February 2012 Design Issue of Zee Lifestyle
(my first cover shoot!)

Months ago I shot for Zee Lifestyle again, this time for a personal feature on Lani Pasquet. Here’s what Island Souvenirs says about her:

“Lani, at the age of 25 has already been around the world. She even lived in a boat for three years — but Cebu is where she found home. Lani is currently the Marketing Head for La Galuche(which means stingray in French), a leading manufacturer of furniture and accessories in Cebu.” Read more…

If I’m not mistaken, this was shot when I was still early on in my programming job… Getting shoots scheduled is quite a hurdle these days since I’m only free on weekends. :( Makes me sad but I’ve learned to just be patient and understanding about it. Currently working on a few things in preparation for a year plus’s milestone. I’m praying it will all go well. I might share some insights when I’m readily capable and credible of doing so. (Hint hint, financial literacy and independence in your youth)

Zee Lifestyle’s talented people: Mikey Sanchez, Katsy Borromeo and David Cua.

Working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine looks quite fun and glamorous but it has its fair share of stress and drama. Zee is a magazine I’ve worked with quite a lot ever since David came in and I’m really thankful for all the opportunities. Too bad I didn’t get a shot of Daneeka, who is currently doing her internship there. It’s always interesting to know what goes on behind the scenes. Makes you appreciate the outcome more.

So here are some of the photos taken at the Crimson Resort & Spa. The weather was dreadful that day. Drizzling, dark and pouring every now and then. We envisioned a bright and sunny shoot so it was a bit difficult since the peg had to take a totally opposite turn. Thankfully, I was able to save the photos again (I hope you think so too). Haha!

Beautiful Lani.

With her brother.

Summer beach vibe on a somewhat stormy day.

And the cover that didn’t make it.

I particularly loved that last shot. We were racing against time as the sun was leaving us second by second, thus the dimness of this particular one compared to the others. I was hoping for a sunset but it never came. But I think the elements created a different mood for it all, unexpected but hey, I actually like it.

Here’s a clearer photo of this beautiful sheer digitally printed paint-splatter dress by Mia Arcenas, a young and talented designer, who is also running for Bb. Pilipinas 2012.

Thank you Mia for being such a good sport and letting us drench your dress for the love of art. :)

Right now I’m packing for my trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Going to Singapore for the nth time, I don’t even feel like taking touristy pictures anymore. I love staying there for even a couple of days since my relatives there are the best! Been traveling to SG alone since I was 18 (unaccompanied minor pass). It’s getting to be like a second home to me.

Vacation with my family for a week = YAY. I miss hanging out with my sister and aunt.. Thank God our vacation leaves are pro-rated. Heehee.