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The Stylogist: Lace Garden Collection

I have too many overdue posts… T.T I’m sure most of you have already seen this collection from my Facebook posts and portfolio site, so sorry for the untimely blog post (read: 4 months old!) Lately I’ve been busy with a lot of advertising and commercial works, plus a 3-day prewedding shoot at Sumilon and other things… My domain name is also set to expire next month so I have to do something about that. Above all things, Thank You Lord for a lot of work opportunities! I am a super happy girl contented with life right now. *happy dance*

Pearl from Dolled Up Makeup Supply & Studio did the makeup for this collection once again.

I was really impressed by how she made different natural looks that all complemented this dainty floral theme. So pretty! <3

Click to read more about this photoshoot~

Rotary Club: Candulawan Medical Mission

Hello pretty little girl eating Skyflakes biscuits

On the first of December I woke up early to take photos for the Rotary Club International (as a favor to my boyfriend’s mum whose heart belongs to these kinds of activities). We went up to Candulawan greeted by colorful flags and many people, mostly little ones. It’s not my first time to something like this as CWTS has also given me similar opportunistic experiences. This time it is a breath of fresh air that this barangay in the south is well taken care of, particularly, in comparison to others. Private sectors such as the Rotary Club give generously without receiving anything in return, something our high government should have done since the beginning of its conception. The citizens themselves have to pick up and continue the job to sustain each other, while corruption seems to be an incurable long-sustained pandemic genetically and hopelessly ingrained into Filipino culture.

a little hand and a thankful smile

for rice porridge


lady soldiers

being careful

government vehicle

best buddies

queuing for blood pressure

young and wild

first time in a long time to see clearly again

holding prescription glasses, finally

waiting for

lining up for medicine. fritz is there beside the door waiting for me, watching the feet of the diabetic man dying and decaying alive. he holds his stick tight.

a little boy making sure to eat every bit of rice porridge

leaning on his world, his mama

saying hello

rotary members dancing with the children

a woman diagnosed with internal bleeding

until now I’m not sure what was wrong with this little girl’s skin

innocent eyes and quite scared of new things so he holds his mama and brother

i did not know governors had their own calendar

going around and making sure there are no problems

Singaporean delegation giving out Dunkin’ Donuts. She was smiling the whole time

the woman diagnosed with internal bleeding needed to be sent to the hospital, with a younger girl and baby in tow

a lady soldier comes out of the comfort room inside the classroom and uses the pail of water to flush the toilet

little girl staying inside a classroom

math at public schools

growing up

Christmas lanterns decorated in the classroom, welcoming the festive season

Tis the season to count blessings, be thankful and give munificently! If you’ve learned something new or insightful this particular month, I’d like to hear about it if you wish to share below. Only a few more hours until Christmas, world. God bless us all~

Mia Annarose Lu | Debut!

During the first week of November, I got to shoot my first debutante. I like these photoshoot fads that developed lately –maternity, newborn, debut, birthday, prewedding, postwedding, anniversary, couple, family photoshoots… And even the non-occasional for-keeps-sake photoshoot! Once my Aunt heard about how “weird” my job is, she shook her head against a new generation and said, “Tsk. What an unnecessary expense.” So Chinese, I know. Haha! But I could only laugh and keep my thoughts to myself, since I thought these were, on the contrary, priceless ways to keep and share memories.

Most of the time it is tempting to think of a person who does a photoshoot as immediately vain. But as my experiences unfolded and clients came, I realized that these people are also blessed to think ahead of themselves: showing future grandchildren beautiful photos of themselves during their prime youth (like a debut awkward or not) or future children discovering photos of mommy and daddy beautiful and handsome and passionately in love and seemingly forever young (like couple shoots to help stop a divorce). Or reminding your spouse of the love that brought you both together when he sees your first baby’s photos (like maternity shoots since I heard the first baby always immediately creates a magical bond) and maybe candid fun photos of childhood tearing up mom and dad on their daughter’s wedding (like a family shoot where everyone actually gets to be together in one place at the same time).

Metamorphosis of a girl into a woman.

Photos can transcend time and bring back feelings and memories and songs and visions. This is mostly why I like photographing even the most mundane things so much, like the ice cream my dad gives me on a Sunday to my boyfriend’s first cake on our anniversary, and how I prefer candid photos as to posed ones. I’ll stop here coz I’m getting sentimental T_T I did not plan this when its supposed to be about Mia’s predebut! lol

Back to earth. So it was my first time collaborating with the gorgeous Divine Tayrus, and what do you know, she’s so talented and nice as well! And then there’s my favorite run-to crush-ng-bayan stylist, Charmaine, who blogged about this too. 😉

Mia having her makeup done by Divine.

Charmaine readying the outfits she prepared for Mia.

All outfits styled by Charmaine are always from South Shores! They have really beautiful clothes in so many types. I’ll list the branches of South Shores below at the end of this post coz you definitely need to check them out!

