Pretty teacup roses from my mom.

I know I’ve not been a very diligent blogger for the past 2 years. Getting digitally lazy because real life is so much more fun. Nonetheless, I will always try to make my birthday and new year posts!! I know there are some followers of my work who look forward to my blogging, and I want to apologize to you guys specifically. I know how it feels to like a blog and get disappointed that the blogger suddenly fades away~ I appreciate the facebook messages and comments you leave me. Always know you touch my heart with your generous words!

Yesterday I had dinner with a few of my friends here in Canada. We dined out like pigs at Sushimoto (pretty good Japanese restaurant!) in North Burnaby. I was really excited to treat my good friends to this wonderful dinner but… Christina hid my credit card so I couldn’t pay! T_T Turns out the custom here in Canada is if its your birthday, your friends pay for you! They did it for me last year but I only thought it was because I was FOB– fresh off the boat (or should I say plane) and they were being nice by welcoming me here in Canada. Back in the Philippines, the birthday celebrant treats all his friends not the other way around!


Matcha green tea and red bean cake with raspberries cake. Divine.

Well. Have to admit I was really uncomfortable with the tables turned, I felt uneasy like I totally didn’t deserve the treat and the veryyyy yummy matcha green tea and red bean cake!! Can a cake be anymore my type?! It’s funny coz Fung was “obviously” carrying it from the car to the restaurant but I NEVER even noticed. Actually can’t believe I didn’t suspect a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. I have fooled myself to believe I’m really receptive and sensitive to things but turns out I’m not! Haha. When the cake arrived I was thinking “How does the restaurant know its my birthday?? :o” But wow my friends are great T_T Never even suspected one bit they would do these sweet things for me!! I’m so thankful! Don’t you think I have awesome friends too? Can’t wait until their birthdays come so we can all have a great day like mine!


Happy girl being posed and dictated on how to slice the cake.


More pictures of the cake coz its AWEZUM.

Diane made that sweet gift and letter for me and Christina gave me those instax photos! These two girls are really sweet and thoughtful T_T My heart is really swelling now. Lord please bless all my friends so much. I’m asking you because I don’t think I can really give them as much as You can! On a side note, my hair is getting extra curly like mad, especially when it rains. The frizzzz… If you guys didn’t know, I’m trying to embrace my wavy hair so I’ve stopped rebonding it since last year.

After stuffing ourselves with Vancouver sushi and birthday cake, I told my friends that I want to treat them out somewhere else if I’m not allowed to pay for dinner. So we walked over to a bowling center nearby, but again my card was still confiscated. So OK, you know what… I won’t tell my plans but I will make it up to them for sure. If you guys are reading this right now I just wanna say how thankful I am to have you as friends. T_T I’m afraid this blog post is getting too emo so I will stop with the cheesy overflows now.


I haven’t played bowling in a very long time but its actually more fun to play with people my age. I used to bowl with my Aunts and Uncles and struggle with the bowling ball weight… Well that part hasn’t changed. Kiddie bowling ball is still my choice of weapon!! We all had lots of fun. I’m happy that my friends enjoyed my pre-birthday as much as I did 😀


Check out Christina’s instax frames!! So cute. I think these pictures also make up for my lack of posting on Facebook. Haha.

So that was yesterday night. What did I do today on my actual birthday?


I attended the EMPOWER Kids Ministry training at Willingdon church! This is in preparation for my volunteering every Sunday to help take care of the kids at Willingdon Sunday school. In the past when I would volunteer for DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible Study for kids) I would always know at least a handful of people already and feel familiar with the environment. This time was totally different. Everyone was a mix of races and I was technically alone. This definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone to talk to new people, introduce myself and listen to their stories. After my interview tomorrow I’ll know what Grade level of kids I’ll be taking care of, I’m really excited! My heart swells as I think of the children that are and will learn about Jesus’ love for them. In the past year I’ve seen how important it is to be mindful of my actions and words when kids are around because it REALLY shapes their being. Believe it or not, kids see us adults as their HEROES! Its up to us to choose if we want to create a positive impact on the next generation. :)

Honestly, I feel that the church still needs more help than there is so if anyone reading in Vancouver finds it in their heart to help out, please email Amanda Ponte.

