snow_feetWaking up to my first snowfall… So magical.

While I am mostly busy with school and mundane tasks here living the solo student life, thoughts of how I should blog and post more photos always cross my mind… Honestly, I’ve been arguing with myself lately. I think I’ve reached the point wherein I could care less about social media. I truly feel that I want to live a quiet life. But on the other hand, I think I’ll eventually go back to doing photography so keeping these would help me in the future. Ah, it’s so confusing….

Anyway, I’ve probably abandoned this blog enough for me to be able to just comfortably talk to myself. So, what did I accomplish from last year’s goals hmm?

In 2013, I planned to

1. Finalize on a direction for my future! Deadline: September 2013
– Wow, thank you Lord! This is the biggest check off my list for last year’s goals. This is exactly why I am here in Canada today. This is exactly why I am studying at BCIT. This is exactly why I am cooking red kidney beans and baking jacket potatoes for dinner (tho hoping they’ll turn out edible, lol).

airport August 24, 2013 – The day I left for Vancouver from Cebu

2. Learn more about web design and get back on it
– I’m currently taking up Digital Design and Development which is a program for website and app development. My final project for Term 1 can be seen on my main domain,… But it still needs a lot of work.

3. Travel
– I wasn’t able to travel this year, aside from coming to North America. But I was able to go sight seeing a bit, and head to Seattle coz of my good friend. I guess the most exciting thing I did this year was learning how to snowboard!

snowboard The experience left me with a sore back, butt and hematoma on my knees for days.
But sooo worth it for the sake of awesomeness.

4. Become more responsible and less forgetful! -_-
– This is a half check! Living independently made me more responsible (say yes to chores), but I am still quite clumsy and forgetful with my own things.

5. Read more
– I haven’t read as much books as I’ve wanted…. So this carries on to 2014.

6. Learn how to sew and basic cooking
– If you’ve seen my instagram, I’ve starting learning how to cook and make food for myself!

7. Yoga (lol this is the least of my expectations)
– Ironically, I’ve successfully learned and practiced yoga when it was the least of my expectations! lol.

8. Maybe blog more about helpful things
– Tsk. I’ve barely even blogged!! *resolution out the window*

Despite not accomplishing all the goals I’ve set for 2013, I’m happy. I was able to experience other things that I didn’t expect at the start of the year. I’m more independent and mature, or at least I’d like to think so.

 Things I want to accomplish in 2014:
– Graduate from BCIT with honors (if there is such a thing? if not, I’ll settle for just good grades)
– Get a job here that I’ll actually enjoy! Wishful thinking… But *OPTIMISM*..!
– Become stronger physically by developing a habit for exercise. Continue to eat healthy.
– Learn how to cook better, and make raw vegetarian food.
– Take more photos and learn how to make videos.
– Write more so that I can learn how to express myself better.
– Concentrate on developing the fruits of the Spirit.
– Read more books and watch more documentaries

Things that happened in 2013:
– Truly concentrated on being a freelance professional photographer in Cebu. I realized that advertising photography is my strength, commercially. I did prewedding photoshoots on the sideline to support myself.
– Worked with Mandaue Foam for two advertising campaigns.

mandauefoam3Mandaue Foam’s Awesummer Sale

– I took photographs for Waterfront Hotel and Casino. My biggest advertising client yet.
– I was featured in Sun Star Cebu’s Weekend section as a photographer.

sunstar“Passion Photographer”, September 2 issue of the newspaper Sun Star

– I met family who I’ve never met before! Her beautiful family lives in Vancouver. I also got to recently meet other family friends. I guess there are quite a number of Filipino-Chinese here in Vancouver from Cebu. Doesn’t make me feel like I’m in such a foreign land at all. In fact, Richmond feels like Hong Kong more than North America… lol.

achigrace With my cousin and her adorable, super smart daughter, Rogan.

– I was invited as a guest speaker at my Alma Mater, University of San Carlos, to talk about Photostories. It was such an honor, and amazing to feel that I gave back as an alumni talking about the personal work I’ve accomplished. I don’t make photostories anymore, but they’ll always be a part of me– fragments of my imagination and heart.
– My high school classmates and I made a time capsule to be opened two times, first when we reach 25 and then at 30 years old. In the time capsule we wrote our goals and dreams that we wanted to accomplish by the time we reach that age. My friend thanked me for the idea, he told me he was thankful that we got the opportunity to dream and set goals together.

classmatesFriendships for more than a decade. It’s nice to have friends who’ve known you since the awkward stages of your life… Coz they’ve already seen your worst and will more willingly accept you for who you are whatever may come! lol

– Shot a sponsored photostory, “Inspired by Human Nature” by a Human Nature dealer. This was later recognized and shared by the company itself!
– Photographed Zee Lifestyle’s May fashion editorial, “Urban Oasis“, directed by David Jones Cua.
– Photographed for The Stylogist’s collections, “Glamour in Detail” and “Lace Garden
– Ran a successful Basic Photography Workshop led by Groupon. This was funny because my friends and family were really surprised to see my name on their email Groupon spam!
– Went on my first out-of-town prewedding photoshoot to Sumilon! It was such a fun experience despite the exhaustion. So worth it though, I greatly enjoyed the lovely couple who sponsored me.
– Photographed the family portrait of the prestigious Pages Family…

port_Pages-Family-118-20…and their awesome husky!

– Joined the Cebu Digital Photographers in the “Seasons of Love” photography exhibit in Ayala Center Cebu which was displayed from February 22-March 3.
– Photographed advertising campaigns for B.R.I.G.H.T Academy and Playhouse Preschool.
– Seriously became flexitarian. I’m LOVIN’ it. I also drink green smoothies while learning how to make raw food. Some of the food I make are on my instagram at @annelorraineuy
– I can’t believe it sometimes, but I’m so happy that I’m now living (semi-)independently. I’ve always wanted to do this before I hit 30. It’s silly, but I feel so good that I’m doing my own laundry and washing my own dishes!
– Dyed my hair back to black, after sporting brown hair for 3 years.
– As of today my Facebook photography page has 7,476 likes, which really surprised me because it went up before I went serious as a freelance photographer. I am so grateful tho, so thank you to anyone who liked my page! Thank you for appreciating my photography :)

blehI almost didn’t make it for my annual new year’s post!! But I did 😛 30 minutes left until January 2. I wish you all a great 2014 ahead, happy new year full of love and joy!