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WAGW: Vintage Sophisticate

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models: Alex Lorenzana & Ayana Jimenez
concept/styling/wardrobe: Kryz Uy of WAGW
make-up/hair: Sherwin
photos/lighting/post-processing/direction: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

I have to say this has been one of the funnest challenges in photography I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from this particular job, plus experience points for me in fashion photography. As all of you may notice, I have made more conceptual shoots than fashion ones so shooting a catalog this way was something entirely new to me.

For one, I was able to borrow John‘s lighting stuff (triggers and flash) to give a go at being the lighting master myself. Thanks loads btw for trusting me with them, Borga guy!

Secondly, this photoshoot entailed me to shoot 50 outfits as fast as I could! I remembered the last fashion shoot I had with Details ByDetails which took 8 hours/5 outfits and said to myself that I’d try to make things faster for everyone. XD

I had fun directing both Ayana and Alex in relative to the standard with the pegs Kryz gave me. It wasn’t difficult at all since they were both so good at posing and projection!! I was really happy I got to work with such a great team.

Stylist and model Kryz had all the accessories laid out on the table for easy reach.

Overall, I think it went well. We started shooting at 10AM and ended at around 3:30PM if I’m not mistaken. Five hours/50 outfits is now my newest record! Haha

Set-up behind the scenes. Alex was still having her make-up and hair done.

As with the theme, I just have to say that it’s such a funny coincidence that both Kryz and Yanyan’s themes for me have the word “Sophisticate” in it. When I asked Kryz for their name on the set, I immediately told her, “You and Yanyan are really bestfriends. I shot ‘Chic Sophisticate’ for Yanyan and now I shot ‘Vintage Sophisticate’ for you.” Hahaha! But turns out her sister, JackKaye was the one who chose the name though.

Ayana looking like some hot doctor during World War II.

And I have to admit that I had one of those “what a small world” moments with Kryz. My older sister and her eldest sister were actually seatmates during high school since we both have the same family name “Uy” and seating arrangements were by last names. I showed my sister how Kryz is now and she was like, “Wow she’s all grown up already! I remember her when she was so cute and little with the bob cut.” Aweeee..

Perhaps Rose knew she was about to enter Titanic and tell a tragic story.

You can order all the outfits online [here] but you can also find them in all What A Girl Want outlets nationwide: Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, LimKetKai Cagayan de Oro & Robinsons Galleria Metro Manila. Oh and like their facebook page [here]!

If you still don’t find any reason to go to a WAGW boutique, I have to tip you that they’re actually having a BIG 75% SALE starting tomorrow til October 31! And if that’s not amazing enough, if you visit and print out the coupons on Kryz‘s and Yanyan‘s blogs, you’ll get another PHP100 off. Awesomesauce.

Last but not least, belated happy birthday to the sweet, pretty and kooky Ayana Jimenez! She turned 18 last October 2. *hearts~*

Spot the secret artillery.

Chic Sophisticate for Detail ByDetails.

Mind tricks on you.
Full FB album [here]

model: Ayana Jara Jordan Jimenez
make-up/photography/post-processing: me (Anne Lorraine Uy)
hair/stylist/wardrobe: Gillian Uang of Detail By Details
jewelry: Neil Felipp San Pedro
lighting master: John Borga assisted by Germaine Uang

Special thanks to the Garcia family for venue shoot! They’re really sooo nice and I owe them so much for their support and hospitality. They have the most awesome place. It’s in the same compound where I shot Fragile, my geisha shoot.

So yes, I skipped work again for this! HAHA But of course, I made up for it by doing over time. I’m almost through with my 350 hour requirement to complete my OJT. Can’t wait! Being assistant project manager is cool, but sometimes it gets kind of stressful.

First off, make-up care of me again. For this shoot I imagined a sophisticated mature look for Ayana. I wanted to make her look more mature since she’s only 17 years old. To emphasize her beautiful brown eyes, I opted for a gold shade to bring out her eye color and a gray/blackish shade to define the eye shape. While I was doing Ayana’s make-up, Yanyan did her hair.

First photo by Yanyan and the second by John.
I only had one shade of foundation so it made her face whiter, but I balanced it with lots of bronzer. On the second photo Ayana kinda looks scared of what I was doing. But I assure you she loved the make-up after I was through.

On another note, I need a make-up bag! I buy lots of make-up for my concept shoots but I don’t have a proper place to put them in. Must scout for one when I’m abroad. Probably cheaper there. And oh, after this shoot, I can further prove that anyone who knows at least basic painting can do good make-up! I’m no expert but I think the make-up turned out good enough.

