t grow up too fast now~ Lawrence is sooo tall as you can see in the picture. I’m reminded of my lack of height. /sad

This was my first day using my new friend, Canon 10-22mm, and as you can see I love playing with the distortion!

Hello! This was shot at a really close range.

And here’s Mikko with her cute outfit. I gave her those socks last *insert occasion here*! I know you just reminded me, Mik, but I forgot already. I’m being an Anne again, I know…

The first soliloquy: To study or not to study today? (and watch a few downloaded movies)



While the debate within myself is going on, I was thinking I’d share a few of my favorite random pictures (not from photoshoots) with you.

This was during the airplane right from Japan to Manila. Just caught the late afternoon sunset. Beautiful isn’t it? It’s currently my most faved deviation of deviantArt. ^^ *is happy*
This was a church close to 168 in Manila. I love the details in old churches like these. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to Europe in the future and capture the beautiful details of the great cathedrals there.

I don’t normally study in advance at all. It wouldn’t be like me.

This is the deer park in Japan. You buy a pack of deer biscuits for 5 (or was it 10?) yen and feed them to the roaming deers around. My Aunt accidentally threw our biscuits to my niece’s face coz the deers ganged up on her. XD

Then again, I am planning to live “a new life”. Haha. So maybe I should, since it’s good anyway. Can’t deny that…

This was reaaaallyyy cool. Til then, I never knew the night sky could look like this. I spent like 30-45 minutes outside trying to take a good shot. But as you can see, I couldn’t really get the whole ring (it was soooo wide) eventhough my camera was practically on the ground. U_U *evidence for the need of an ultra wide angle lens?* Haha, I wish.

This is my macro shot of a sakura flower! Took this on the bus thus the blur. We plucked a lot of sakuras from their trees during our trip! Who could resist them? They’re soo pretty. <3>

Some of you may ask, “How did you get a macro shot when you don’t have a macro lens, Anne?”


Elementary, my dear Watson! I took this using my kit lens but played around with it. If you really wanna know you can comment me. I think a lot of people know this technique already anyway. :)

I really love this shot, IDKY. D: Maybe I just miss Japan so much. It’s such a beautiful country.

Soooo. Okay. I’ll start with my public speaking class, just a few practical notes. Studying in advance means I don’t have to cram like I usually do the night (or day or minutes HAHA) before the test. 😀

Hai ther, nerd mode~ 8D Yeah, it’s a picture of me with my glasses holding my camera in a D: face. D: Not my real glasses though, the ones I use at school look totally different. Haha! But I like this better coz it’s way cuter. /hihi

Off to study now~