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I wake up so early these days it’s so unlike me, but I don’t mind.

I tell myself I had a beautiful year; 2015 was sweet. I finally graduated from BCIT, with distinction and academic awards I didn’t seriously think I could achieve (thank you Jesus). I look back and realize it’s because of a disciplined attitude I chose to keep way back in high school after reading this verse in the Bible: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” (Colossians 3:23). That, coupled with my love for learning. I’ve always been enthralled by the process of learning new things and skills. Over the years I’ve developed a growth mindset, meaning:  1.) I don’t mind making mistakes or constantly falling (it’s really not that big of a deal if you don’t make it out to be)  2.) I concentrate on enjoying the process and compete with myself instead of others (because I am not comfortable competing against others anyway…)

I find these things so important not just in the pursuit of happiness, but also in the maintenance of psychological and emotional health. I hope to someday nurture this same mentality in my future child/children! I want them to grow up as independent-thinkers, in addition to of course being firm believers in Christ, who believe they can do anything they want as long as they don’t give up. Now maybe some of the skeptics and naysayers might say “Aren’t you encouraging idealistic ambitions in a harsh ever-degrading society? The world is not all sunshine and rainbows.” Yes, I know. But there’s a difference when a child believes he can shoot for the moon, because, yes now you know it, he might land amongst the stars!

However, there’s an essential ingredient to that mix: The ability to accept disappointment.

The more we shelter children from every disappointment, the more devastating future disappointments will be. -Fred G. Gosman


Okay, major sidetrack! Getting back to the round-up of 2015. From last year’s annual post, here’s my checklist:

1. Get a good job that will make me want to wake up early from Mon-Fri.
– Wow. This one is really something… The year before I also prayed that I may get a job I truly enjoy. I honestly thought it would just be wishful thinking, almost impossibly too idealistic, but guess what. I am now working… at a mobile game studio… doing front-end web development work… which I love! I *actually* enjoy my work. It’s crazy I know, but that’s grace!

2. Get a BC driver’s license (commuting wastes so much time huhu)
– I took the road test last Monday but failed :( But rightly so, I took a left on a green light in the intersection and assumed the opposing side was red, which now I realize is from an instinct driving in the Philippines. But it’s alright, I will try again next week! No plans to get a car yet though.

3. Live by myself or with another female housemate in an apartment, preferably in Burnaby or close to my future workplace.
– Wow wow, double wow. This is spot on! I live with a sweet Scottish-Indian roomie downtown, right next to BC Place, Stadium-Chinatown Station and Roger’s Arena. Although it’s not super close to my office, the commute isn’t bad and the location is amazing. I love it when I live somewhere walkable. One time as I was making granola, I realized I lacked oats… Granola without oats, say whaat. So I grabbed my coat, ran down to the nearest grocer, picked up oats and walked back to the apartment, all in 10 minutes? I love it. City-living convenience at its finest.

4. Do the splits (hahaha! This was a small goal I made at the end of 2013. It’s much harder than I thought…)
:( This is a goal that I am unexpectedly taking waaay longer to achieve. Postpone.

5. Learn how to cook better, and consistently make raw vegetarian food. This will be merged with ‘Continue to eat healthy’.
– I can cook vegetarian food better in a sense that they don’t taste as bland anymore so yipee! I have discovered the secret: spices spices spices. Next I should learn how to make real dishes instead of roasted veggies and fried rice/bibimbap style meals.

6. Take more photos and actually make videos.
– Nooope. This has gone downhill. I am planning to sell my Canon 5D Mark ii soon in exchange for a more compact, convenient DSLR-quality camera, such as a Fujifilm XT-1. This is going to be a very difficult breakup for me though… The quality and colors of the 5D are too beautiful to let go.

7. Write more so that I can learn how to express myself better. Hopefully after school I’ll have more time to blog. I really wanna make more helpful blog posts if not creative ones.
– FAIL. lol. I will just take this out entirely and concentrate on making a new blog theme… Now that WordPress has launched its own REST API! I am less apprehensive about the time consumption of making this new theme. Woohoo for ajax calls, good bye PHP-driven WordPress codex.

8. Concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit.
– This process is actually perpetual, until the day I die. So I guess this will be a sticky-goal. *marked* I think this year I need to work on my forbearance and gentleness.

