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Inspired by Human Heart Nature

This particular photostory is sponsored by Aileen Antenor, a Human Nature dealer who came to me with a proposal that birthed the colorful and unique images you see here. She said she was a fan of my works and gifted me products to sample, which was how I got introduced to the brand and its advocacy. I really admire the whole driving force and quality behind Human Nature and I think every Filipino should be quite proud of what it has achieved. Organic, local and healthy need not be so expensive because a brand like theirs now exists!

Styling by Cyril Anzano of Sigh Styles with credits from all the clothes’ sources at the end. Modeling and make-up by Happy Cebu’s 2012 Prettiest Girl, Divine Orlina Tayrus! I’ve worked with Divine a lot for make-up and now it’s her time to shine on the camera. ūüėČ Now she’s all the way in Europe honing her skills further at the Make Up For Ever Academy.

Last but not least, thanks to Fritz for assisting and helping me find the location for this shoot before he left for Sydney! By the way, Human Nature is looking for equally passionate people to promote the products. Would you like to be a dealer? If so, you can contact Aileen at 0932 559 9313 or aileen.antenor@gmail.com. The HN Mandaue branch is also looking for sales representatives, just drop your resume at their branch: G/F Orchard Hotel on A.S. Fortuna St. :)

Sponsor: Aileen Antenor
Model/Makeup: Divine Tayrus
Stylist: Cyril Anzano of Sigh Styles
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy

Celeste Pineda of Fab’Les¬†neon bracelets, Lorelie Opo custom ribbon, Laiza Ursal faux crystal beads, R2S Origami bouquet, Mildred Zapanta floral stiletto and tribal bead necklace, Chic Vintage clothes and other accessories

Workshop: Dark

Reca Beierly Pamaran is a Gothic Princess.

Overdue post from early December. This particular workshop was quite interesting and personally challenging. Sai approached me for another of my personal 1-on-1 workshops, but with a twist–he wanted something “dark”. Now you should know I always try my best to cater to the needs of my student and that’s why I prefer 1-on-1s but this time it seemed to go against my own usual and natural style.

I candidly referred him to another photographer whose works were naturally darker than mine because I honestly did not want to disappoint him! But he insisted and so I accepted the challenge.

Enchantment in a dark and mysterious kind of beauty.

I was able to work with the gorgeous Divine Tayrus¬†again for the makeup. For commercial shoots, I like to work with those whose styles I’ve already been accustomed to and can totally trust and count on to do the job with experience. But when I have workshops I like trying new MUAs so I can discover fresh talent and new styles. Every makeup artist has a signature style and look just like us photographers!


Reca’s physical frame was ideal for the goth peg, waif and long-legged complemented by unique beauty. She was particularly shy and quiet throughout most of the photoshoot but she did a great job and never complained about anything! Thank you Marion from OZAR Models Philippines for referring her to me. :)

Some things that helped me tackle this new uncharted territory were bits of research from Professor Google. Photos of Tim Burton’s movies, basic¬†knowledge¬†of Goth and forcing myself to edit photos in a way that I didn’t like (but later on got used to). It really taught and developed me to be more versatile. I sealed in key aspects of a “dark” theme: slight eyebags, dark lipstick, messy hair, pale skin, all-black ensemble, blood-shot eyes, thick emo eyeliner and eyeshadow, melancholy and moderating the use of color as much as I could stand.

At first the peg called for black lipstick. I couldn’t stand it so I asked Divine to make it ombre red-black instead. I really liked how she made it looking stained and fiery rusty.

Styling once again by my friend¬†Charmaine de Leon¬†for¬†South Shores. She was the easiest and no-fuss stylist I could always turn to but now that she’s back to school I’m sad she’ll be too busy to help me. :(¬†Here’s her blog post¬†about this day with more behind-the-scenes photos. Be sure to check out how Divine achieved this Helena Bonham Carter hairstyle.

Enough of my own photos! Here are some spot-on great photoworks from my student ūüėČ I think he definitely got the vibe and theme way better than I did which is super great. This is HIS element! I like it that I help people find their own style than just helping them copy mine. It is definitely better and makes their photographic pursuits much more personal and lasting.

This is the most powerful photo from the set for my books.

