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Zee Lifestyle: Lani Pasquet

February 2012 Design Issue of Zee Lifestyle
(my first cover shoot!)

Months ago I shot for Zee Lifestyle again, this time for a personal feature on Lani Pasquet. Here’s what Island Souvenirs says about her:

“Lani, at the age of 25 has already been around the world. She even lived in a boat for three years — but Cebu is where she found home. Lani is currently the Marketing Head for La Galuche(which means stingray in French), a leading manufacturer of furniture and accessories in Cebu.” Read more…

If I’m not mistaken, this was shot when I was still early on in my programming job… Getting shoots scheduled is quite a hurdle these days since I’m only free on weekends. :( Makes me sad but I’ve learned to just be patient and understanding about it. Currently working on a few things in preparation for a year plus’s milestone. I’m praying it will all go well. I might share some insights when I’m readily capable and credible of doing so. (Hint hint, financial literacy and independence in your youth)

Zee Lifestyle’s talented people: Mikey Sanchez, Katsy Borromeo and David Cua.

Working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine looks quite fun and glamorous but it has its fair share of stress and drama. Zee is a magazine I’ve worked with quite a lot ever since David came in and I’m really thankful for all the opportunities. Too bad I didn’t get a shot of Daneeka, who is currently doing her internship there. It’s always interesting to know what goes on behind the scenes. Makes you appreciate the outcome more.

So here are some of the photos taken at the Crimson Resort & Spa. The weather was dreadful that day. Drizzling, dark and pouring every now and then. We envisioned a bright and sunny shoot so it was a bit difficult since the peg had to take a totally opposite turn. Thankfully, I was able to save the photos again (I hope you think so too). Haha!

Beautiful Lani.

With her brother.

Summer beach vibe on a somewhat stormy day.

And the cover that didn’t make it.

I particularly loved that last shot. We were racing against time as the sun was leaving us second by second, thus the dimness of this particular one compared to the others. I was hoping for a sunset but it never came. But I think the elements created a different mood for it all, unexpected but hey, I actually like it.

Here’s a clearer photo of this beautiful sheer digitally printed paint-splatter dress by Mia Arcenas, a young and talented designer, who is also running for Bb. Pilipinas 2012.

Thank you Mia for being such a good sport and letting us drench your dress for the love of art. :)

Right now I’m packing for my trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Going to Singapore for the nth time, I don’t even feel like taking touristy pictures anymore. I love staying there for even a couple of days since my relatives there are the best! Been traveling to SG alone since I was 18 (unaccompanied minor pass). It’s getting to be like a second home to me.

Vacation with my family for a week = YAY. I miss hanging out with my sister and aunt.. Thank God our vacation leaves are pro-rated. Heehee.


I must admit, I thought I’d accomplish more things this year. But looking back, I think I’ve done the best I could. Some of the most important life milestones happened for me this year and I think they’ve been more meaningful.

Rounding up from last year’s post, here are some of the things I can actually mark off:
1. Upgrade my camera body (currently having a Canon 350D)
-Oh yea! I now have my 5D Mark ii buddy with me on shoots, although after each one the firm grip gives me hand allergies. Talk about suffering in love.

2. Finally graduate with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Information Technology
– I did and did so making my family proud. Yay! So glad to finally be done with academics. Although I am thinking of going into a more artsy-fartsy specialized course… Hmmm.

3. Travel more
– Satisfactory. I feel immensely blessed to be able to tour around America. It is a beautiful country. Also, I’m officially able to travel to Manila and Singapore by myself anytime I need so. Independence is sweet.

4. Work outside the country
– Wasn’t able to do this. :( Decided not to push through with my photography apprenticeship in Singapore because it just wasn’t worth it. Tried to get an IT job instead but I lacked the experience… So, that only means there is another path for me. I hope to find it soon! :)

5. Take more editorial jobs
– This I have accomplished many thanks to David Cua from Zee Lifestyle (Cebu) and Katsu Modomo and Shiloah Matic-Ma from Summit Media’s Total Girl magazine (Manila). Thank you for all the opportunities! I am forever thankful.