Off I go to eat what’s left of my birthday cake! Birthday cake for dinner oh yeaaa

Playing with Adobe Animate Edge

This term, Dynamic Content Design class introduced us to Adobe Animate Edge. At first it looked quite intimidating (like most Adobe applications at first glance), but after a few weeks of playing with it, I find that it’s actually a simpler and more efficient approach to jQuery!


Making my calculator project in Animate Edge

Almost every week we had to program something based on Henry Leung‘s specifications. When we were learning key listeners, I made this…. What can I call it… Interactive media for key down listeners?


Say Hello to Chibi

I’ve also learned Illustrator this term, so I took the opportunity to practice vectors and experiment with SVGs!


Want to know the secret trick of Chibi? You can try Chibi’s World here. But please be on your desktop when doing so. This totally won’t work on mobile or tablet devices since I’m using keyboard listeners.

You’re probably going “What kind of game is this?! It’s not even a game.” *rolls eyes* (my bf laughed when I showed him this!)

So ok, for the next assignment I was finally able to *attempt* making a simple mini game!


 Recycled my background. I guess that makes Bubby from Chibi’s World too. They’re probably best friends or something.

Apologies if my “style” is very cutesy/chibi. Honestly it’s just the easiest kind of graphics to make!


The gameplay is simple. Bubby’s ONE and ONLY egg falls from the sky, and it’s up to you to help Bubby catch it! I’ve drawn a soft nest for you to catch it in already, so use the power of left and right keyboard keys well. You can play Bubby Egg Catch game here.

After a while we got into more complex programming. For our latest assignment, we were supposed to head to a park, experience a problem, and create a solution in Edge. I went to Deer Lake Park which was the nearest park to BCIT, and realized that it would really be handy if I could have a map of where the washrooms and snack bars were. I tried to search online for an app because map apps are the most convenient, but couldn’t find one. I’d also like to add that I’m a Google Maps generation girl, and I heavily rely on Transit and Google Maps to get around.

Thus, the creation of my application “Deer Lake Park Map“. I wanted to try another style and make the app look more serious/professional, and since flat design is all the rage now, I went for that.

deer-lake-parkI even added a fancy iPhone 5S frame for my app just to give me a better feel of it. 😉 I used jQuery UI for the page transitions, AJAX and JSON for the weather info from Forecast.io, and Google Maps custom maps for each of the categories. I created my own weather symbols, but I lacked time so as you can see, it’s super simple. I’m really happy that it works like legit tho (even though some of the info there is fictional, like Baby Changing Stations)!! So yay. I’ve always wanted to learn AJAX and JSON, and there’s still a lot for me to learn, but I’m so psyched that I actually implemented it successfully.

I really enjoy programming when I’m given a problem and I have to create a solution for it. Hooray for logic-based problem solving~ /geekhatON

Rachel + Tee | Engaged!


Voravut Voravuthikun & Rachel Robins

Be prepared for a looong photo post! I really had a difficult time choosing the photos to blog about from this engagement session. I like too many of them! I love the way this couple got so candid with me in front of my lens after they loosened up. They are soo adorable. You’ll see why!


This is a love story from Thailand to the Philippines

I spent 2 days with Rachel and Tee (an easier nickname in place for his real Thai name) for their engagement photoshoot. I was referred to Rachel by her stylist for this shoot, Janine Gesalem, whom I’ve worked for shooting her clothing line, The Stylogist. I photographed two of her fashion collections, Glamour in Detail and The Lace Garden.

For the first day, we shot at the Ngo Mansion. Ohmo it was so beautiful, their home inside and out were like scenes from the movies.










Isn’t their home enchanting? I love how the details of their house came out in my photos. If I were to film an old Gatsby themed movie, this would be the place I’d set my sights on. One of the things Rachel wanted me to use in the photos was the collection of vintage cars the family had. We chose this cream vintage Porsche (correct me if I’m wrong?!) below. I thought it looked quaint and romantic.






Rachel and Tee make fun of each other a lot. It’s so cute how they gigil each other. I actually think they look alike. lol


That TREE tho! And the details of that DOOR like… whoah, the craftsmanship was superb.

We ended the shoot after 4-5 ish hours, if my memory serves me right. I was the designated photographer for their Cebu photoshoot, but Rachel and Tee also had photoshoots in Manila and Thailand! They said they were big believers that couples should invest in good photography because in the end, its the photos that you keep that make up the memories you have.