9. Read more books and watch more documentaries.
– Hmm. I am currently reading 2 books. I guess progress wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not great either. Documentaries were less than the year before but I’ve ended up watching for TEDx Talks and classical movies. Whenever I feel meh watching Audrey Hepburn instantly makes me forget the meh-ness.

10. Save enough money for a good investment, and regularly save at least 20% of my salary.
– This starts this year :) I will do my best. In addition to my tithing~

11. Continue to exercise regularly.
– Once I recover from this cold I’m going to enrol myself at… 😀

Things I want to accomplish in 2016:
– Get a BC driver’s license.
– Do the splits (I won’t give up!!)
– Learn how to cook better, vegetarian quick meals. I want to master this type of cuisine.
– Develop a new blog theme using the WordPress REST API.
– Continue developing the fruits of the Spirit: “…love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Galatians 5:22-23
– Read a book every night before I sleep instead of staying on Facebook (ok, cut-off is 8:30PM) and watch more documentaries.
– Have at least $10,000 as savings. Save 20% of my salary. Although I want to save more, my rent is already almost 40% of my salary /cries
– Move out to a cheaper place before the end of the year!
– Exercise regularly and have fun with it! Run with the girls every Sunday, go the gym/studio after work to de-stress.
– Continue my wisdom wall until the very end:
Every morning and night I write Scripture from the Bible so I can instil or somehow remember them into my life. It’s a great thing to do. My sleep is much better when I end my night doing this. Hopefully by the end of the year this wall will be super full of post-its yipee.
– Most prominently I have decided to dedicate this year to the Lord in singleness. I am on, what my friend calls a Nazarite vow. I want to concentrate on growing in my faith and as an individual this year.

Things that happened in 2015:

– Visited my sister, her family and my friends in Alberta! It was so much more fun than I ever expected!
I got to experience dog sledding, snowboard with my friends, see my sister and her family try the snow sports for the first time (I’m so happy the kids had lessons!), go snow shoeing, ice skating….
I am soo happy! Heehee. God is so good. I feel the love and grace overflowing.

– Internship at Flowmarq Creative Inc together with Christina. Thank you Pastor Brian Ho, Jeremy Kwok, Rachel Poon and Alice Huang!
– Developed a digital marketing micro-site, My Mercedes Experience
– Designed and coded my own WordPress-based digital portfolio at www.anneuy.com
– Graduated from BCIT with distinction and academic and achievement awards for Digital Design and Development
– Toured the Electronic Arts (EA) headquarters in Burnaby. I used to be so addicted to The Sims!
– Photographed my first freelance wedding gig at Grouse Mountain
– Photographed my first family photoshoot in Richmond
– Photographed my dear friends, Christina and Ryan’s civil wedding

– Spent my summer in Cebu with family and friends :)
– Trekked all the way up to Osmeña Peak with my high school classmates. The view was amazing! You could see Cebu from east to west!
– Traveled to Manila with Natalie and stayed with our dear friend Karla. Had a blast doing a horror Escape room with the girls and Hazel
– Joined Living Word church’s Young Pro camp at Talamban. It was so fun!

– Toured around Vancouver with family
– Toured around the beautiful city of Victoria (with a sunburnt face)
– Toured around Calgary and Banff with family and Chad + Ian
– Visited Allie in Seattle in the summer when she was still very much preggy :)
– Attended a Paint Nite social session
– Went up to Agassi to see the tulip festival with Kryz Uy, her sister, Jacklyn and their beautiful mom
– Went to Whistler with the ladies from my small group at Willingdon. First photo is epic-level blurry but I think its the only one with all of us…
– Moved out of my dorm… It was so bittersweet
– Moved in to an apartment downtown with my roomie, Rittu Berman. Check out the view from my room!

– And finally, the most impulsive thing I have ever done in my life…. Helix piercing on my right ear.
Okay, quick story and the deal about my piercing. Just a week ago I was attending C3 Church (Sundays 10:15AM at Cineplex Odeon Cinema 8, International Village). All throughout the service there was a mother (one of the many) carrying and soothing her baby in a tula in front of me. She passed me a smile, and I instantly felt a connection with her. As she sat with her head back in front of me, I saw the beautiful blue stud on her helix piercing. I don’t know why, but it made me reflect on SO many things in my life–changes, goals, events, feelings, thoughts… And then it hit me. I want to dedicate 2016 to the Lord and to concentrate on growing as an individual. Just myself and the Lord this year… No potential of a distraction for dating/relationship or any of the sort. Someday I want to be a mother, and I seriously want to prepare for that because in my heart and mind I know raising a child does not come easy– it should be treated very seriously! As of today, I am honestly not sure that marriage is for me or on my radar (if it is God’s will for me then I will receive the blessing gladly), but I am sure that I have been impressed to adopt. Writing this out publicly is now like an unofficial declaration of my intention. All I know is this: I want to give a child a second chance at life, and then when she/he grows up, I hope she/he might be compelled to adopt as well as a way of giving back.

