One fine day my aunt suggested we take the promo fare to Bangkok just to shop. It’s funny coz I never really thought she was serious about JUST shopping. My gosh it was all we did aside from sleeping and eating! We usually didn’t eat at the proper times thus starving ourselves silly. I don’t think I can ever look at shopping the same way again.

What. A. Vacation.

Aside from fatigue and all bad things related, I enjoyed being with my older sister and my two aunts. They’re really sweet and fun people to be with. We didn’t go to any tourist sites at all so I’ll just mention some of the highlights from my BKK trip.

1.) The BKK airport was really cool. The people remind me of the Philippines but the place is wholly different. It’s like a more modern Philippines if you ask me.
(With the addition of a lot more shopping malls and markets everywhere you go).

2.) I love the cute shaped eggs the buffet (Four Seasons International House) offered every morning.
3.) Neon colored taxis roam the streets of the buzzling shopping capital.

4.) We lugged around trolleys while shopping everywhere!
(Well, almost. Except Siam Paragon)
It seemed ridiculous to me at first, but then eh.. You get used to it.
Better than carrying tons of plastic bags yourself.

5.) Their snacks are strange. My aunt bought some green mango slices with CHILI all over!
In bisaya, people would have said “Maka almuranas sad ni uie”.
We tried a bit…. But seriously, nobody could honestly finish all those without any health consequences whatsoever.

So green mango + chili overload = PHAIL

Next we tried the guava slices with some peach-colored sugar…
YUUMMM! We finished it in a blink of an eye.
This is something we should bring over to our country.
I wonder what that odd-colored sugar exactly is though.

6.) Since a lot of people go to Bangkok to shop, you’d expect to see almost any type of person known in the whole world. Here’s one with rainbow dreadlocks.
What are the chances that you’d see something like that in your entire life??

7.) What is a Bangkok trip without a Tuk Tuk ride? Enough said.

8.) After 4:30PM the streets get soooo traffic it’s not funny.
Kinda reminds you of Manila hmm.

They have wide wide roads, sky walks and great public transportation but still!

9.) At the Big C mall, we ate at a shabu-shabu restaurant where…

The employees gave a dancing number when the clock hit 9PM.
Can you spot the sad performer? XD

10.) And last but not least, they have that touch-sensitive projector thingy!
The kids love love it. They stomp around and play around it, just like this happy baby.

Overall, it was a cool experience. I never thought it was possible to get sick of shopping but I really did. Though I’m pretty sure I’ll recover real fast. (Lol. Of course, I’m a girl y’know.)

For no reason at all I share to you this last picture of the huge airport parking lot!

Kind of reminded me of those action movies where the protagonist gets chased to no end and ends up in something like… an airport parking lot.

As the antagonist holds his trusty gun, he fires endless amounts of bullets against our hero. With that, damaging all the shiny pretty cars of innocent unsuspecting people. Then… *fastforward*.. BOOM! A burst of flames and the structure tumbles to the ground.

Ultimately, the protagonist is able to escape with numerous scratches all over his body and yes, he walks away without looking at the explosion like the cool hero he is.

Yo, Canonian.