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I will develop this ritual of writing an entry every year to commemorate the events and feelings during my birthday.

Reading my entry last year, I think nothing much has changed within me.

And yet there are so many new things I have and feel about the world outside of me, that are wholly absent compared to last year.

I feel even more thankful to be alive; blessed that I am able to realize such things and be with such people at such times. Yes, you know you are fortunate to have true friends when you feel that they can make your heart burst inside of you.

As usual, I took out my birthday from Facebook because I didn’t want to make a big fuss about it. And I like it that it narrows the people down to a list of those who really matter to you. So thank you to every single one of you who wished me well and gave me warm greetings today. *hearts*

This year is the first year that I didn’t celebrate my birthday with a party. I thought about it well and asked for a special gift instead (will tell you guys about it soon enough!). Yesterday we had a small lunch gathering at home with a few members of the family. The food was great! My aunt really knows how to cook well despite her just experimenting and all. I could eat the left overs for the rest of the week. lol.

Wearing red on your birthday to wish the birthday celebrant well.
Somehow this was instilled in us ever since we were little and I’d always have trouble finding something to wear.

So post-celebration, I felt contented knowing the next day was to come normally like a usual Monday. However, I woke up startling at the strokes of 2AM and 3AM by the two bed-side alarm clocks furiously ringing in the early morning of my birthday! I was so puzzled as to how that could possibly happen because it honestly felt like such a practical joke.

And then I remembered the kids! They were playing with the alarm clocks because they enjoyed the loud noise and accidentally left it set to alarm. Oh yeah, I got a good birthday gift from them this year.

The day came and I crammed school and work, as usual…

Lunch came and my friends surprised me, unusual!

Thank you Alexa, Janine, Natalie, Mikko, Chippy, Nathan, Ahiya, Mara, Fritz and Chang for making my birthday memorable!

I really cannot describe how thankful I am for friends like you guys.

Jon, the brother I never had. It was very sweet and thoughtful of you to do this for me. You are always looking out for me. Thank you for the years of love.

Jai, you may act mean and a bully by default but you’re the friend who never fails to be there for me, be honest with me and surprises me with hidden kindness.

Mik, always the cheerful and bubbly friend you need. Thank you for the transparent friendship and all the great laughs and candid talks on life and everything else big and important. I appreciate you so much and normal school days wouldn’t be as fun without you!

Chip, the person I go to when I need that word at the tip of my tongue or when I need a straight conversation about life paradigms. Thanks for the undeniable, rich and valueful friendship we have.

Nat, the ever amiable bestfriend. In bisaya, “way libug“. Hahaha! You’re always easy to get along with and your innocence is always refreshing.

Nathan, boy genius/really-nice-straightforward-guy-who-gives-me-straightforward-advices. Just so you know, I appreciate it. Thank you for ImagineFX, the cake, lunch and being able to use your house for photoshoots. You are the guy who surprises all of us the most these days. As Mikko has said, you pretend not to care but in actuality you do. Just so you know, we appreciate that too and we praise your good heart. Thank you for everything, I really can’t thank you enough.

Alexa, the ever so beautiful girl with the sweetest voice. She was like a mother figure to me when I was in high school. Continue to grow beautifully in the Lord. You are loved by us all, even by the one who bullies you the most (ehem, ehem. Oh hai Jai).

Mara, sigh, where do I begin? This woman has a very kind and sweet heart. She’s my undeniably super biased friend who’s been there thick and through. Thank you for everything, Ma! You are always loved. It’s a real blessing to be able to know you.

Fritz, is the loser and dork of the universe. He’s the guy-est guy I know thus far and still has that childish innocence little boys have when they play with swords and pretend they can conquer the hearts of the world. He’s a great friend who connects with me in a twinship way, and it’s only been a year since we’ve gotten to know each other.

And to the rest of my friends and family, you know you guys mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Blew on my photoshopped candle.


Happy birthday to me~

I’m now on chapter 2 of my life. Most may shudder at the fact of leaving teenhood, but I’m actually relieved in a way. Being a teenager is so last season~ XD


I just think I wanna grow up now… For some reason. Whatever reason that may be in my subconscious.

I feel so grateful for everything I have, especially my wonderful friends and family.
My parents are really the best in the world!
My friends are sooo awesome; they’re so nice, smart, funny and loving.
I’m really proud of the friends I have chosen. For me, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
Not just best, but wise.
Most of all, God is still so faithful and will be forever faithful.
It is all because of Him that I draw inspiration to smile and live life happily!
I am really blessed. I cannot thank Him enough. I value everything I have so much, I hope I learn to take care of them better…

Thank you to all who greeted me on facebook and thru text! I haven’t been able to reply to every single one yet coz I got tied up with the business. [new uploads here!] But I really appreciate all the greetings. So thoughtful of all of you! Especially since I purposely took out my birthday from facebook. :))