I had a lot of fun getting to know, teaching and shooting side-by-side with Sai that day and I hope he continues to practice and have fun with photography! He is quite versatile as well and shoots prenup/prewedding photos. You can check out more of his works [here].

Until the next story…

Photography by me. Model is Reca of OZAR Models Philippines. Makeup by Divine Orlina Tayrus. Styling by Charmaine de Leon for South Shores. Student is Sai Peral.

Workshop: Lawrencia Serie

One of my favorite images; mysterious yet beautiful yet ordinary yet unique on its own.

Last year I had a one-on-one workshop with Francis. I asked one of my favorite models named Angel to work with me again and this particular time I was able to rekindle my love for the Pre-Raphaelite paintings with how she transforms beautifully after being prepped up for a shoot. She definitely has those angles that remind me of the beautiful women from that era. Can’t believe no modeling agent has taken her under their wing yet, *hello headhunters?*

Goddess beauty, aptly named Angel.

This time to cut the budget (initially I had a big one for this coz 2 people were gonna participate), I did the model’s makeup myself. To be honest, I’m always hoping for the best every time I do makeup… I usually just do the basics to be safe– highlight, define corners of eyes, blush, contour nose, lips, eyebrows… Anything and everything I learn from the Academy of Youtube. And just change color palettes to suit the theme! I’d prefer to work with makeup artists though, ¬†the prep time is usually when I can discuss some photography theories and personal tips with my student-of-the-day, and just get to know him/her more!

I must say this galaxy kitty shirt dress from South Shores is pretty cute.

This was kind of last minute, so I couldn’t find anyone I could trust to do makeup then. BUT thinking about it now, I think Angel would have looked good with any makeup so I probably should have just gambled and took a chance on any rookie makeup artist. (Hello, if you are interested to collaborate with me please email me with your portfolio! x)

My garden at home isn’t photogenic at all so I’m always at a dilemma when it comes to location shoots. The only park I know of in Cebu is the Fuente Circle, and it’s so not convenient to find parking there, then walk, lugging expensive equipment beside a beautiful model while trying to protect her from wide-eyed gazes from DOMs and pervs. Shooting at a location when it’s in the middle of the busiest traffic circles/roundabouts in Cebu with the unfortunate possibility of being a victim of a hold-up or worse! …Cannot be lah.

So my last and safest resort is always the dead-end of my street, where the season is kind to me with beautiful flowers and rich bunches of bushes and leaves. I’m currently doing my own little observational experiment of the subtle seasonal changes in Cebu in relation to the fauna, along with the weather in relation to photographic light translation. It is very interesting and enriching to become more in touch with your personal surroundings, to see everything through the eyes of the camera lens. Suddenly I find mundane shadows to be oh so amazing… I just wish my neighbor wasn’t as diligent in maintaining his garden. :( I love the natural growth it gives.

It’s so beautifully wild there’s even a small monkey behind all those yellow flowers; neighbor’s pet

This was taken after a very rainy afternoon. Cloudy weather always gives the most balanced light in photographs and I find that in Cebu this works best. Sunny days often seem too harsh and imbalanced even though I try my best to find the perfect exposure. Oh and yes, light is different everywhere around the world. How interesting, right?

It’s fun to take photos when people don’t want you to. They’re just too photogenic together I couldn’t resist. ūüėČ

In addition to theories, personal tips and Photoshop secrets I share to my student, I also give them the PSDs of everything we work on for their keeping and lifetime support to anything photography related! My student was very busy so I wasn’t able to get sample photos from him. Interesting that most of my students are from call centers.

Photography and makeup by me. Styling by Charmaine de Leon from South Shores. Model is Angel Dela Torre. Student is Francis Gimena. I would link him up but I don’t have his photography album portfolio. So Francis if you’d like, please send it to me ASAP.

Mia Annarose Lu | Debut!

During the first week of November, I got to shoot my first debutante. I like these photoshoot fads that developed lately –maternity, newborn, debut, birthday, prewedding, postwedding, anniversary, couple, family photoshoots… And even the non-occasional¬†for-keeps-sake photoshoot! Once my Aunt heard about how “weird” my job is, she shook her head against a new generation and said, “Tsk. What an¬†unnecessary¬†expense.” So Chinese, I know. Haha! But I could only laugh and keep my thoughts to myself, since I thought these were, on the contrary, priceless ways to keep and share memories.

