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Sunset Photography Tips

Bantayan Island Sunset

Photographs of sunsets make up some of the most spectacular images around. The beauty of sunsets never fade and is appreciated across all facets of humanity, captured by DSLRS, iPhones, DigiCams, film cameras–it is a staple of the average nature lover. However, they can also be rather difficult to capture adequately, getting the lighting and the proportions just right. So here are a few tips to follow for photographers who want to capture that magical moment when the sun is going down for the night and the light is too beautiful, you just want to capture it for forever’s keeps.

Plan ahead: The first and most important thing to do before you set off on a sunset shoot, is to find out what time it will actually happen at. You don’t want to miss that perfect moment when the light is at its most vibrant and likewise, you don’t want to be waiting around for hours in the cold. If you find out the right time, then you can stay in the warmth of your home, playing on Cheekybingo.com until it is time to leave. You should also have previously decided on a good spot to take the photographs from, so that you have a clear view of the horizon and can get your equipment set up in time.

Use different focal lengths: Once you are in position and the light is right, try shooting with different focal lengths. Wide angle shots will allow you to capture an image of the sweeping landscape, showing how the sunset lights up the whole area. However, if you want to focus more on the sun itself, then you will need to zoom in for a narrower shot. I love using my Canon 10-22mm UWA lens for sky and architecture shots (plus wacky distorted alien face shots).

Framing objects and focal points: These can greatly enhance the interest that your photographs possess. Sunsets are a great opportunity to capture spectacular silhouettes in front of it such as the looming, dark form of a tree or a person of interest. You can also frame the image with mountains or hills, creating a pleasing image that will look very professional.

Have fun: In my opinion, it is lovely to take a simple wonderful photo of a sunset. But because I like to be artsy fartsy, I have fun doing composites on it to make for a more interesting and unique photo. The two images you see above are both composites of the same scene but taken from different exposures and angles. Surreal sky shots may not be for everyone, but anyone can surely give it a go.

 Sometimes, I prefer the more peaceful less flamboyant blue setting sun though.

The Making: Caught Up In The Pages

and suddenly we were both in the air, caught up in magic.

I’ve had this idea for so long, even when I was still working an office job but never had the time to do it until I actually resigned. This photo describes how I feel when I’m caught up reading a book, as if I’ve suddenly gained a light supernatural feeling immersed in another realm of impossibilities. I’ve been craving to do something sort of an artistic release lately, since client jobs limit freedom in some sense (altho I’m still very thankful since I learn something new everytime I take on a new project!). I’m sure every artist/photographer understands this need and that’s why doing personal work is so important.

Anyhoo, thought I’d do something fun today by giving a little walkthrough on how I did this! :) It’s been a really long time since I wrote tutorials and I thought of doing more now that I *still* have some free time (main website please do yourself huhu).

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Zee Lifestyle: The Preservation & Fashion Femmes

August 2011 Fashion Issue of Zee Lifestyle.

One of the most challenging editorials I’ve done yet again with my favorite sittings editor and creative director, David Cua. Hello world, meet David!

Sorry, he’s a bit shy. ­čśŤ

If you’ve already grabbed the magazine I think most of you wouldn’t expect this particular editorial to be done by me. The Preservation was a tease on the future of plastic surgery, wherein instead of having the face/body parts fixed, one can just purchase the appropriate part and attach it instead. Meet my lovely humanoid, modeled by the very talented Rogelie Catacutan and face art by Joe Branzuela.

Here’s a little unveiling of the magic for the curious.
Rough draft… And final result.

Each humanoid took roughly 3-4 hours of work… With a lot of tweaking from time to time (coz I’m OC like that).

The beautiful wallpaper is what you see when you visit Anya’s Place. A recently opened studio+decor+bistro. Wanna try a new hang out for a change?

Here’s the creative director in action with the headgear he made himself!!

I feel very blessed to have been able to work with such passionate and talented people. I’m still in the midst of a crossroads but it seems I can’t let this go, photography, will probably always be a part of me. Maybe not commercially, but personally.

Aside from the editorial, I shot two beautiful fashionistas of the Fashion Femmes feature. Be sure to check these girls’ blogs if you like fashion and lifestyle. Warning: These are not your ordinary girls next door.

Raleene Cabrera. 1/2 of the very talented music duo Walkie Talkies and one of the biggest slashies today.

Samantha Elise Benitez. On the running for Elle x Nokia’s The Next Style Correspondent and current FIDM student in LA.