I almost could not make this in time for the first of January! But here I am with a little flu and migraine, ready but feeling sort-of-wimpy to round up what I did for the year 2012… Unexcited because I really feel like I haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I expected to, but I also know I’ve been living more of my life offline which is…. Better? Yes.

So here’s a round-up of what I resolved to do this year from last year’s post:

1. Work on an idea for a business!
– Okay, this one. I actually thought of so many ideas for a business but wasn’t able to start one! Aside from a networking business I did, the conventional businesses from the drawing board of my mind seem too daunting right now… I really want to pursue it, but I know I have to save a lot of money and learn a lot of knowledge for them to be realistically operational. In conclusion, I need time. So, I’ll mark this as accomplished since I just stated that I’d work on an “idea” for a business and not actually realize it. I will get there….. *puts on my best determination face*

2. Travel to a beautiful place
– This year I went to Malaysia and Australia. Australia was beautiful, but I’m feeling it didn’t hit the spot… Maybe this year!

3. Visit my mom in Australia
– Totally crossing this off as super successful! I visited her on her birth month together with Fritz and my sister. First overseas trip Fritz and I went to too. I wasn’t able to fully blog about the beauty of the land down under, but here are a few photos. Thank you mummy and Uncle Geo for the wonderful time! I feel very blessed.

4. Write more stories
– I only wrote one short story last year… But a few on a diary app (that was lost when I accidentally dropped my iPhone in the toilet -_-) were there. Never published but I didn’t mind. Most of the stories are from my every night dreams… It was more like a dream journal; always random, oftentimes emotional, occasionally weird and sometimes inspiring. Altho I know it is a privilege to dream, it gets tiring on days when I just want to rest but rest escapes when I have to be actively taking in things in my dreams.

5. Shoot more photostories
:( This makes me sad. I only did two photostories last year, Rouge Angel, which was incredibly shorter than my usual photostories and Back in December with the sweet Cheryl Pages-Alba. Although I’m still happy about their quality. :3

6. Work on our dream book constantly (perhaps a separate post about this)
– I wasn’t even able to blog about a dream book! TSK. But it is something everyone should definitely start. There are many dreams a person has and ultimately one that they truly want to pursue. Most often we can’t precisely state what it is, but our heart always knows. There are little to no words, only visions and drawings and feelings. For more on dreams I suggest you read “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. There’s an enjoyable parable in the first part that’s unforgettable! Plus it’s a very thin book for those who don’t really like to read. 😛

7. Collaborate with many more passionate people
– I met a lot of great people this year, a lot passionate but starting out still. They inspire me.

8. Get my own domain name
– Oh yeaaah this is accomplished! My simple little portfolio can be seen on http://portfolio.anneuy.com :) And this here blog is birthed from this resolution. Yay!

 Things I want to accomplish next year:
– Finalize on a direction for my future! Deadline: September 2013
– Learn more about web design and get back on it
– Travel
– Become more responsible and less forgetful! -_-
– Read more
– Learn how to sew and basic cooking
– Yoga (lol this is the least of my expectations)
– Maybe blog more about helpful things

Things that happened this year:
– Shot my first Cover for Zee Lifestyle’s February issue featuring Lani Pasquet
– Shot for Dollface Cosmetic’s Spring/Summer Lookbook indoors. Practiced indoor photography here
– Did a Campaign for Sugar Kissed Accessories (wonderful girls and products! best customer service i’ve ever experienced in Cebu)
– Finally tried to do prewedding photography and was given the chance by Kiko and Ana Bautista. They married last 12-12-12!
– Did a conceptual piece with my boyfriend :3 Finally! After this idea so long in my mind.
– Started my one-on-one workshops with Micah, Francis and Sai. (blog posts on these soon)
– Got my own domain name, www.anneuy.com 😉 Now powered by WordPress!
– Went to a medical mission with my boyfriend’s family in Candulawan. It was an enriching experience.
– Shot my first debutante for her predebut shoot
– Quit my IT job at Accenture
– Shot The Stylogist’s “The Lace Garden Collection” (blog post soon)
– Shot for Wafer Models Philippines and designer Barbie Alvez
– Shot for Wafer Models Philippines and This Just In, published on SunStar
– Discovered long lost relatives and shot a model test shoot for my cousin’s daughter
– Photographed my first pregnant mommy and did a heavenly maternity shoot
– I am more active on Instagram! Haha @annelorraineuy
– Shot Dollface Cosmetics Fall/Winter Lookbook inspired by butterflies (blog post sooon)

Wow so many to-dos -_-; But this blog post definitely made me feel better. I did quite a handful of things diay! Heehee. Last but not least, I want to thank my God who makes all things possible! So grateful for another year and for memories with the people I love. Hope everyone else had a good year as well! Cheers to another year to become better and wiser, Happy New Year!

I believe we should always be in search and in pursuit of brighter and wonderful things, just like how the children of the world always find interesting new things out of the everyday norm.