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One time not too long ago, someone commented on my photography… and why I only shoot girls. I was honestly surprised since I didn’t really shoot only girls. Because, in my defense, I think I’ve shot dogs, food, landscapes, skyscapes, seascapes, architecture and boys too (Royce Gracie should even increment that by a hundred).

Anyway, it wasn’t anything offensive to me but it did give me an idea of shooting men in a photostory. I was like, “Why not?” and tried giving it a go. So after a time of brewing ideas I thought of asking Eddie and Doyzkie for a shoot! A few months after this was how it went…

Full photostory [here]

Models/wardrobe: Edd Buenaviaje & Doyzkie Buenaviaje
Stylist: Gillian Uang

Photos/post-processing: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

I asked Gillian/Yanyan to be the stylist for this shoot but since she’s a pretty girl herself, I asked her to come as a model too. She was a good sport as I directed her with some couple shots with Edd. And I should say she did a great job styling her according to the pegs I gave. I was really impressed with her and the wardrobe the boys had. They brought the whole closet!

Okay maybe not the whole closet… But they brought a lot of tasteful clothes for men.

Yanyan told me of her surprise since she didn’t think men like the Buenaviaje brothers existed here in Cebu.

Yanyan: “Where did you find these guys, Anne??”

She was pointing out that the general male population here are too simple to care about dressing up deliberately. In contrast, these guys actually had great fashion senses! I’m really proud to know them.

Look who came by to support the guys~ Aweee.
Thanks for the behind-the-scenes photos, Nowie!

Putting make-up on subjects means less Photoshop for you.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative that day. It drizzled after a few shots so we kept moving from one place to another. I envisioned a sunset for this photostory but it never happened. :(

I’d definitely wanna try again after the rainy season is over.

I gave Yanyan pegs of the younger boy-next-door look for Eddie.

And the more mature cosmopolitan look for Doyzkie.

Here’s my very pretty stylist as she plays along for a couple shot.

This is the shot in my head that started the whole photostory idea for me.

I honestly didn’t expect that I’d come to fondly post-process this photostory. It was enriching since it was my first real shoot with men as the main subjects. I must say, it is predictably easier shooting women than men tho still, I think it’s important to be able to direct both as a photographer.

I’ve learned to be quiet and listen more lately...

Oh, and if you’re impressed with the styling visit Yanyan’s Lookbook to see more of her looks.

“Proportion is everything.” -Gillian Uang