She’s still so young. Modeling can totally be an option for her coupled with her super sweet and nice personality.
We first stayed in the living room and took a few shots of the first dress. John tried strobing at first but later on I decided that natural light would be best. And I miss shooting with natural light too. It was fine to rely on the sun at this time since it was still around 4PM. So we used the interiors of the house until it got a little dark.


I absolutely love Nike’s (Neil Felipp) jewelries! This one here is from the Cleo Collection.
There’s a white version that I prefer more though. So beautiful.

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It’s really amazing how we can all pull of something like this with our age. I’m really impressed by how there are so many young and talented people around Cebu. :) Watch out Manila! Lol, just kidding.

People are probably wondering how I conceptualized this so I’ll share my inspirations for this shoot. I actually wanted to do something like this since I saw the Vivien shoot of Yoon Eun Hye last year. And yes, she’s my ultimate girl crush! Love everything about her. Such a talented young woman with an amazing personality.

But the pegs I gave for Yanyan weren’t the ones there of course (since that’s a lingerie ad). My pegs were of Yoon Eun Hye’s recent shoot for Cartier Korea. Thus having jewelry as an edge was also thanks to Neil. I also gave Ayana a video to study for the poses I wanted her to do. Heehee. It’s easier to give out your directions when the model already has an idea of how it looks like.

The ultimate chameleon Korean model/actress/singer/dancer, Yoon Eun Hye.

I also realized how convenient having a stylist is. My definition of a stylist would be – someone who runs around and tries to find all the clothes for you! Also, she would be someone who has awesome fashion sense and knows all the trends and styles of today. Amazing and cool really. I think Yanyan could be the young Liz Uy of Cebu. She’s so good at it!

After a while of shooting at the living room, we then proceeded to the building a distance away from the house. Took a few shots of the lower ground since the chandelier was too beautiful to miss. I got ready with my props (500 sheets of bond papers from National Bookstore lol) and told everyone to go up the seventh floor.

A shoot will never be complete without me having my model do a hair flip.

Precariously perched. But don’t worry, there were a lot of us ready to catch her.

Ayana brought her friends with her during the shoot too. How cute and supportive they were. :)) Yanyan brought us donuts to eat during the break. I initially planned this shoot to only last for 3 hours but it actually went on for 5 hours. I think I get carried away a lot when I’m in the zone.

I’m still not comfortable with the idea of using Elmer’s Glue for lash glue though.
The people at CAFA are really something. Resourceful would be an understatement.

Since I immediately met up with everyone after school, I didn’t bother changing at all. Because again, I really planned this shoot to be kind of quick since I was supposedly gonna bring Ayana back to school at around 5PM for dance practice. But later on she said she decided to skip it, so the rest of the day was dedicated to ByDetails then. I also realized it was difficult to have a quick shoot when there are five outfit changes.

Thanks John for the behind-the-scenes shots.
Argh, uniform.
While I was shooting Ayana, I remembered a scene that I really wanted to take and discussed it with Yanyan to help me explain it to Ayana. It involved her having to sit on the table though. I was really really relieved we didn’t destroy it even with both Ayana and I on it, or else I would’ve died on the spot thinking of how I’d be able to repay my friend.

All the scrap paper here are now used to print the slides for my midterms next week. lol.

I have further plans for shots like this in the future since I was kind of limited this time.

And this is probably how every student will feel after midterms!

I’m really thankful I was able to work with such a wonderful team in this shoot. Yanyan, Germaine and Nike helped with the throwing of papers in the shots above! John was great with lights as usual and my friend’s super cool place was undeniably photogenic.

And by the way, this seven story place is for RENT! Probably more appealing to foreigners though so contact me if you find anyone interested. It’s also possible to rent it as office space since there are a lot of floors.

Gillian (Yanyan) Uang, me, Ayana Jimenez and Neil Felipp (Nike) San Pedro.

I know Yanyan already shared this but it was really funny that the three of us had Yan as nicknames. Yanyan, Yan and as for mine it’s derived from Ariane. That’s my real given nickname (not Anney) but only my relatives and really close friends call me that. :) So a person going “Yan!” would probably make the three of us turn around. Haha.

After all this, congratulations to Yanyan for By Details‘ 25-minute sold out on all the chic clothes above! Watch out for the next four photographers to deliver the shop’s next collections! This would be featuring works from Paolo Manalac, Armand Alforque, Lea Ann and Hannah Bacalla.

These shots are just a handful from what I post-processed though. The rest can be found on my Facebook like page but some I’m keeping for a probable video experiment I’m going to do on my spare time.

So enough with my hobbies for a week while midterms keeps me occupied. I’m leaving for Hong Kong and China next week right after too so I’ll be back with photos from my travel again~ Cheerio!