Many months ago I shot for WAGW again and consecutively photographed for three campaigns! It’s always a pleasure working with KryzJackaye and Diane Uy. They are all such a pleasure to work with–professional, lovely and generous women with of course, an inborn flair for fashion.

I don’t have any decent BTS photos coz I lost the ones from Kryz and Kaye! :( Saaaaadness. You could have seen my super assistant who is also my beloved brother from another mother and the many many clothes WAGW stocks up when they shoot.

Anyway, you can click on the corresponding titles of the campaigns and it’ll lead to the whole collection. These are a few months late already so some may not be in stock anymore.


Nina Calimbas.

Olga Moriles. One of the easiest girls I have shot to date. So pro.
Ika Empleo and Kaye Homecillo.

Olga Moriles.

 Kaye Homecillo. I remember that she had such a sweet smile.
Happy shopping at What A Girl Wants! :)
photography: Anne Lorraine Uy
assistant: Jon Ong 
stylist: Kryz Uy
make-up: Pops Capul