August 2011 Fashion Issue of Zee Lifestyle.

One of the most challenging editorials I’ve done yet again with my favorite sittings editor and creative director, David Cua. Hello world, meet David!

Sorry, he’s a bit shy. 😛

If you’ve already grabbed the magazine I think most of you wouldn’t expect this particular editorial to be done by me. The Preservation was a tease on the future of plastic surgery, wherein instead of having the face/body parts fixed, one can just purchase the appropriate part and attach it instead. Meet my lovely humanoid, modeled by the very talented Rogelie Catacutan and face art by Joe Branzuela.

Here’s a little unveiling of the magic for the curious.
Rough draft… And final result.

Each humanoid took roughly 3-4 hours of work… With a lot of tweaking from time to time (coz I’m OC like that).

The beautiful wallpaper is what you see when you visit Anya’s Place. A recently opened studio+decor+bistro. Wanna try a new hang out for a change?

Here’s the creative director in action with the headgear he made himself!!

I feel very blessed to have been able to work with such passionate and talented people. I’m still in the midst of a crossroads but it seems I can’t let this go, photography, will probably always be a part of me. Maybe not commercially, but personally.

Aside from the editorial, I shot two beautiful fashionistas of the Fashion Femmes feature. Be sure to check these girls’ blogs if you like fashion and lifestyle. Warning: These are not your ordinary girls next door.

Raleene Cabrera. 1/2 of the very talented music duo Walkie Talkies and one of the biggest slashies today.

Samantha Elise Benitez. On the running for Elle x Nokia’s The Next Style Correspondent and current FIDM student in LA.