My realizations were so heavy that I felt the importance of solidifying it permanently, and so came the piercing. This way, I will always be reminded that I am no longer the same person as before. I want to be more courageous and strong, but at the same time become kinder and more gentle.


The amazing view from Whistler’s Peak to Peak Gondola. Soo high up in the sky!

It’s now 2015. Wow… Somehow I have an unshakable feeling that this year will be very different for me. I’m both excited and a little nervous, but definitely more excited. Throughout the years, I’ve learned it’s healthier and lighter to my heart to be optimistic about the future and people in general. This year I’ve grown as a young adult and learned more about myself than I have ever before. Living alone and learning to be independent gave me a lot of personal time and space to think about who I really want to be: the values I want to hold and the beliefs I want to keep. I choose to be happy and contented. I have and made real friends, went places, learned about other cultures and witnessed beautiful things I never thought I’d have the opportunity to. I can’t ask for more. God is really really good, and in my life I am blessed to say I have no regrets thus far.


Watching eagles and birds flying freely in their natural environment.

I wish for every young adult to find the same peace as I do now. Nowadays identity crisis seems to be a common experience for people my age. The media is so strong about what they want you to believe in, to make you think you should be this and that, to want and need these and those, to look like him or her, but what do you really want to be? If you were to look outside of yourself for a day, would you be happy about who you’ve become? Maybe on the inside you’d actually want to make a difference by helping others, being extra good to your friends, learning to appreciate even the smallest things, or becoming sweeter and more comfortable with your family. We all wish to become better versions of ourselves. That’s why there’s such a thing as New Year’s Resolutions. But why can’t people just choose to become better every moment they realize they should? Just try and try again, make mistakes, learn from them, be careful next time, and apologize when due no matter the excuses your pride makes.

shannon falls

I’m only human. I make mistakes, but I have only one life to live so I’m going to shamelessly live it to the fullest. Do what I want to do as long as I don’t intentionally hurt people, share beautiful things, make people laugh, let petty offences slide, brush off other people’s unconstructive negativity, and forgive others easily. There’s a saying that always stuck to me since I was a teenager. It went something like this: “You are who you define yourself to be.” If someone keeps saying he’s a loser, he will end up being one and will probably live a “sad” life. Quotations are there because he’s not really living a sad life, he just makes it up to be. On the other hand, if someone believes so strongly that he will succeed in life, he eventually will because that mindset will exhaust everything it takes to get there.

Anyway, I’ll stop here. It’s getting to be more of a reflective post than my annual blog post! Haha. Ok Anne, here were your goals set last year:

1. Graduate from BCIT with honors (if there is such a thing? if not, I’ll settle for just good grades)
– Hmm… Why did I write this? I’m still graduating in June of 2015 not 2014, but I’m marking it as accomplished because I got 2 scholarship awards last month (The BCIT Faculty and Staff Association Scholarship & The BCIT International Student Award)! My teacher said I got the highest GPA in the School of Business so I’m pretty stoked. Surprised and really happy! It truly doesn’t seem like a lot of effort when you study what you’re interested in.

2. Get a job here that I’ll actually enjoy! Wishful thinking… But *OPTIMISM*..!
– Nope. No job yet. Not even legally allowed to work here.

3. Become stronger physically by developing a habit for exercise.
– Wow finally. I feel like this has been a goal for sooo long. Hahaha. I now do pilates every week! I found it’s easier to make a habit by actually scheduling it on the calendar.

4. Continue to eat healthy.
– I won’t mark this off coz I want to keep doing it, and I actually feel like I can still do better.

5. Learn how to cook better, and make raw vegetarian food.
– In all honesty, my cooking is still bland :( Need more practice.

6. Take more photos and learn how to make videos.
– I kinda take more photos than last year… Definitely a slight improvement. Editing and uploading them weren’t consistent in the middle of the year, but at the end I caught up. I need to blog more though. I learned how to make videos in class but I never ended up making one for myself! So moving this again to next year’s goals.

