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Shadi + Ahmad | Engaged!

This prewedding started off something like this:

*phone rings* Me: Hello?
Caller: Hi Anne! I hope you don’t mind but I asked for your number from Lizette. I wanted to call you right away. Are you free tomorrow?
Me: Ah, no problem! Who’s this please? For what?
Caller: This is Shadi, sister of Mahsheed from Bethany. Are you free to shoot our prenup tomorrow?
Me: Ha? Shoot TOMORROW?? But we didn’t even plan yet! Usually it would take months or weeks to plan a prenup photoshoot! Are you sure??

Fo sho! Hahaha, so anyway long story short. We had their prewedding photoshoot in just a couple of days. This was early on of my “I quit my job so I’m gonna do photography full-time!” page of life, when I didn’t have a lot of client jobs yet so it was easy for me to take it on the spot. The only concern was that I couldn’t do it *tomorrow* per say because I already promised my mom I’d do something for her. So we had it on the next best thing, the day after *tomorrow*! Still not bad, right?

 Ahmad was only here for a few days and everything just whirlwind from a surprise proposal :)

Sad to say we didn’t have a good experience from our first shoot location. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant because I don’t want to bother (ok guys please don’t name the restaurant in the comments section if you recognize it), and I really don’t want to remember the experience. :( First time I witnessed something like that during a photoshoot. It was all caused by a misunderstanding which toppled and exploded. I already said I wouldn’t blog about the experience because I don’t want to deal with the dirty laundry much more circulating it on my blog. And to be fair, they do have a very pretty place and food is alright. So I want to ask that you don’t get any negative bias about this restaurant if you haven’t been there yet, but form your own opinion about it when you do get to visit. After all, the misunderstanding was between us and not you so they will be able to give you a better experience with a different circumstance. I just want to be honest and chronicle this as part of the blog post, as a customer I wasn’t happy but it doesn’t mean you won’t be either. Minus the experience the restaurant is nice and the menu is unique.

Soo… ENOUGH of that, let’s not invite bad vibes to mix with this very nice couples’ photo blog post. 😀 This post is supposed to be sunshine and love~ manifested, and so I will be bombing you with cheesy photos! Yes this photo post will be a little long.

Next we moved to Sunday 2PM where we relaxed from the heat and took cutesy photos. If you’re thinking of having a photoshoot, I definitely recommend this place. The people here are so nice and no problem at all!

I made both of them write love notes to each other.

It’s free to draw and scribble in this korean cafe as you order sweet snacks.

Oh you know, just being sweet and sticking love notes on each other. 😉

And then something unexpected happened…

Shadi started crying!

From all the love notes Ahmad was writing and the sweet words he was telling her.


Both Ahmad and Shadi are Iranian so it was funny when Ahmad wrote sweet words in dialect as Shadi taught him. Haha

Akong tamis, akong pinalanga!

Sunday 2PM is just below the Sarrosa hotel. You’ll love it especially if you’re into cutesy korean stuff. They usually take your picture for free and post it on their Facebook page. Their cafe is filled with peoples’ scribbles and notes, as well as hangers of polaroid photos of guests. It’s a very relaxed, homey vibe where you can read a wide selection of books in English and Korean.

Girls love their funny guys!

Here is Carla Eliza Gothong, the make-up artist for the second day. The first day’s makeup above was all done by Noe Villagonzalo.

This set was taken at Plantation Bay in Mactan. It’s quite easy to do a photoshoot at this resort. I think you pay around PHP 5,000 if I remember right, and that’s consumable for 5 people. Something like that… We spent the consumable on food of course by having yummy lunch there! Shangri-la has a similar offer but it was more expensive.

Finally, we shot at the most memorable place–home! With Shadi’s cute doggy. Luckily enough I got a nice picture of the pup looking at me smiling too. 😛 If you’ve noticed, I like to take more candid and sweet moments. My prewedding photography is generally simple and I try to be more storytelling when possible. When the couple is shy about them being photographed, I encourage them to just talk to each other. It’s easier like that since I’m shooting two people, they can find comfort in each other.

I’ll be blogging a little more often now that my work load is lessening. As I’ve said, I’ve stopped taking any more client jobs until further notice. Consequently, I’ll have more time to update my blog about all the work I’ve done so far. Yay~ And also, I got a comment from a reader who said she constantly checks my blog hoping for an update, so that made me encouraged to be more active again~ ^.^ But I got a little embarrassed that I kind of neglected this blog. Anne’s been an irresponsible blogger… :( It takes me so long to blog!! Can you believe it took me 3 whole hours to make this blog post? If only I can write better and faster.

I’ll make it up by having a giveaway in a few days, who wants some free stuff?

