When I first traveled to Japan in 2009, it was the summer after my second year of college. Back then, from hazy memory, my photography interest was just picking up and forming into what it is today. Since then I have realized…

I’ve come to love traveling.

My mother used to always tell me how great it was to be able to experience the sights, tastes and sounds outside the home we were all accustomed to. Travel, travel, travel. She said I would love to for sure.

I think I was quite close-minded though, at first.

But as life naturally ordains it, your parents end up being right one way or another.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination circles the world.”
-Albert Einstein

Back in 2009, this blog had not been born yet. Thus the lack of a Japan 2009 entry (until now). Some of you have probably seen my photos from this particular travel way back, but I wanted to at least have an entry for remembrance’s sake. Japan is a beautiful place and it more than deserves a photo entry. Get ready for a picture spam!

A couple of months after the summer, I was inspired to make a blogspot. Here’s my first entry.

But allow me to end here and let me share photos of a particular adventure quietly this time..

I’d love to go back again someday.