Hello pretty little girl eating Skyflakes biscuits

On the first of December I woke up early to take photos for the Rotary Club International (as a favor to my boyfriend’s mum whose heart belongs to these kinds of activities). We went up to Candulawan greeted by colorful flags and many people, mostly little ones. It’s not my first time to something like this as CWTS has also given me similar opportunistic experiences. This time it is a breath of fresh air that this barangay in the south is well taken care of, particularly, in comparison to others. Private sectors such as the Rotary Club give generously without receiving anything in return, something our high government should have done since the beginning of its conception. The citizens themselves have to pick up and continue the job to sustain each other, while corruption seems to be an incurable long-sustained pandemic genetically and hopelessly ingrained into Filipino culture.

a little hand and a thankful smile

for rice porridge


lady soldiers

being careful

government vehicle

best buddies

queuing for blood pressure

young and wild

first time in a long time to see clearly again

holding prescription glasses, finally

waiting for

lining up for medicine. fritz is there beside the door waiting for me, watching the feet of the diabetic man dying and decaying alive. he holds his stick tight.

a little boy making sure to eat every bit of rice porridge

leaning on his world, his mama

saying hello

rotary members dancing with the children

a woman diagnosed with internal bleeding

until now I’m not sure what was wrong with this little girl’s skin

innocent eyes and quite scared of new things so he holds his mama and brother

i did not know governors had their own calendar

going around and making sure there are no problems

Singaporean delegation giving out Dunkin’ Donuts. She was smiling the whole time

the woman diagnosed with internal bleeding needed to be sent to the hospital, with a younger girl and baby in tow

a lady soldier comes out of the comfort room inside the classroom and uses the pail of water to flush the toilet

little girl staying inside a classroom

math at public schools

growing up

Christmas lanterns decorated in the classroom, welcoming the festive season

Tis the season to count blessings, be thankful and give¬†munificently!¬†If you’ve learned something new or insightful this particular month, I’d like to hear about it if you wish to share below. Only a few more hours until Christmas, world. God bless us all~