6. Read more (I currently have like five books in queue)
– Noooo! I think I’ve only finished reading two books this year. 😐 The most recent one being “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bo Sanchez which is a very light and good-hearted read. I keep a copy on my office desk so I don’t lose myself in the monotonous work pace and dullness of a concrete space.

7. Learn how to be independently financially stable
– This is a half slash because I’m getting there… Slowly, but surely. I tend to over budget or under budget at times so I’m still trying to find my own personal way of handling money. I tend to splurge more on food and gadgets/camera stuff than clothes and shoes anyway so it’s probably… Not so bad? Or maybe bad for my fashion sense.

8. Drive better
– This is a year where I’ve actually drove the least. But I can safely crush this out because I’ve driven on a stick-shift and not crash or anything. Not even a scratch or dent. Hee.

9. Learn how to quote on service fees better (For now this is my ultimate weakness)
– Hmm… A lot better than last year, yes. So I guess I can mark this off but it still remains to be practiced.

10. Facebook less
– I hate you! So distracting and entertaining. :)) I wait for the day I tire of Facebook.

11. Write more
– I have actually written a lot more than last year, more stories than blog posts in my secret writing haven. I don’t think they’re any good so I’m not yet ready to reveal the URL. But I think I saw two people I didn’t know follow me, so I wonder how they found it. It’s amazing how some people really know their way around the Internet.

12. Learn how to cook real meals
– Oh nooo. This is probably the least achieved on the list…

13. Dress up more often (not really necessary but it would be nice)
– Maybe I can do this next year.

Things that I want to accomplish next year :
– Work on an idea for a business!
– Travel to a beautiful place
– Visit my mom in Australia
– Write more stories
– Shoot more photostories
– Work on our dream book constantly (perhaps a separate post about this)
– Collaborate with many more passionate people
– Get my own domain name (still thinking about a good one. maybe my full name would be too long for a dot com)

Things that happened this year :
– First editorial, Happy Days Are Here to Stay, published for January 2011 Fashion editorial for Total Girl Magazine
– Shot the Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign for DollFace Cosmetics
– Shot the Summer 2011 Campaign for Mejia Bespoke Shoes
– Shot the June 2011 Fashion editorial for Zee Lifestyle, The Callithump
– Collaborated with The Humanizer for The Male Factor 2011 exhibit
Graduated from university as Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology
– Underwent LASIK to correct my vision
– Shot one of the fashion editorials, The Preservation, for the September 2011 Zee Lifestyle fashion issue
– Shot Raleene Cabrera and Samantha Benitez for Zee Lifestyle’s Fashion Femmes
– Shot three Prefall 2011 Campaigns for What A Girl Wants, Paramanesia, Full Circle and Anonymous
– My shots for Ink’d Tees was around the booth at IT park during the bazaar
– Traveled around America with family
– Got my first ever job at Accenture
– This blog, Her Soliloquies, got published on the Nokia Ovi App site thanks to Charles Julius Tan from Nokia Philippines
– Participated in The Nonsense Society’s awareness film with other artists from around the world
– Collaborated with Cebuano Tours for my photostory, Cleopatra’s Blood Siren
– Shot Lani Pasquet for the January 2012 personalities feature for Zee Lifestyle magazine (to come out next month marking my first cover shoot! So excited!)
– Decided to participate in Artists Wanted’s Year In Review Contest. Please vote for me here!
– And last but not least (beware beware, cheesiness alert), I found a love that’s here to stay forever… :)

Happy New Year to everyone around the world.

Zee Lifestyle: The Preservation & Fashion Femmes

August 2011 Fashion Issue of Zee Lifestyle.

One of the most challenging editorials I’ve done yet again with my favorite sittings editor and creative director, David Cua. Hello world, meet David!