7. Write more so that I can learn how to express myself better.
– FAILED. SO BAD. I need to write mooooooore blog poooosts. The struggle for clarity in my speech is real.

8. Concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit.
– Need to work on this more. :( sigh. Thankful that the Love of Jesus overflows and I can keep on going.

9. Read more books and watch more documentaries.
– I haven’t read as much books or watched as much documentaries in 2014. The last documentary I watched was “Hungry for Change” which I highly recommend!! The last book I read was “How to Pay Less and Keep More For Yourself: The Essential Consumer Guide to Canadian Banking and Investing” by Rob Carrick, recommended by a wise friend.

Count: 2/9. Not impressed with myself at all. LOL. Let it be a lesson though, don’t take yourself too too seriously. I’m still pretty happy with all the general improvement. XD


 Things I want to accomplish in 2015:
– Get a good job that will make me want to wake up early from Mon-Fri.
– Get a BC driver’s license (commuting wastes so much time huhu)
– Live by myself or with another female housemate in an apartment, preferably in Burnaby or close to my future workplace.
– Do the splits (hahaha! This was a small goal I made at the end of 2013. It’s much harder than I thought…)
– Learn how to cook better, and consistently make raw vegetarian food. This will be merged with ‘Continue to eat healthy’.
– Take more photos and actually make videos.
– Write more so that I can learn how to express myself better. Hopefully after school I’ll have more time to blog. I really wanna make more helpful blog posts if not creative ones.
– Concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit.
– Read more books and watch more documentaries.
– Save enough money for a good investment, and regularly save at least 20% of my salary.
– Continue to exercise regularly.

Things that happened in 2014:
– Traveled solo to and from Vancouver and Seattle by train (Amtrak Cascades) and bus (BoltBus). I felt like I was going on an adventure!

Spent a great Christmas with old friends in Washington.

– Went to Whistler to snowboard with Honger friends.

I’m the only Filipino-Chinese girl who can’t speak Cantonese tagging along lol.
I owe one of the best couples in the world, Christina and Ryan, for most of my awesome experiences here in Canada!!

– Created my first hybrid mobile app using Intel XDK. Programmed by me and designed by Christina Chan.

– Invited to speak to the students of St. Theresa’s College (STC), Cebu about my passion for storytelling in photography.

– Completed my first year of studies in Digital Design and Development at BCIT. One year more to go!

– Learned how to create visual special FX (told you I learned how to make videos :P)

– won prizes from a contest by Study in BC :)
– visited my dad’s hometown in Dipolog since who knows how long. For my cousins who are reading this, I owe you this album I’m so sorry for the late upload!!
– visited my hometown in Cebu for 3 months. Made warm memories with family and my boyfriend, and played lotssss of boardgames with my close friends! :)

Cheers to 2015, looking forward to all the goodness and experiences ahead!!

Happy New Year everyone!


snow_feetWaking up to my first snowfall… So magical.

While I am mostly busy with school and mundane tasks here living the solo student life, thoughts of how I should blog and post more photos always cross my mind… Honestly, I’ve been arguing with myself lately. I think I’ve reached the point wherein I could care less about social media. I truly feel that I want to live a quiet life. But on the other hand, I think I’ll eventually go back to doing photography so keeping these would help me in the future. Ah, it’s so confusing….

Anyway, I’ve probably abandoned this blog enough for me to be able to just comfortably talk to myself. So, what did I accomplish from last year’s goals hmm?

In 2013, I planned to

1. Finalize on a direction for my future! Deadline: September 2013
– Wow, thank you Lord! This is the biggest check off my list for last year’s goals. This is exactly why I am here in Canada today. This is exactly why I am studying at BCIT. This is exactly why I am cooking red kidney beans and baking jacket potatoes for dinner (tho hoping they’ll turn out edible, lol).

airport August 24, 2013 – The day I left for Vancouver from Cebu

2. Learn more about web design and get back on it
– I’m currently taking up Digital Design and Development which is a program for website and app development. My final project for Term 1 can be seen on my main domain, www.anneuy.com… But it still needs a lot of work.

3. Travel
– I wasn’t able to travel this year, aside from coming to North America. But I was able to go sight seeing a bit, and head to Seattle coz of my good friend. I guess the most exciting thing I did this year was learning how to snowboard!

snowboard The experience left me with a sore back, butt and hematoma on my knees for days.
But sooo worth it for the sake of awesomeness.

