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I was privileged enough to shoot for two talented ladies who run and produce their own accessories line, Sugar Kissed. I stumbled upon their online facebook shop not too long ago and was amazed at how trendy, original, fresh and cute their accessories were (of course I gave in and bought some!). A little funny story here actually, although I was always interested to get my hands on their pieces, I always did not have the time to meet up with them. Needless to say, I eventually asked them to ship my orders (even though we were all just in Cebu)

 Chosen accessories for the shoot laid out for styling

Make-up, hair and styling preps for Sofia and Noe at the Dolled Up Makeup studio

For my next order I still couldn’t meet up! So they kindly dropped it at my office instead (how sweet are they right!!) This really touched me coz I was honestly surprised at how hardworking and thoughtful they could be. Obviously, this little gesture made a lasting impression on me and I was now a loyal Sugar Kissed girl for life. The next time I ordered, I tried my best to actually meet them in person to thank them.

We talked and talked as I was really interested on who the talents were behind all these beautiful accessories. It was a pleasure knowing Christianne and Iris, who were so down-to-earth and nice about everything! I got to meet other loyal customers as well with their own distinctive style. They get a lot of custom-made orders for personal styling, weddings, debuts and other events. They’re so talented! I felt the strong urge to help them get more publicity coz obviously, they deserve so much! So that’s when I told them about me being a photographer and how I would love to shoot and organize a full-blast campaign for them which included photos, media, advertising and anything else I could think of that would help. People have to know about them! 😀

And after a few months of preparation and organizing by yours truly, here are the fruits.

It was so so much fun making this, I’m already seriously thinking about offering campaign services (if any shops/designers/etc are interested drop me an email!). I would have to polish up on the goodies that I can bring but yes, this will be a service I can do aside from prenups. What do you guys think? :) I do almost everything–creative direction, networking for make-up artists and stylists, organizing, location recce, finance and budget management, model scouting–the works! So all my clients had to do was choose from the various themes I suggested and then they chilled. 😉

 This particular one looks like a teenage book cover to me

Noe modeling instead of doing make-up this time. x

For this shoot I decided to get a stylist to make things more manageable for me. It was my first time working with Paco, although we have already crossed paths way before I even knew he was a fashion designer. He has the most beautiful eyes which I envy so much. I’m much thankful to my good friend Charmaine for assisting me on this shoot again, she is my go-to for the fashion designer and stylist network since I love working with young and fresh talents. For the makeup, it was a pleasure working with Pearl again at her studio.

One of my favorite pieces, the dangling peacock hairband. So boho.

Here are some of my picks from their creations straight from their facebook pages.

Hmmm… And maybe one more collage. :p I particularly find Usamimi hairbands cute (bunny hair bands) and that feather ring.

You can check their accessories out in following links:

Sugar Kissed Facebook Likepage
Sugar Kissed I Facebook
Sugar Kissed II Facebook

Have a lovely Mother’s Day everyone! :) Oh, and I’m on tumblr already if you wanna follow me there. I’m getting to be a dinosaur already dealing with blogspot so I’m probably gonna relocate soon enough.

Spring / Summer 2012

Creative direction/Photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
Models: Noe Villagonzalo from COLORismyweapon and Sofia Snare from OZAR Models Philippines
Styling: Paco Serafica assisted by Charmaine de Leon
Wardrobe from Precilla Suzanne Uy (shop)
Make-up: Pearl Sarcauga from Dollface Cosmetics