Most of the time it is tempting to think of a person who does a photoshoot as immediately vain. But as my experiences unfolded and clients came, I realized that these people are also blessed to think ahead of themselves: showing future grandchildren beautiful photos of themselves during their prime youth (like a debut awkward or not) or future children discovering photos of mommy and daddy beautiful and handsome and passionately in love and seemingly forever young (like couple shoots to help stop a divorce). Or reminding your spouse of the love that brought you both together when he sees your first baby’s photos (like maternity shoots since I heard the first baby always immediately creates a magical bond) and maybe candid fun photos of childhood tearing up mom and dad on their daughter’s wedding (like a family shoot where everyone actually gets to be together in one place at the same time).

Metamorphosis of a girl into a woman.

Photos can transcend time and bring back feelings and memories and songs and visions. This is mostly why I like photographing even the most mundane things so much, like the ice cream my dad gives me on a Sunday to my boyfriend’s first cake on our anniversary, and how I prefer candid photos as to posed ones. I’ll stop here coz I’m getting sentimental T_T I did not plan this when its supposed to be about Mia’s predebut! lol

Back to earth. So it was my first time collaborating with the gorgeous Divine Tayrus, and what do you know, she’s so talented and nice as well! And then there’s my favorite run-to crush-ng-bayan stylist, Charmaine, who blogged about this too. ūüėČ

Mia having her makeup done by Divine.

Charmaine readying the outfits she prepared for Mia.

All outfits styled by Charmaine are always from South Shores! They have really beautiful clothes in so many types. I’ll list the branches of South Shores below at the end of this post coz you definitely need to check them out!

Thankfully the weather was kind to us that day and here are some of the photos:

Every time I action an assistant to help me with photos like these, I always get the “Oh yes. The signature Anne Uy hair flip.” Tsk, I love my assistants. They know me well and immediately know what to do.

Girls always look good in a garden full of flowers.

I choose enchanting and romantic to be my elements. :3

Golden trees in Cebu FTW. ūüėČ

I wanted to inject a bit more fun and color in some photos coz Mia’s debut theme was decided to be “Candy Land” a few days before the shoot came… Which totally didn’t match the initial pegs so, yeah. This is why I used magic to create a candy ombr√© dress.

And this one particularly gave me Christmas vibes, I don’t know why..

Maybe it’s the green and red. Check out the details on her makeup! :)

Thank you to Divine who doubled as reflector assistant as well as Charmaine who helped with everything else (i.e. telling jokes to make Mia laugh). Mia for being patient with me when Celestial Garden caretakers tried to stop the shoot and shoo us out. I always have to negotiate and plead with them. :(

MUA: Divine Orlina Tayrus
Stylist: Charmaine De Leon
Wardrobe: South Shores
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

If you’re interested in a photoshoot of the like, please email your intention ¬†to contact[at]anneuy.com¬†and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can do gift photoshoots as well for Christmas. ^-^

As promised, here are the brances where you can find South Shores around the Philippines:

Upper Ground Level – SM City Cebu
Second Level – SM Consolacion
Second Level – J Centre Mall
Ground Floor Level – Parkmall
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Dumaguete
Lower Ground Level – SM Iloilo
Second Level – Gaisano Ormoc
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Tacloban
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Gensan
Second Level – SM Gensan
Second Level – Gaisano Surigao
Second Level – Gaisano Osamis
Second Level – SM-CDO
Upper Ground Level- SM Davao Ecoland

Rouge Angel (Red & White)

Angel Dela Torre as my Rouge Angel

If you’ve been seeing my feeds on Facebook, a few photos of this pretty girl have been popping up lately–with her showing many arms and even floating with silver clocks. These are from my latest workshop slash collaboration with Rae Cabradilla. I always want to customize and personalize my one-on-one workshops to fit the interests and needs of my client, and with Rae, an advanced Photoshop class centering on levitation and conceptual photography fit her best!

My second version after the Facebook upload. I prefer this better, it tells what I mean more precisely.

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