Woke up today feeling like its just another day. Folded my blanket, sat on the bed and stared into space. I had to remind myself that today was different. Starting this day, I have to remember to put two 2s on every personal data form I write on.

So being 22, what’s new? I don’t exactly feel like I changed or even aged, but I do know that I am not a student anymore.

And I still like cookies.

I couldn’t think of anything uniquely special to do on this day (I’ll work on it later), so I thought of giving a gift to my followers instead. The gift of Inspiration.

The following are people who have inspired me with their craft and some, their lives and visions. Artists are one of the most interesting people you will meet on earth. Most are passionate and emotional beings in work, love and life. They can have the weirdest or grandest dreams and visions and they will forever fascinate you with their charm.

; Nirrimi
is a 19 year old gypsy from Australia. Her father is Francis Firebrace, an aboriginal elder and one of the last remaining Master Storytellers of his kind. Nirrimi moved out and became a nomad with her lover at the age of 13, traveled and kept shooting. At 16 she was signed into an agency and at 17 she was shooting for Diesel with national and international awards at her belt. I am not sure but she is probably newly 19 now.

She is also a great writer and her view in life is very enchanting.

; Elena Kalis
hailing from the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, she takes breathtaking underwater imagery. A lot of her works feature her daughter in innocent and sometimes dark situations. I was so psyched that she followed me on Behance! Such an honor. Her works make me dream of shimmering blue waters and endless zero gravity possibilites.

; Zemotion
No introduction is necessary. Many artists were born from the inspiration she has brought into the world. Her work is always polished to perpetual perfection. She is a legend in her own right.

; Jaime Ibarra
Jaime’s works mostly revolve around photographing women in culture, sensuality and pure emotion. He has Synaesthesia (same with Nirrimi) which can explain their vibrant photography and sense of style. Jaime has shot for countless magazines, and is a musician and graphic designer as well.

; Oprisco
I honestly don’t know much about him/her except for the assumption that he’s probably Russian and the fact that he uses film.

I also love the Old Master painters and Pre-Raphaelite painters. A handful of CG artists especially game character designers and scene painters also inspire me as well, but maybe I’ll post those for another day. I get most of my own inspiration from my insomnia and deep dreams. 
I dream so much at times it gets frustrating how I can’t get peaceful quiet sleep. I am guilty of not having to provide an outlet for the release as often as I should.
Inspiration is everywhere, in books, music, nature, culture, life and love. Art is one of the greatest gifts God gave humans. I am more than thankful for this birthday gift.