Thankfully the weather was kind to us that day and here are some of the photos:

Every time I action an assistant to help me with photos like these, I always get the “Oh yes. The signature Anne Uy hair flip.” Tsk, I love my assistants. They know me well and immediately know what to do.

Girls always look good in a garden full of flowers.

I choose enchanting and romantic to be my elements. :3

Golden trees in Cebu FTW. 😉

I wanted to inject a bit more fun and color in some photos coz Mia’s debut theme was decided to be “Candy Land” a few days before the shoot came… Which totally didn’t match the initial pegs so, yeah. This is why I used magic to create a candy ombré dress.

And this one particularly gave me Christmas vibes, I don’t know why..

Maybe it’s the green and red. Check out the details on her makeup! :)

Thank you to Divine who doubled as reflector assistant as well as Charmaine who helped with everything else (i.e. telling jokes to make Mia laugh). Mia for being patient with me when Celestial Garden caretakers tried to stop the shoot and shoo us out. I always have to negotiate and plead with them. :(

MUA: Divine Orlina Tayrus
Stylist: Charmaine De Leon
Wardrobe: South Shores
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

If you’re interested in a photoshoot of the like, please email your intention  to contact[at]anneuy.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can do gift photoshoots as well for Christmas. ^-^

As promised, here are the brances where you can find South Shores around the Philippines:

Upper Ground Level – SM City Cebu
Second Level – SM Consolacion
Second Level – J Centre Mall
Ground Floor Level – Parkmall
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Dumaguete
Lower Ground Level – SM Iloilo
Second Level – Gaisano Ormoc
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Tacloban
Ground Floor Level – Robinsons Gensan
Second Level – SM Gensan
Second Level – Gaisano Surigao
Second Level – Gaisano Osamis
Second Level – SM-CDO
Upper Ground Level- SM Davao Ecoland

Hello, CMYK Dessert House

Drop by at one of the newest dessert houses here in Cebu, CMYK! Owned and conceptualized by the famous blogger Lea Ann. This is a great opportunity for followers to meet and greet her in person. :)

This is also the location where I shot The Stylogist‘s Lace Garden collection! Back before the blue, yellow and blacks were painted around, I transformed a part of the dessert house to look like…

Etude House? Kind of. Heehee. Baby pink and white and tule and bears and flowers and pristine vintage artifacts all go so delicately well together. More photos from this collection this month! I have a lot of scheduled posts this December due to the last post (I decided it to be on top of the blog for a whole month since it was sponsored)

So back to the goods… As we browsed through the hand-made menu, Fritz happily made himself comfortable and ate loads of complimentary golden coin chocolates. I already ate lunch so I wanted some dessert. There were a looooot to choose from which was daunting at first.

In the end I gave in to a simple looking chocolate layered dessert, called a Letour. Fritz being a food aficionado himself, was impressed at how the layers perfectly cut through. It was not too sweet and was quite good actually, mostly reminding me of fancy hotel desserts. Fritz ordered a spicy ramen which immediately made me think of pancit! He said it was really good when complemented with the poached egg. I enjoyed eating it until I couldn’t take the spiciness anymore. My spicy tolerance level is quite noob. It’s a special simple yummy Ramen, definitely!

You may be wondering, “Why CMYK?” Well, make that your ticket to ask the approachable owner herself. She will gladly answer you with the enthusiasm of a photography lover.

So so so much choices as you can see (and more that you can’t see). Excited for my next visit coz I want to try all the other desserts. It doesn’t help that their Facebook page keeps popping out yummy photos of them either!

Congratulations to the talented Lea Goes On! Pwede namu maminyu!

CMYK Dessert House
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Waterfront Drive, 6000 Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
+63 922 857 7657

Welcome to Cebu, Comfit Shoes

Now in Cebu, Comfit! Now there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style when styles are a motley of choices and the prices need not break the bank.

Even the store looks so pretty and enticing. Come on in and let’s take a look together~

The first thing I noticed about the shop was not the shoes, but the interiors itself and how everything was presented. No holding back on the interior design! I also liked it that the sales lady didn’t follow me everywhere I went even though I spent more than the usual time there waiting for Daphne. Zealous salesladies make me feel pressured to buy something so I often just walk out when I notice one. lol

Look at those little details on the table! Totally complements the pretty classic styled shoes. :3

And did I mention the campaign photos are oh so wonderful as well? The first time I saw it I totally stared in admiration and awe for a good few minutes. I wish I could shoot something like that someday (in a studio of my own) *dreams* ^_^

Accessories to complement your shoes

Something that caught my eye, but now I’d rather pick the one beside it. I like the simple styles.

With the mother embodiment of all the cuteness in the shop, Daphy. It’s always a breath of fresh air talking with her. I don’t know why but I feel like the world is so innocent and happy when I’m able to talk with Daphy. XD She just gives off that kind of vibe! One of the nicessstttt girls I know really. God bless and more power to Comfit and J Centre Mall!

2nd floor of J Centre Mall
165 AS Fortuna St. Mandaue City, Cebu