4. Become more responsible and less forgetful! -_-
– This is a half check! Living independently made me more responsible (say yes to chores), but I am still quite clumsy and forgetful with my own things.

5. Read more
– I haven’t read as much books as I’ve wanted…. So this carries on to 2014.

6. Learn how to sew and basic cooking
– If you’ve seen my instagram, I’ve starting learning how to cook and make food for myself!

7. Yoga (lol this is the least of my expectations)
– Ironically, I’ve successfully learned and practiced yoga when it was the least of my expectations! lol.

8. Maybe blog more about helpful things
– Tsk. I’ve barely even blogged!! *resolution out the window*

Despite not accomplishing all the goals I’ve set for 2013, I’m happy. I was able to experience other things that I didn’t expect at the start of the year. I’m more independent and mature, or at least I’d like to think so.

 Things I want to accomplish in 2014:
– Graduate from BCIT with honors (if there is such a thing? if not, I’ll settle for just good grades)
– Get a job here that I’ll actually enjoy! Wishful thinking… But *OPTIMISM*..!
– Become stronger physically by developing a habit for exercise. Continue to eat healthy.
– Learn how to cook better, and make raw vegetarian food.
– Take more photos and learn how to make videos.
– Write more so that I can learn how to express myself better.
– Concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit.
– Read more books and watch more documentaries

Things that happened in 2013:
– Truly concentrated on being a freelance professional photographer in Cebu. I realized that advertising photography is my strength, commercially. I did prewedding photoshoots on the sideline to support myself.
– Worked with Mandaue Foam for two advertising campaigns.

mandauefoam3Mandaue Foam’s Awesummer Sale

– I took photographs for Waterfront Hotel and Casino. My biggest advertising client yet.
– I was featured in Sun Star Cebu’s Weekend section as a photographer.

sunstar“Passion Photographer”, September 2 issue of the newspaper Sun Star

– I met family who I’ve never met before! Her beautiful family lives in Vancouver. I also got to recently meet other family friends. I guess there are quite a number of Filipino-Chinese here in Vancouver from Cebu. Doesn’t make me feel like I’m in such a foreign land at all. In fact, Richmond feels like Hong Kong more than North America… lol.

achigrace With my cousin and her adorable, super smart daughter, Rogan.

– I was invited as a guest speaker at my Alma Mater, University of San Carlos, to talk about Photostories. It was such an honor, and amazing to feel that I gave back as an alumni talking about the personal work I’ve accomplished. I don’t make photostories anymore, but they’ll always be a part of me– fragments of my imagination and heart.
– My high school classmates and I made a time capsule to be opened two times, first when we reach 25 and then at 30 years old. In the time capsule we wrote our goals and dreams that we wanted to accomplish by the time we reach that age. My friend thanked me for the idea, he told me he was thankful that we got the opportunity to dream and set goals together.

classmatesFriendships for more than a decade. It’s nice to have friends who’ve known you since the awkward stages of your life… Coz they’ve already seen your worst and will more willingly accept you for who you are whatever may come! lol

– Shot a sponsored photostory, “Inspired by Human Nature” by a Human Nature dealer. This was later recognized and shared by the company itself!
– Photographed Zee Lifestyle’s May fashion editorial, “Urban Oasis“, directed by David Jones Cua.
– Photographed for The Stylogist’s collections, “Glamour in Detail” and “Lace Garden
– Ran a successful Basic Photography Workshop led by Groupon. This was funny because my friends and family were really surprised to see my name on their email Groupon spam!
– Went on my first out-of-town prewedding photoshoot to Sumilon! It was such a fun experience despite the exhaustion. So worth it though, I greatly enjoyed the lovely couple who sponsored me.
– Photographed the family portrait of the prestigious Pages Family…

port_Pages-Family-118-20…and their awesome husky!

– Joined the Cebu Digital Photographers in the “Seasons of Love” photography exhibit in Ayala Center Cebu which was displayed from February 22-March 3.
– Photographed advertising campaigns for B.R.I.G.H.T Academy and Playhouse Preschool.
– Seriously became flexitarian. I’m LOVIN’ it. I also drink green smoothies while learning how to make raw food. Some of the food I make are on my instagram at @annelorraineuy
– I can’t believe it sometimes, but I’m so happy that I’m now living (semi-)independently. I’ve always wanted to do this before I hit 30. It’s silly, but I feel so good that I’m doing my own laundry and washing my own dishes!
– Dyed my hair back to black, after sporting brown hair for 3 years.
– As of today my Facebook photography page has 7,476 likes, which really surprised me because it went up before I went serious as a freelance photographer. I am so grateful tho, so thank you to anyone who liked my page! Thank you for appreciating my photography :)

blehI almost didn’t make it for my annual new year’s post!! But I did 😛 30 minutes left until January 2. I wish you all a great 2014 ahead, happy new year full of love and joy! 