Sorry, he’s a bit shy. 😛

If you’ve already grabbed the magazine I think most of you wouldn’t expect this particular editorial to be done by me. The Preservation was a tease on the future of plastic surgery, wherein instead of having the face/body parts fixed, one can just purchase the appropriate part and attach it instead. Meet my lovely humanoid, modeled by the very talented Rogelie Catacutan and face art by Joe Branzuela.

Here’s a little unveiling of the magic for the curious.
Rough draft… And final result.

Each humanoid took roughly 3-4 hours of work… With a lot of tweaking from time to time (coz I’m OC like that).

The beautiful wallpaper is what you see when you visit Anya’s Place. A recently opened studio+decor+bistro. Wanna try a new hang out for a change?

Here’s the creative director in action with the headgear he made himself!!

I feel very blessed to have been able to work with such passionate and talented people. I’m still in the midst of a crossroads but it seems I can’t let this go, photography, will probably always be a part of me. Maybe not commercially, but personally.

Aside from the editorial, I shot two beautiful fashionistas of the Fashion Femmes feature. Be sure to check these girls’ blogs if you like fashion and lifestyle. Warning: These are not your ordinary girls next door.

Raleene Cabrera. 1/2 of the very talented music duo Walkie Talkies and one of the biggest slashies today.

Samantha Elise Benitez. On the running for Elle x Nokia’s The Next Style Correspondent and current FIDM student in LA.

Requiem for a Dream.

FB album [here]

models: Arianna Gajudo & Kathryn Tan
make-up: Marion Alcasid of OZAR
lighting: John Borga & Michelle Uy
assistants: Mikko Tan & Jon Ong
styling/photos/post-processing/concept: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

Special thanks to the awesome equestrian Jett Serafica! Without his help, I wouldn’t have been able to put all of this together.

Dedicated to my unending fascination with violins (oh, no. I don’t play them).

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the making of this photostory. Luckily, there was quite a good lot to choose from. And no, nobody ended up stepping on horse poop (the place was actually surprisingly really clean for a horse stable!!)… You can tell the horses were all taken care of and loved well.

So my company had a sense of humor.

I think this was one of my most delayed shoots ever. Planned way before sembreak (last October) but due to time, resource and schedule constraints, it was all just allowed to happen last week. But as life goes, things work out for the best. I was able to really deliberate on the theme with leisure time and cooked it up with much passion and inspiration. Horses are also of a fascination, but yet again, I am no real equestrian.

Missing my trademark hair flip? You are mistaken.

Not as obvious as the rest but it’ll do.
In reality, it’s Kathryn’s brother who plays the violin.

Are those birds in the distance?

May as well exude romanticism.

Battle of the violins.

I didn’t really expect it, but both models loved the photos so much that they told me they would print it. Kathryn’s mother mentioned an album and Arianna said her mom wanted to have a framed photo of her to put in the living room. Haha, how cute.

Would this be enough for a photo of your daughter in your living room? lol.

I was really blessed to have such a well-behaved horse. Otherwise it would have probably caused a lot of problems for Arianna who was such a scaredy-cat and who at the start, worried me with her sensitivity to animal hair. Even a flinch from the horse shook her so much.

She was even majorly hesitant to get on the horse! But after Kathryn showed her it was fine (she’s still 12 btw; most quiet and obedient model ever), she got on and amusing enough, enjoyed it so much that it would probably be fine to leave her to stay there the whole day. XD She was really fun to work with; very funny and spunky girl.

Thank you to my brother, Jon, for being the ‘bringer’ and ‘plz hold this for me’ boy, Mikko for supporting her sister and I, Keisha for being a good spectator, John for above mentioned tasks, Mich for the company and lighting, Mike for choosing a good horse for me, Jetty for introducing me to the world of horses, and a big thank you to Marion Alcasid from OZAR for the make-up.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. All the while I was post-processing these, I listened to Lough Erin Shore by The Corrs obsessively. I love it. Did you guys know you can replay Youtube videos by typing in ‘repeat’ between ‘youtube’ and ‘.com’?


And thank you for everyone’s support. This photostory got a 100+ likes in just less than 24 hours. *hearts*