Sunset Photography Tips

Bantayan Island Sunset

Photographs of sunsets make up some of the most spectacular images around. The beauty of sunsets never fade and is appreciated across all facets of humanity, captured by DSLRS, iPhones, DigiCams, film cameras–it is a staple of the average nature lover. However, they can also be rather difficult to capture adequately, getting the lighting and the proportions just right. So here are a few tips to follow for photographers who want to capture that magical moment when the sun is going down for the night and the light is too beautiful, you just want to capture it for forever’s keeps.

Plan ahead: The first and most important thing to do before you set off on a sunset shoot, is to find out what time it will actually happen at. You don’t want to miss that perfect moment when the light is at its most vibrant and likewise, you don’t want to be waiting around for hours in the cold. If you find out the right time, then you can stay in the warmth of your home, playing on Cheekybingo.com until it is time to leave. You should also have previously decided on a good spot to take the photographs from, so that you have a clear view of the horizon and can get your equipment set up in time.

Use different focal lengths: Once you are in position and the light is right, try shooting with different focal lengths. Wide angle shots will allow you to capture an image of the sweeping landscape, showing how the sunset lights up the whole area. However, if you want to focus more on the sun itself, then you will need to zoom in for a narrower shot. I love using my Canon 10-22mm UWA lens for sky and architecture shots (plus wacky distorted alien face shots).

Framing objects and focal points: These can greatly enhance the interest that your photographs possess. Sunsets are a great opportunity to capture spectacular silhouettes in front of it such as the looming, dark form of a tree or a person of interest. You can also frame the image with mountains or hills, creating a pleasing image that will look very professional.

Have fun: In my opinion, it is lovely to take a simple wonderful photo of a sunset. But because I like to be artsy fartsy, I have fun doing composites on it to make for a more interesting and unique photo. The two images you see above are both composites of the same scene but taken from different exposures and angles. Surreal sky shots may not be for everyone, but anyone can surely give it a go.

 Sometimes, I prefer the more peaceful less flamboyant blue setting sun though.

Ana + Kiko | Engaged!

To the soundtrack of their love, I’ll Be Holding On by Those Dancing Days.

It was a pleasure shooting Ana and Kiko. They were effortless in front of the camera and game for anything, even climbing trees! 😀 These are just a few of the hundreds of engagement photos I took for them on a very cloudy and moody afternoon in the south. I wish them all the best, in career and love.

MUA: Ryle Young
Assistant: Jon Ong
Photographer: Anne Lorraine Uy

For inquiries on engagements, feel free to contact me~

Prenup / Engagement / Couple Love Shoots

I am now available for prenup shoots! Never expected I would love the process–getting to know the couple, their unique stories, likes and dislikes and marveling at how two people out of billions of possibilities, finally come to join as one.

Some more of my images of this beautiful couple here on [Facebook].

For inquiries, you may send your interests to booking@anneuy.com

See you soon!

Yosemite, California 2011.

Way, way, up and cold.

Although it was already spring, driving way up to thousands of feet revealed that a lot of snow was still left from winter around the mountains of Yosemite. Special thanks to Uncle Ray Sala (for driving us all the way here), Aunty Sunshine Sala (for preparing us food), Uncle George and Aunty Gloria Rivera. :)

Tall, tall treeeeees.

It’s all confusing… Crazy sunny that I couldn’t even open my eyes normally for photos, but at the same time crazy cold because the winds were so fierce.

With my dad and sister. We all kinda match in red and black outfits!

You can see the van we rented on the left for our road trips, and what seems to be sort of a wreckage behind me.
A lot of trees were cut down and burned. :(


After what seemed to be hours on the road after we officially hit Yosemite (it’s quite big), we arrived at the Yosemite National Park. Filled our tummies with burgers and fries while I was distracted with the squirrels that come and go. They’re soooo cute and they scurry fast! I love looking at them move their tiny noses and grip with their nimble fingers. On another note, does anyone have a good English equivalent for “gigil“?

Mmmm, mmmmm. Adkjhsdjk CUTE
Give in to the temptation to feed one of these and you might end up shelling out for a $5000 fine.

And another cute surprise, we saw Santa Claus in casual! Having his out of winter vacation at Yosemite. So this is where he gets his deers…

My lil cousin & I had to have a picture with him. You know, for Christmas cards…

The view as we walked around the park as the sun was setting.

Someone actually pointed out that I don’t post much photos of myself.. lol.
So maybe these few photos will be good enough to justify my personal blog.

And then another day ends… I love car rides–the changing scenery, on-board snacks, the chance to catch up with friends/family, listening to an iPod while sharing it with someone, shoulder to shoulder and falling deeply asleep until you wake up groggy and sore back home.