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Cleopatra’s Blood Siren x Cebuano Tours.

Cleopatra’s Blood Siren washed up on the shore.
Full FB album [here]

model: Alex Lorenzana
makeup & hair: Noe Mae Villa-Gee / COLORisMyWeapon
locale: Hidden Beach c/o Mia Huang from Cebuano Tours
photography: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

Hidden paradise.

I can’t believe how delayed my first photostory of 2011 came. Ideally, this was to come in the summer (hence summer-y feel; tan and bronzed skin, asymmetrical monokini, warm toned make-up) But anyway, I was greatly busy with mostly a lot of family matters (reunions, weddings and all other major and minor human events), plus some photography work here and there squeezed in.

Entrance to another world.

Like all other photostories, this is a product of months of musing, inspiration, thoughtful deliberation and careful yet open-minded consideration. I dreamed of a beautiful girl having the incarnate soul of Cleopatra, born to love the sea and thrive on its beaches. She is a bronze mermaid who loves collecting all sorts of shells, and one who stays close to the warmth of the sun.

I’m super thankful that I was able to form a collaboration with Cebuano Tours, a local tourism business run by senior college students from the University of San Carlos.

Say “Hi” to our uber friendly tour guide, Mia! She is the most outgoing person I know in my whole life. She’s also my cousin from my dad’s side.

The small girl-run crew forming the signature “C” for none other than, Cebuano Tours. Major love and support to them!

In the middle is the ever so talented Noe. I am proud to say I recognize true talent when I see it, and I love referring talents to clients as well as working with them myself. Check out the awesome make-up and hair styling. Noe also answers questions about make-up on her fanpage so if you need some expert advice, post away on her wall [here]. One thing I can rave about her skill is the way she does eyebrows. In my personal opinion, anyone can get away with having nothing but rightly shaped and groomed eyebrows. I’m good with bare face and good eyebrows, or maybe that’s just me being the simple-minded Anney that I am. Haha

She did those gorgeous crimped curls with a small straightening iron.

Second look by Noe. I cut those triangles out from the makeshift reflector I made long ago which was a complete bust. Used it as a handy surface to put our things on instead… lol.

We traveled a long way to the Hidden Beach (yup, it’s really called so), but it was a fun ride. Mia was both tour guide and driver. She was really accommodating and it made me miss her even more. She’s also probably one of the funniest tour guides ever, constantly laughing and exuding those good happy vibes fit for the much needed vacation mode. My friends and I are planning on a get-away ourselves over the weekend. Excited!

From the shell collection I bought for 80 pesos. Naughty siren, you. Not.

Alex is one of the best models I’ve ever worked with. She’s a natural beauty to shoot, down-to-earth, quietly confident and not once did I hear her complain about anything I’ve asked her to do. I’ve noticed that I often direct my models to do things that aren’t the usual, but I try my best not to subject them to intense discomfort if I can help it. Again, if I can help it… Haha

Fun fact: Alex is also a graphic designer, and she was the one who designed the Cebuano Tours logo.

This is a reminder of how I was so dumbfounded by this “common knowledge” that I never knew existed.

IMHO, common sense is entirely subjective no matter how people make it to be objective. So you can imagine my surprise when Mia asked me incredulously if the saleslady was really fine that we bring the softdrink bottles home. I was like, “Why not? I paid for them right.”

But all of them were explaining to me the system of buying a whole case of drinks and then returning the bottles back to the seller. Obviously to be recycled and such. I noticed that in parties, but I didn’t know such a rule was applied even in retail. Anyway, while all of this was going on we were already well away from the little store at a constant pace of speed. Hmmm… This is probably why a lot of sari-sari stores give you these drinks in a plastic with a straw, than the whole bottle itself. But why did the tindera give me bottles?? Do all customers leisurely finish their drinks outside her store and thus be able to give it back to her? …. Nonetheless, lesson learned for me. This is how fun it is not to be stuck with an office job.

Disclaimer: BTS photos taken by Mia Huang and Noe Villagonzalo. Some stolen from her blog. Heehee.

WAGW: Vintage Sophisticate

Full FB album [here]

models: Alex Lorenzana & Ayana Jimenez
concept/styling/wardrobe: Kryz Uy of WAGW
make-up/hair: Sherwin
photos/lighting/post-processing/direction: Anne Lorraine Uy (me)

I have to say this has been one of the funnest challenges in photography I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from this particular job, plus experience points for me in fashion photography. As all of you may notice, I have made more conceptual shoots than fashion ones so shooting a catalog this way was something entirely new to me.

For one, I was able to borrow John‘s lighting stuff (triggers and flash) to give a go at being the lighting master myself. Thanks loads btw for trusting me with them, Borga guy!

Secondly, this photoshoot entailed me to shoot 50 outfits as fast as I could! I remembered the last fashion shoot I had with Details ByDetails which took 8 hours/5 outfits and said to myself that I’d try to make things faster for everyone. XD

I had fun directing both Ayana and Alex in relative to the standard with the pegs Kryz gave me. It wasn’t difficult at all since they were both so good at posing and projection!! I was really happy I got to work with such a great team.

Stylist and model Kryz had all the accessories laid out on the table for easy reach.

Overall, I think it went well. We started shooting at 10AM and ended at around 3:30PM if I’m not mistaken. Five hours/50 outfits is now my newest record! Haha

Set-up behind the scenes. Alex was still having her make-up and hair done.

As with the theme, I just have to say that it’s such a funny coincidence that both Kryz and Yanyan’s themes for me have the word “Sophisticate” in it. When I asked Kryz for their name on the set, I immediately told her, “You and Yanyan are really bestfriends. I shot ‘Chic Sophisticate’ for Yanyan and now I shot ‘Vintage Sophisticate’ for you.” Hahaha! But turns out her sister, JackKaye was the one who chose the name though.

Ayana looking like some hot doctor during World War II.

And I have to admit that I had one of those “what a small world” moments with Kryz. My older sister and her eldest sister were actually seatmates during high school since we both have the same family name “Uy” and seating arrangements were by last names. I showed my sister how Kryz is now and she was like, “Wow she’s all grown up already! I remember her when she was so cute and little with the bob cut.” Aweeee..

Perhaps Rose knew she was about to enter Titanic and tell a tragic story.

You can order all the outfits online [here] but you can also find them in all What A Girl Want outlets nationwide: Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, LimKetKai Cagayan de Oro & Robinsons Galleria Metro Manila. Oh and like their facebook page [here]!

If you still don’t find any reason to go to a WAGW boutique, I have to tip you that they’re actually having a BIG 75% SALE starting tomorrow til October 31! And if that’s not amazing enough, if you visit and print out the coupons on Kryz‘s and Yanyan‘s blogs, you’ll get another PHP100 off. Awesomesauce.

Last but not least, belated happy birthday to the sweet, pretty and kooky Ayana Jimenez! She turned 18 last October 2. *hearts~*

Spot the secret artillery.