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Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Zee Lifestyle May 2013 Fashion Editorial: Urban Oasis

Last year in the summer, I was tasked to shoot another fashion editorial for Zee Lifestyle under the creative direction of David Jones Cua. If you’ve been following my work, you might remember that I’ve praised him over and over again on my blog every time I work with him to shoot for the magazine. He has a brilliant, young creative mind and it’s a breeze to collaborate with him; I usually end up surprising myself with what I was able to accomplish in terms of artistic photography when I take on a project that’s spearheaded by him!

That being said, I miss these kinds of photoshoots… *sigh*

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

The famous celebrity MAC makeup artist, Jigs Mayuga, and his assistant, Pong Niu, doing their magic on Nicole from Wafer Models

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Jigs is truly a master of his craft, just look at how subtle and translucent, but beautiful the makeup turned out making it look so natural. Makeup that doesn’t change the face, but enhances it.

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

It really impressed me how he and the whole team were so proactive throughout the photoshoot, making sure to check and retouch makeup details here and there, wipe off sweat from Nicole, fix up any strays from her coiffed hair, and even helped with the fit of her clothes. True professionals. I’m hoping to work with Jigs again in the future if the opportunity comes… Because really, who can forget those aqua streaked / electric blue highlights?

We shot at the infinity pool of Best Western Plus Lex in Escario, Cebu, thanks to Ryan Tanchan the hotelier. It was a hot day, as usual in Cebu, which made for the perfect condition in achieving our theme for the photoshoot. Can you guess what it is from the shots? :)

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Well yea, the title did give it away….

This fashion editorial was inspired by desert oases (did you know that the plural form for “Oasis” is “Oases”!? lol sorry, logophile moment)! David particularly stressed how important it was to have that “desert sky blue” in this editorial. I also made sure to emphasize the golden yellow tones of the desert. Side note: as I composed this blog post I always spell “desert” as “dessert” first. Mmm.

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

Sven Chua, headhunter for Wafer Models Philippines, talking to David Jones Cua, Zee Lifestyle Youth Editor

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

 Pong Niu retouching Nicole. This photo struck me when I saw the thumbnail. Nicole’s strong features remind me of those old Greek statues of women (but of course thinner). It’s not a surprise that models look like heavenly beings I suppose.

And guess what, I think she was just 16 years old when I took these photos. I don’t know why I’m always surprised at how my Caucasian-Asian models look so mature for their age. Then again, it’s common for models to start their careers at 16.
Zee Lifestyle: Urban OasisFor that last layout, Nicole’s dad arrived and acted out the supportive father role, even making fun of her and joking around. It’s unusual that I see fathers who are supportive of their young daughter’s modelling careers. Most of the “uncles” I know would keep their daughter in a closet and single for life if they could (but that’s a secret they would never tell).

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

This is an example of how I would be willing to do absolutely anything to get that perfect shot. Even risking serious injury by standing on a high ledge? lol.

But as with all productions, safety measures are taken into account: David held one of the belt loops on my pants and Ryan supervised the model.

Sittings Editor: Shari Quimbo
Creative Director: David Jones Cua
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Fashion Assistant: Lor Yutico
Dresses and accessories: Mia Arcenas
Hair: Gino Fonghe (Matrix Professional Hair & Color)
Makeup: Jigs Mayuga (MAC Cosmetics) assisted by Pong Niu
Model: Nicole Jordan (Wafer Models)
Locale: Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Rooftop Pool

TotalGirl:The New Stars of Style

August 2011 Issue with Emma Watson on the cover.
I went to Manila a couple of months ago to shoot for TotalGirl Philippines again. This time it was going to be for a shorter fashion feature pegged on the looks of Elle Fanning (younger sis of my fave child actress Dakota Fanning), Hailee Steinfield (honestly don’t know her) and Willow Smith (but who doesn’t know her?)
My pretty young models :3
Coincidentally, I’ve worked with Maureen and Denise for the last January editorial of TG this year. They are a breeze to work with just like the last time, having those perfect looks and pearly-white smiles generic in any leading magazine. In short, naturally beautiful and photogenic models of tomorrow. Of course, same goes with half-German darling Ashleigh. 
 Channeling the Retro Fashionista: Elle Fanning

Gracing the Glamourous Girl Next Door: Hailee Steinfield

 Exuding the Fierce Free Spirit: Willow Smith

 And some of you might have gone “I whip my hair back and forth”.

The magazine is still as bright as sunshine and lovely for preteen girls filled with dreams. Whoever does the layout for TG, I give kudos to you! It’s always creative and funky fresh.

Because I needed more space in the tiny hotel room. Anything for that angle!
My photoshoot and child-friendly look achieved by cutting my colored skinny jeans short. I’ve done it to most of mine already since I’m beginning to hate the suffocating feeling of pants. Plus, these half-cut pants (what do you call these formally?) paired with a long shirt make me look quite taller. A simple fashion tip from a fashion nobody like me. 😉
Once again, I’d like to acknowledge the bubbly creative mind behind these shoots, Katsu Modomo. Thank you for the opportunity and for believing in me once again even if I did have some mishaps shooting indoors. I am forever grateful.
Styling: Jacque de Borja of Stylebible.PH
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Assistant: Brian Jefferson Tan
Editor-in-Chief: Shiloah Matic-Ma
 Art Direction: Katsu Modomo
Sittings Editor: Krizette Chu
Production Designer: Genie Ranada-Babista
Make-up: Ria Gamboa
Hair: Borge Aloba for L’Oreal Professional
Models: Maureen Decripito, Ashleigh Nordstrom and Denise Samson
Locale: Manila Marriot Hotel


Unrelated stuff on the table, happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers who also happens to be my dear friend Chip Young! *hearts*
There are a lot of us sharing our birthdays this month. I was thinking about what to blog about for my birthday and came back with no idea. Hmm… Does anyone have any particular questions for me? If so, you can comment below and I’ll try my best to answer them for the heck of it on my birthday. :) Take care everyone!