For the second day, we went to good ol’ Plantation Bay! From my experience, this is the easiest place to have an engagement shoot. The resort’s terms are simple and clear (affordable too!), with a package designed just for this type of thing. Shangri-La was another option but then again they either: a) have management that make it complicated (probably coz they were still thinking of how to make a profit from this growing trend) or b) have an expensive package which always makes Plantation have the better value.

But either way, you definitely can’t go wrong with the beach resorts in Cebu. 😛







I really wanted to include a lot of the photos from the set, so I struggled… Consequently, I now bring you GIFs for the first time on my blog!


Look how excited Tee is looking at the Philippine map. Haha! But if it’s not obvious enough, these 2 really love to travel


Hooray for this amazing technology of moving pictures


As you can see, my engagement shoots are rarely ever so serious all the way (unless the theme calls for it), coz its important to me that I capture how couples are comfortable with each other~ Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s also loads of fun!


Coincidentally, this time there’s another “surprise proposal”. Tee was very stealthy about everything, he connived with Rachel’s sister and I for his big surprise. He gave me a candy pop ring and told me to “direct a proposal pose” for both of them. Rachel is just acting surprise there, but then….


I told them to take a short break and act it out again later, pretending I wasn’t satisfied. During that time Allen, the makeup artist, distracted Rachel while Tee switched the candy pop ring for the real thing. And then when Tee gave me the “Go” signal, I called them back together to “try it again, this time with more feeling”



Rachel was ecstatic and Tee looked so happy that she was! I wish there was someone else to officially take a video because it was difficult for me to do both. Ryle recorded the whole thing on her phone though. It was such a sweet moment. She kept hitting Tee and actually zoned out the outside world! Tee actually commissioned some fireworks just for them, but Rachel didn’t hear or see any of it until Tee told her “Look, those fireworks are for you.” And THEN she realized. Awwww




Congratulations Rachel and Tee! They got married last March 8 at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu. Shortly after, they also wed in Thailand.


True love is a choice, and the best relationships are the ones where you keep falling in love over and over again throughout the years

That’s all the lovin’ for today~ This is the last engagement session job I took in Cebu before I left for Canada. The next will be some advertising photoshoots or family shoots. Special thanks to Bombom Ngo and her family for letting us take photos of their beautiful home, and the management at Plantation Bay for the good service. Until the next post!


Good bye from Ryle Young, Jon Ong, Rachel, Tee and I~

Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Makeup Artist Day 1: Ryle Young
Makeup Artist Day 2: Allen Soco
Stylist: Janine Gesalem of The Stylogist
Assistant Day 1: Jon Alistair Ong
Assistants Day 2: People from Robins Home Depot
Venue Day 1: Ngo Mansion special thanks to Abigail Bombom Ngo
Venue Day 2: Plantation Bay Resort Cebu

Mandaue Foam Awesummer Sale 2013


Mandaue Foam Awesummer Sale 2013

Here’s another one from the backlog, my first photoshoot for Mandaue Foam! This shoot was one of the projects that made me realize how I much wish I could concentrate on advertising photography. The feeling I experience throughout the creative process is similar to when I used to shoot my photostories back in university.


Marienella Calderon from OZAR Models and Catherine Heiser from Stacy’s Exclusive

The make-up is by Raisa again. I’m not very sure, but I think this was the first time I worked with her! Which was the first of many shoots and collaborations to follow. 😀

I met up with Ryan Uy and Michille Seveses-Perez from Mandaue Foam, together with Yanyan (Gillian Uang of By Details) who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. This shoot was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, because they already had a specific idea about how they wanted the photos to come out, from the post-processing to the number of layouts and direction. Yanyan was the creative director for this campaign, as well as the stylist of the models and set layouts! All I had to do was refer some models from agents I’ve already worked with, and send some pegs to the team to make sure we had a mutual understanding about the mood/theme we were heading for.


So of course, summer photoshoots and pretty girls in swimsuits wouldn’t scream SUMMER without the glorious B-E-A-C-H! But the problem with this kind of shoot is the people, it’s almost impossible to take photos at a nice beach without having people photobombing or disturbing the background (cloning out beachgoers? = Photoshop nightmare)… So we needed to find a fairly secluded beach.

Solution: We took a van all the way to a private beach house in San Remigio, which was REALLY far away from the big cities. It’s at the very very tip of Cebu! lol


 I am dead sure the drive wasn’t just an hour and 25 minutes…. Google Maps, you lie.


