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Mandaue Foam Awesummer Sale 2013


Mandaue Foam Awesummer Sale 2013

Here’s another one from the backlog, my first photoshoot for Mandaue Foam! This shoot was one of the projects that made me realize how I much wish I could concentrate on advertising photography. The feeling I experience throughout the creative process is similar to when I used to shoot my photostories back in university.


Marienella Calderon from OZAR Models and Catherine Heiser from Stacy’s Exclusive

The make-up is by Raisa again. I’m not very sure, but I think this was the first time I worked with her! Which was the first of many shoots and collaborations to follow. 😀

I met up with Ryan Uy and Michille Seveses-Perez from Mandaue Foam, together with Yanyan (Gillian Uang of By Details) who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. This shoot was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, because they already had a specific idea about how they wanted the photos to come out, from the post-processing to the number of layouts and direction. Yanyan was the creative director for this campaign, as well as the stylist of the models and set layouts! All I had to do was refer some models from agents I’ve already worked with, and send some pegs to the team to make sure we had a mutual understanding about the mood/theme we were heading for.


So of course, summer photoshoots and pretty girls in swimsuits wouldn’t scream SUMMER without the glorious B-E-A-C-H! But the problem with this kind of shoot is the people, it’s almost impossible to take photos at a nice beach without having people photobombing or disturbing the background (cloning out beachgoers? = Photoshop nightmare)… So we needed to find a fairly secluded beach.

Solution: We took a van all the way to a private beach house in San Remigio, which was REALLY far away from the big cities. It’s at the very very tip of Cebu! lol


 I am dead sure the drive wasn’t just an hour and 25 minutes…. Google Maps, you lie.


It was super hot that day. One of the challenges was keeping the lighting consistent since the clouds would come over, leave and come back again, forcing me to keep shifting my camera settings. It was all good though thanks to a great team (Fritz was my assistant for that day)!


Yay for team shots. This is outdoorsy Cebu, chill people, super sunny and tropical with coconut trees almost everywhere~


Always happy to see my photo works blown up with great graphic design (c/o Michille)!

Creative Direction: Gillian Uang of By Details and Ryan Uy
Models: Marienella Calderon from OZAR Models and Catherine Heiser from Stacy’s Exclusive
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Make-up: Raisa Bercede
Hair: Shyra Qyumbi
Fashion and Set Stylist: Gillian Uang
Swimsuits: Cesa PH
Assistants: Fritz Cañedo, Princess Lim and Kirtz Aniol

One Light: Jason for A|X

Project One Light: Jason for A|X

Model: Jason Royce Holbrook
Grooming: Raisa Jan Bercede
Location: Outburst Restobar, J Center Mall

So this week I’m taking another photo from a client job! This one is from a talent portfolio shoot which can be used as set cards and agency material. :) I seldom photograph men compared to women so sometimes I run out of poses/layouts for them to do during photoshoots. I always felt that creative direction for men isn’t as broad and wide as women, but maybe I just need more experience handling male models. For now I’ve learned that men’s photos tend to be sharper, more aggressive and simple while women’s photos tend to be better soft and have a delicate beauty in a passive way (except if you’re going for high fashion/AV where the rules are: no rules!).

Anyway, this is still One Light and I’m happy once again, it’s completely different from the previous ones. Hopefully my journey helps other aspiring photographers out there as well :)

P.S. This is obviously NOT a real Armani Exchange ad. I just wanted to simulate how this style would look like as an advertisement. 😉 Til next week~

One Light: Joe Rock

Project One Light: Joe Rock

Model: Joe Branzuela
MUA: Raisa Jan Bercede
Location: Outburst Restobar, J Center Mall

I feel like I’m cheating a little uploading a photo from a client job… BUT I choose not to be strict about this Project! 😛 I guess all of my photo works will be acceptable, as long as I only used one artificial photography light during the photoshoot (note: light sources from walls, buildings, candles and props will not count!)

Anyway, this is one of the photos I shot yesterday with Joe and Jason for their portfolio, with Raisa as the makeup artist and hairstylist once again! We ended at around 12:59AM, new record for latest time to finish a shoot. 😀 Don’t be fooled by the edgy, rocker chic vibe of this photo… Joe’s one of the sweetest people I’ve come to know (and one of the best singers)!! Shows how you can be absolutely transformed during photoshoots. :)

This is the second week of Project One Light and I’m hoping to really stick to this One-Photo-a-Week self challenge.. So far, I think it’s starting well since I’m making it very different from my last! Hopefully each photo will continue to be different and experimental~