Way, way, up and cold.

Although it was already spring, driving way up to thousands of feet revealed that a lot of snow was still left from winter around the mountains of Yosemite. Special thanks to Uncle Ray Sala (for driving us all the way here), Aunty Sunshine Sala (for preparing us food), Uncle George and Aunty Gloria Rivera. :)

Tall, tall treeeeees.

It’s all confusing… Crazy sunny that I couldn’t even open my eyes normally for photos, but at the same time crazy cold because the winds were so fierce.

With my dad and sister. We all kinda match in red and black outfits!

You can see the van we rented on the left for our road trips, and what seems to be sort of a wreckage behind me.
A lot of trees were cut down and burned. :(


After what seemed to be hours on the road after we officially hit Yosemite (it’s quite big), we arrived at the Yosemite National Park. Filled our tummies with burgers and fries while I was distracted with the squirrels that come and go. They’re soooo cute and they scurry fast! I love looking at them move their tiny noses and grip with their nimble fingers. On another note, does anyone have a good English equivalent for “gigil“?

Mmmm, mmmmm. Adkjhsdjk CUTE
Give in to the temptation to feed one of these and you might end up shelling out for a $5000 fine.

And another cute surprise, we saw Santa Claus in casual! Having his out of winter vacation at Yosemite. So this is where he gets his deers…

My lil cousin & I had to have a picture with him. You know, for Christmas cards…

The view as we walked around the park as the sun was setting.

Someone actually pointed out that I don’t post much photos of myself.. lol.
So maybe these few photos will be good enough to justify my personal blog.

And then another day ends… I love car rides–the changing scenery, on-board snacks, the chance to catch up with friends/family, listening to an iPod while sharing it with someone, shoulder to shoulder and falling deeply asleep until you wake up groggy and sore back home.