Kind & Gentle

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a personal post. I’ll take the opportunity now while my heart is still full about this.

Yesterday I met a family that really made me think about life. It made me stop, think and ponder about where I am now and what I might end up becoming. How big all the possibilities of life can be, depending on which road I choose to take and what baggage I bring. I’m blessed to be where I am now, getting to meet many new people all the time in this line of work and learning from each of them. The world is indeed so big. I feel so small, but it’s not a bad kind of small, it’s a wonder kind of small.

With every photoshoot I take comes different challenges, personalities and enjoyment. I’ve met people who each had a different background and view on life and love; other people clearly confused or wandering in constant pursuit for the pleasures of this world, some people firm in their own beliefs or wise enough not to hold on to anything too tightly, and others just living in the moment making their world as small as possible (they worry the least). And most of the time it didn’t matter if they were old or young.

The meeting with the family I was talking about yesterday came very unexpectedly. I declined many times before she begged me so so nicely I lost the heart to refuse. They came from the province with little free time and have a satellite home here just for the protection of their children. So there are lots of dangerous people with ill intentions around our neighboring provinces, most especially down south. But that is another story for others to tell.

It was a special meeting of sorts just to help them with basic photography. I spent four hours with a mom, son and daughter. They were the nicest and sweetest clients I have yet to meet, and considering their worldly blessings the most down-to-earth ever imaginable. It might be just any normal encounter for anybody, but that very normal encounter really made me think about life in general– about how touching it is to me that they remained as simple, humble, kind and gentle despite being so wealthy (and maybe traumatized a little from the dangers), and how their children echoed their mother’s gentleness by their being so grounded despite having all the things they could ever want. What I’m saying is, I witnessed a stereotype being invalidated right before my eyes and it renewed my spirit. Their kindness and gentleness made me feel like butter on a sweet croissant; it made me want to hug them for being such wonderful people.

I know it’s bad to believe in stereotypes, but you have to admit that when you get to meet someone who breaks one, it does renew the spirit! There are many other lessons I’ve learned but it would be too long to enumerate all of them. I’m just really happy inside to meet refreshingly nice people who are sincerely generous and gracious towards others. Sometimes we all need that break when the industry we’re in compels most people to be wild, selfish and world-trendy.

One important thing I do want to share is how children will mostly be the reflection of their parents. This is NOT the case ALL the time, as a disclaimer. But in many cases it is unknowingly true. Try and think about it, is it true in your world?

Kind and Gentle Parents = Higher chances of Kind and Gentle Kids that grow up to become Wonderful People

Of course the kids will have different personalities. But I mean getting down to the nitty gritty (the side most people don’t see at once but is most important), on the inside they will echo the hearts of their parents–whether they saw them as gentle, kind, abusive, prideful, selfish, superficial, hardworking, wanderlusting, etc. So let’s do the world a favor by deciding what we want ourselves to pass on to the next generation, because character building will take a long time to become our nature. And the building process will never end because we can never be perfect no matter how hard we try, we have to keep being open to learning and learning. Right now I know my age group (early twenties) is about trying to find ourselves and what we want to become. This is part of that, of finding ourselves and what traits we want to have. Nobody is born kind and gentle, it will always be a practicing choice. The first step is being kind and gentle to yourself because it opens doors to being kind and gentle towards others.

 Who doesn’t get stress relief from feeding cute birds?

Thank you to my dear sister for this photo and for this particular day with her family. It’s always amazing when animals learn to trust people because we’re the harshest towards each other.


I almost could not make this in time for the first of January! But here I am with a little flu and migraine, ready but feeling sort-of-wimpy to round up what I did for the year 2012… Unexcited because I really feel like I haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I expected to, but I also know I’ve been living more of my life offline which is…. Better? Yes.