TotalGirl: Happy Days Are Here To Stay (behind-the-scenes)

TotalGirl’s January 2011 issue.

Last October I got a sweet surprise from TotalGirl magazine. They asked if I could shoot their January 2011 editorial, and of course, I totally said YES!

I flew in for a few days and was picked up by the team to shoot at the La Mesa Ecopark.

Beautiful, beautiful place.

Katsu told me the models were found through a model search they did for the magazine.

Looking at the load of clothes, shoes and accessories made me think how kids can be so fashionable nowadays. Don’t think pre-teen fashion could have been this good when I was younger!

Oh and I have to mention that I was actually starstruck when I met Margaux Romero. She was the fashion editor for Candy magazine for three years. She’s sooo good at styling! This was her first time styling kids.

Shiloah’s super cute trained dog and his trainer.

When I was younger, my mom used to send me magazines and other goodies when my birthday came. The magazines that I got from Australia were Chik, Dolly, Girlfriend and TotalGirl! This was when TotalGirl wasn’t in the Philippines yet (right now Summit Media franchises it here). My mom and I were talking about how amazing it is that I got to shoot for a magazine I used to read as a child. Life~

I posted a few unpublished photos in my facebook page [here]. I was thinking of uploading the editorial but… Nah~ So that you guys can see something new if you actually buy the magazine (go on, your little sister will love you for it!)

It actually rained during the last set thus the impromptu addition of an umbrella.

My favorite from the shoot. I walked sooo far up just to find this spot!

Thank you so much to everyone for the support! Let’s make 2011 great by first putting it in our hearts and minds that we WILL MAKE this year great.

Styling: Margaux Romero
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Assistant: Karla Tan
Art direction: Katsu Modomo
Production design: Genie Ranada
Hair and make-up: Kabbie Rodriguez
Models: Denise Samson and Maureen Decripito


Update 1/15/11:

Got my TG from Katsu today and got a very cute card too! Katsu, I didn’t know you were so creative!!! Hahaha, love your drawing!!

I really hope to work with you guys again soon too. More power to TotalGirls out there!

Chalk Mag July 2010 Chalk Walk + twitter + Facebook page + blogroll.

Chalk Magazine July 2010.
Chalk Walk: Style Down South
(Clockwise from top left – Gillian Uang, me, Jaye Borromeo, Arianna Gajudo, Stephanie Jarina, Khamyl Lee, Shelly Rodriguez, Mary Elizabeth Dumdum, Olga Moriles and Krystle Uy)

I forgot to mention that I’m also a photographer! /facepalm

It was such an honor for me to be featured with these lovely fashionistas! (Btw, if you girls have your own blogs and I’ve failed to link to them here please comment below so I can add them :) Thanks to Lea Ann for this fun opportunity! All these pretty photos in the mag were all taken by her. Visit her blog and show some love~

So because of this feature, I now know the “in thing” right now in the shoe department are nude shoes! If you can notice, I’m the only one not wearing a pair. (Have to remember to look out for some cute nude shoes now) Instead, I’m wearing my overused brown booties from the MademoiselleShop. If you like this style you should go check the shop out. The shoes are seasonal though so I don’t think you can buy a pair like these anymore. Still, it’s really worth checking out if you love those korean style shoes.

Since we’re on the topic of cute shoes, I’d like to share a picture of the first pair of high heel shoes I’ve ever purchased for myself!!

I believe they are called Oxford pumps? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I know they may not look like much but I really love the style! So vintage-y and classical. I would have loved them in monochrome but all they had were these gray ones. Ultimately, I discovered the power of heels when I wore them! So cool how heels make your legs look longer. And yes, I’m actually short. Just 5’2. lol.

In other updates, I recently made a facebook page to place all my public photoworks in. My public account is already full and I can’t accept the remaining requests that are pending… So maybe it was time for me to make this page since an unlimited number of people can take part in it. It really makes me happy knowing people actually enjoy my works. I feel very blessed. I hope you guys will also like it. :)

But to make things fun, you have to look for my remote control in this picture to get to the fan page! =D

You found it!

There it is!

Haha, I think I’m naturally playful and image maps are fun stuff. It’s sad people don’t really use them anymore. Although if your browser isn’t capable of reading it, you can just click here. LOL IKR in the end I just gave the link.

Oh, and I updated my twitter account.

It’s amazing how my fourth and last year in college has given me ample time for my photography to grow. I took these self-portraits one day after class was unexpectedly dismissed early. In this session, I actually realized I like taking photos of other people more than myself.

I’m still in the process of moving my photoworks to the page though. Facebook is giving me a really difficult time with the uploader. Argh…

Lastly, I’d like to announce that I’ve finally put up a blog roll! *points to the lower right*

I’ve always been meaning to do it but you guys know how incredibly forgetful I am… Anyway, Dominique messaged me about a link exchange and that’s how I ultimately got myself to remember to work on it. Go visit her fashion blog, Konichiwear. Such an adorable girl. Hope to work with you soon!

To my friends who have inactive blogs, please message me if you’d like me to put your link down. To my friends who have active blogs who aren’t in the blog roll, please message me your URLs.

There must be an easier way of uploading pictures on Facebook….