It was super hot that day. One of the challenges was keeping the lighting consistent since the clouds would come over, leave and come back again, forcing me to keep shifting my camera settings. It was all good though thanks to a great team (Fritz was my assistant for that day)!


Yay for team shots. This is outdoorsy Cebu, chill people, super sunny and tropical with coconut trees almost everywhere~


Always happy to see my photo works blown up with great graphic design (c/o Michille)!

Creative Direction: Gillian Uang of By Details and Ryan Uy
Models: Marienella Calderon from OZAR Models and Catherine Heiser from Stacy’s Exclusive
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Make-up: Raisa Bercede
Hair: Shyra Qyumbi
Fashion and Set Stylist: Gillian Uang
Swimsuits: Cesa PH
Assistants: Fritz Cañedo, Princess Lim and Kirtz Aniol

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Zee Lifestyle May 2013 Fashion Editorial: Urban Oasis

Last year in the summer, I was tasked to shoot another fashion editorial for Zee Lifestyle under the creative direction of David Jones Cua. If you’ve been following my work, you might remember that I’ve praised him over and over again on my blog every time I work with him to shoot for the magazine. He has a brilliant, young creative mind and it’s a breeze to collaborate with him; I usually end up surprising myself with what I was able to accomplish in terms of artistic photography when I take on a project that’s spearheaded by him!

That being said, I miss these kinds of photoshoots… *sigh*

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

The famous celebrity MAC makeup artist, Jigs Mayuga, and his assistant, Pong Niu, doing their magic on Nicole from Wafer Models

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Jigs is truly a master of his craft, just look at how subtle and translucent, but beautiful the makeup turned out making it look so natural. Makeup that doesn’t change the face, but enhances it.

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

It really impressed me how he and the whole team were so proactive throughout the photoshoot, making sure to check and retouch makeup details here and there, wipe off sweat from Nicole, fix up any strays from her coiffed hair, and even helped with the fit of her clothes. True professionals. I’m hoping to work with Jigs again in the future if the opportunity comes… Because really, who can forget those aqua streaked / electric blue highlights?

We shot at the infinity pool of Best Western Plus Lex in Escario, Cebu, thanks to Ryan Tanchan the hotelier. It was a hot day, as usual in Cebu, which made for the perfect condition in achieving our theme for the photoshoot. Can you guess what it is from the shots? :)

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis

Well yea, the title did give it away….

This fashion editorial was inspired by desert oases (did you know that the plural form for “Oasis” is “Oases”!? lol sorry, logophile moment)! David particularly stressed how important it was to have that “desert sky blue” in this editorial. I also made sure to emphasize the golden yellow tones of the desert. Side note: as I composed this blog post I always spell “desert” as “dessert” first. Mmm.

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

Sven Chua, headhunter for Wafer Models Philippines, talking to David Jones Cua, Zee Lifestyle Youth Editor

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

 Pong Niu retouching Nicole. This photo struck me when I saw the thumbnail. Nicole’s strong features remind me of those old Greek statues of women (but of course thinner). It’s not a surprise that models look like heavenly beings I suppose.

And guess what, I think she was just 16 years old when I took these photos. I don’t know why I’m always surprised at how my Caucasian-Asian models look so mature for their age. Then again, it’s common for models to start their careers at 16.
Zee Lifestyle: Urban OasisFor that last layout, Nicole’s dad arrived and acted out the supportive father role, even making fun of her and joking around. It’s unusual that I see fathers who are supportive of their young daughter’s modelling careers. Most of the “uncles” I know would keep their daughter in a closet and single for life if they could (but that’s a secret they would never tell).

Zee Lifestyle: Urban Oasis  - BTS

This is an example of how I would be willing to do absolutely anything to get that perfect shot. Even risking serious injury by standing on a high ledge? lol.

But as with all productions, safety measures are taken into account: David held one of the belt loops on my pants and Ryan supervised the model.

Sittings Editor: Shari Quimbo
Creative Director: David Jones Cua
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Fashion Assistant: Lor Yutico
Dresses and accessories: Mia Arcenas
Hair: Gino Fonghe (Matrix Professional Hair & Color)
Makeup: Jigs Mayuga (MAC Cosmetics) assisted by Pong Niu
Model: Nicole Jordan (Wafer Models)
Locale: Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Rooftop Pool