So here’s a round-up of what I resolved to do this year from last year’s post:

1. Work on an idea for a business!
– Okay, this one. I actually thought of so many ideas for a business but wasn’t able to start one! Aside from a networking business I did, the conventional businesses from the drawing board of my mind seem too daunting right now… I really want to pursue it, but I know I have to save a lot of money and learn a lot of knowledge for them to be realistically operational. In conclusion, I need time. So, I’ll mark this as accomplished since I just stated that I’d work on an “idea” for a business and not actually realize it. I will get there….. *puts on my best determination face*

2. Travel to a beautiful place
– This year I went to Malaysia and Australia. Australia was beautiful, but I’m feeling it didn’t hit the spot… Maybe this year!

3. Visit my mom in Australia
– Totally crossing this off as super successful! I visited her on her birth month together with Fritz and my sister. First overseas trip Fritz and I went to too. I wasn’t able to fully blog about the beauty of the land down under, but here are a few photos. Thank you mummy and Uncle Geo for the wonderful time! I feel very blessed.

4. Write more stories
– I only wrote one short story last year… But a few on a diary app (that was lost when I accidentally dropped my iPhone in the toilet -_-) were there. Never published but I didn’t mind. Most of the stories are from my every night dreams… It was more like a dream journal; always random, oftentimes emotional, occasionally weird and sometimes inspiring. Altho I know it is a privilege to dream, it gets tiring on days when I just want to rest but rest escapes when I have to be actively taking in things in my dreams.

5. Shoot more photostories
:( This makes me sad. I only did two photostories last year, Rouge Angel, which was incredibly shorter than my usual photostories and Back in December with the sweet Cheryl Pages-Alba. Although I’m still happy about their quality. :3

6. Work on our dream book constantly (perhaps a separate post about this)
– I wasn’t even able to blog about a dream book! TSK. But it is something everyone should definitely start. There are many dreams a person has and ultimately one that they truly want to pursue. Most often we can’t precisely state what it is, but our heart always knows. There are little to no words, only visions and drawings and feelings. For more on dreams I suggest you read “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. There’s an enjoyable parable in the first part that’s unforgettable! Plus it’s a very thin book for those who don’t really like to read. 😛

7. Collaborate with many more passionate people
– I met a lot of great people this year, a lot passionate but starting out still. They inspire me.

8. Get my own domain name
– Oh yeaaah this is accomplished! My simple little portfolio can be seen on http://portfolio.anneuy.com :) And this here blog is birthed from this resolution. Yay!

 Things I want to accomplish next year:
– Finalize on a direction for my future! Deadline: September 2013
– Learn more about web design and get back on it
– Travel
– Become more responsible and less forgetful! -_-
– Read more
– Learn how to sew and basic cooking
– Yoga (lol this is the least of my expectations)
– Maybe blog more about helpful things

Things that happened this year:
– Shot my first Cover for Zee Lifestyle’s February issue featuring Lani Pasquet
– Shot for Dollface Cosmetic’s Spring/Summer Lookbook indoors. Practiced indoor photography here
– Did a Campaign for Sugar Kissed Accessories (wonderful girls and products! best customer service i’ve ever experienced in Cebu)
– Finally tried to do prewedding photography and was given the chance by Kiko and Ana Bautista. They married last 12-12-12!
– Did a conceptual piece with my boyfriend :3 Finally! After this idea so long in my mind.
– Started my one-on-one workshops with Micah, Francis and Sai. (blog posts on these soon)
– Got my own domain name, www.anneuy.com 😉 Now powered by WordPress!
– Went to a medical mission with my boyfriend’s family in Candulawan. It was an enriching experience.
– Shot my first debutante for her predebut shoot
– Quit my IT job at Accenture
– Shot The Stylogist’s “The Lace Garden Collection” (blog post soon)
– Shot for Wafer Models Philippines and designer Barbie Alvez
– Shot for Wafer Models Philippines and This Just In, published on SunStar
– Discovered long lost relatives and shot a model test shoot for my cousin’s daughter
– Photographed my first pregnant mommy and did a heavenly maternity shoot
– I am more active on Instagram! Haha @annelorraineuy
– Shot Dollface Cosmetics Fall/Winter Lookbook inspired by butterflies (blog post sooon)

Wow so many to-dos -_-; But this blog post definitely made me feel better. I did quite a handful of things diay! Heehee. Last but not least, I want to thank my God who makes all things possible! So grateful for another year and for memories with the people I love. Hope everyone else had a good year as well! Cheers to another year to become better and wiser, Happy New Year!

I believe we should always be in search and in pursuit of brighter and wonderful things, just like how the children of the world always find interesting new things out of the everyday norm.