Australia, the Land Down Under, so yellow and blue. One thing I was amazed about the country was how saturated everything was. The sky was always such a rich blue and the light ever glowing like blazing fire. We spent a few weeks in Queensland, particularly in Brisbane. We celebrated my mother and step-father’s birthdays together. It was a trip not to forget; lots of new memories and beautiful views to behold. It is certainly one of the most beautiful countries I have visited in terms of warm-blooded fauna and thick green and refreshing flora.

So amazed by how golden the light was in this part of the world.

A city in the far distance.

Feeling the soft warm sand beneath us on a cool breezy day on the beach.

Running around the beach.

The first of fatty food to come.

Bananas that made me homesick since ours taste so much better.

Classic bacon and eggs.

A routine day for citizens in the city, unlike for us.

Sand dunes on the sky.

This building seemingly fit for Christmas.

Activists and strong beliefs.

Beautiful architecture all around, as if buildings come from different eras of time.

The Treasury Casino.