Okay, quick post! Worked with the cute girls behind The Stylogist again for another collection of theirs/here’s the first one. If you’ve been following my work for a few years, you’ll definitely find the setting of this next set of photos familiar. Clue clue?

beautiful backdrop = easier editing job = pretty photos = happy photographer & client

What I especially enjoy about shooting fashion is how limitless the possibilities are. I can experiment freely with how I post-process and direct models ala editorial style. It definitely pumps up my creative juices and I find myself with a new arsenal of editing techniques to carry on to the next photoshoot.

For this collection, the dresses were mostly sophisticated chic so I tried using muted and milky tones but still keeping it a little dark. Definitely love how it came out! What do you think? 😀

If you like any of the clothes, check out their Facebook page [here]. All of them are designed and tailored and you can also have made-to-order variations according to your taste.

Models: Maybelle Huang, Janine Gesalem & Justy Gesalem
Stylist: Janine Gesalem
Shoes: R Shoes
Makeup: Anne Lorraine Uy (haha yes I did some makeup for themlast minute)
& Janine Gesalem
Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Location: Garcia Residence

EDIT: Was supposed to attend the Nuffnang Road Show today at The Henry Hotel but I woke up too late from being sick yesterday.. :(